Can I have sex during pregnancy

Table of contents:

  1. When you can not have sex
  2. Sex and the 1 and 2 trimester
  3. Sex after 30 weeks

Question about sex during pregnancy hurtsmany couples. Each woman, in addition, that he was afraid to hurt your baby, also worries about the safety of his family. So is it possible to have sex during pregnancy? Answers to this question depends on many factors, and if a woman sex will bring only benefits, then the other can cause serious complications and even abortion.

When you can not have sex

placenta previa

placenta previa

It is now proven that sex during the waiting periodChild benefit for the mother affects her emotional state and can open up new, previously unknown sensations. But not everyone and not always they can do.

When sex is contraindicated in:

  • If you have a disease of the reproductive system.
  • If you have placenta previa.
  • If there are signs of leakage or water spotting.
  • When a multiple pregnancy. The risk of premature birth increased by several times, so you need to be as careful. In addition, these are often accompanied by complications of pregnancy.

Risk of miscarriage
Risk of miscarriage

Note!If the doctor has the threat of termination of pregnancy, it is necessary to comply with sexual rest.

Even if there is a great affinity desire to better restrain himself. Most often this is a temporary measure, a threat for the whole period of pregnancy is rare.

If there is no sign of the above, the moderate sex during pregnancy is possible. But depending on the period, you may experience other problems.

Sex and the 1 and 2 trimester

Bad feeling

Bad feeling

In early pregnancy, a woman can fullyabsent desire intimacy. This is due to hormonal changes and physical condition. In addition, it was at the beginning of a woman can be a pain in the chest, the exacerbation of certain diseases, and increased sensitivity to touch. Familiar previously affection can cause discomfort and even pain.

Another unpleasant aspect may be toxicosis. If a woman is experiencing severe nausea, it is unlikely that she wants love intimacy. In this state, any movement can cause vomiting. Frequent companions toxicosis are lethargy, drowsiness, and headaches. If a pregnant woman experiences this state, it is best to temporarily give up sex in favor of the full emotional and physical rest.

Quite often, a woman is going through, which may harm the unborn baby.

Note!In fact, the fruit is securely fenced in muscle tissue and is far enough away from the vagina. Reasonable and neat sex is not able to do much harm.

By the way, such fears appear quite often in men.

Sex and Pregnancy

Sex and Pregnancy

Increased nervousness, tearfulness andirritability - frequent companions at the beginning of pregnancy. Closer to the second trimester of a woman becomes Bole calm and balanced, many fears are gone. At this time, you may receive a strong sexual desire.

Note!It is important not to succumb to desire and make sex the most accurate, sharp movements and restricting dangerous posture.

During pregnancy in the reproductive organs of the futuremother changes occur, they are more vulnerable to injury and reduced barrier. You may also want to use a condom to reduce the risk of getting an infection or other bacteria. Also in the semen contains components that can soften the cervix and contribute to its premature disclosure.

Sex after 30 weeks

The threat of premature birth

The threat of premature birth

In the last trimester of sex is also not prohibited.

Note!If there are signs of preterm labor or have other medical indications, it is necessary to abandon it.

Also sex late in pregnancy is complicated enough already big and round belly. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection of safe and comfortable for the woman's posture.

Baby begins to actively move the legs and arms,mother talking with him, feels a part of the body rests on the child's stomach and when he hiccups. During this period there is again the fear of harm to the baby, and some parents have a false sense of shame. Also on the mother's psychological state affects approaching childbirth and the fear of their course. This may make some misunderstanding in the relationship between spouses.

Pregnancy and Sex

Pregnancy and Sex

In fact, among doctors for many years carried outcontroversy over the sexual relationship in the last step. Most of them consider sex the best preparation of the birth canal. It has long been prescribed to women with prolonged pregnancy to accelerate the onset of labor.

Note!After 37 weeks, you can practice sex without a condom, to soften the cervix, making it more elastic.

But if you moved the plug (clot slimy, closing the hole in the uterus), in order to avoid getting infections better protected.

Also sex in the last stage is important forpreservation of family relations, because after birth expect a new long-term abstinence, which last about 2 months on average. Also young mom is busy with a newborn, the restoration of his health and addiction to a new stage in life. So do not limit yourself to the pleasures.

Can I have sex during pregnancy
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