Toxemia during pregnancy

Table of contents:

  1. Types and causes of toxicity
  2. Terms of toxemia of pregnancy
  3. Treatment of early abortion
  4. Treatment of late toxicosis
  5. preventive measures

Toxemia - a perfectly natural condition inMost pregnant women. Most often caused by physiological changes the body. Therefore, doctors sometimes called toxemia "adaptation disease." What state is the norm and what to do at a toxicosis?

Types and causes of toxicity

Early toxicosis

Early toxicosis

Toxemia is divided into 2 types: early and late.

Early toxicosis appears at the beginning of pregnancy and occurs in 70% of expectant mothers.

The first signs:

  1. Nausea. It can be worn as a temporary or permanent nature. Often nausea occurs after waking up and eating. It can provoke the smell, taste and appearance of products.
  2. Vomiting. Often accompanied by nausea. It may be from 1 time per day to 25.
  3. Drowsiness, fatigue, depression.
  4. Salivation. Half of the women suffering from toxemia, there is an increased secretion of saliva. It is not only an aesthetic problem. With saliva body loses a large amount of minerals and nutrients.
  5. Asthma pregnant. Some pregnant women experience a momentary choking or coughing.

Early morning sickness, does not cause much trouble, it is considered a valid state.

Note!If morning sickness is manifested very clearly, it is accompanied by poor health, weight loss, treatment is required.

Causes of toxicity during pregnancy is not fully revealed. The most likely include:

  • Neurogenic reaction.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Increased metabolism.
  • Genetic predisposition.



Late toxicosis occurs in the second half of pregnancy and is accompanied by no more than 20% of future mothers. Also it is called preeclampsia.

Symptoms of preeclampsia:

  1. The appearance of edema, both visible and hidden.
  2. High blood pressure.
  3. Disorders of the nervous system.
  4. Headaches, fatigue, darkening of the eyes, and fainting.
  5. Nausea, vomiting.
  6. Muscle cramps.
  7. The presence of protein in urine.

Note!In contrast to the early toxicity, preeclampsia is very dangerous and can cause placental abruption, fetal hypoxia and death.

Causes of preeclampsia:

  • Infectious diseases.
  • Overwork, lack of rest and sleep.
  • Small interval between pregnancies.
  • Too early or late pregnancy.
  • Failure to follow the diet of pregnant women.
  • Diseases of the heart and vascular system.
  • Diseases of the excretory system.

How early and late toxicosis may havevarying degrees of severity. In severe cases of early abortion can be a great weight loss (up to 10 kg for 15 days). A gestosis on the contrary, a very large increase due to edema. Regardless of the underlying cause of disease, it is necessary to inform the leading pregnancy doctor about changes in health.

Terms of toxemia of pregnancy

Dates toxicosis

Dates toxicosis

On what term will toxemia - a questionindividual, which depends on the state of the organism, chronic diseases, the daily routine, exercise, hormonal and emotional balance.

You can select the approximate times:

  • Early morning sickness often occurs with 5 weeks of pregnancy, and lasts up to 12. In rare cases up to 14. There is a category of women who are beginning to feel the first symptoms at week 4.
  • Late toxicosis occurs after 20 weeks and may last until the end of pregnancy.
Note!In some cases, morning sickness can accompany the entire period of gestation of the child.

In the first trimester it is manifested by nausea, vomiting, and in the second and the third appearance of edema, poor health and high blood pressure. Such a pregnancy is considered to be complex and requires special monitoring.

Treatment of early abortion

Proper nutrition in early toxicosis

Proper nutrition in early toxicosis

If the condition of the pregnant woman is poor, she is losing weight, there is dehydration, it is necessary to begin treatment. Generally, treatment toxicity occurs in several ways:

  1. Correction power.
  2. Drinking regime.
  3. Adherence of the day.
  4. Receiving drugs.
  5. The use of folk remedies.

Correction of power lies in the refusal ofproducts that provoke nausea. They are individual. Most often it is fatty, marinated, smoked, fried and artificial products. It happens that a pregnant taste preferences are changing and there is a craving for a specific product.

Note!No need to blindly comply with all the vagaries of the body and eat junk food.

The day is recommended to eat 6-8 times. Serving Size must not be greater than 300 g. Reduce nausea vegetables, fruits and compotes. To reduce the discomfort of the morning, you do not get out of bed to eat a small piece of bread, an apple or a fermented milk product. It is necessary to refuse from the hot food and drinks, it is better to dishes temperature is below body temperature.

Drinking regime

Drinking regime

Drinking regime is in regular use liquid. It is necessary to refuse from sugary and carbonated drinks. Preference is given to clean water, a decoction of herbs, berries and fruits.

Note!Acidic drinks reduce the manifestation of toxicity.

A special place is the date of adherence. A pregnant should be a good night's sleep and daily rest. In a period of strong toxicity is better to take sick leave and rest more. Positively affects the fresh air, we recommend hiking, lasting at least 2 hours per day.

Note!drugs can be used to alleviate symptoms of toxicosis.

What used to treat toxicity:

  • Drugs that regulate the nervous system and eliminate vomiting: Tavegil, Antropov, Reglan.
  • Means for protecting the liver from toxins: Essentiale forte, Hofitol or Methionine.
  • Medications for the normalization of metabolism: Folic acid, Riboxinum, vitamin C.

Medications will select a leading pregnancy physician.

An excellent alternative to drug treatment - traditional medicine.

Tea from the hips

Tea from the hips

Funds from toxicity:

  • Infusion of rose hips. It relieves nausea and replenishes lost vitamins.
  • Mint tea. It relieves nausea, useful during pregnancy, increases the appetite. If you need to urgently remove the nausea, it is possible to smell the peppermint oil, use the same candy or chewing gum.
  • Tea leaf currant. It contains a large amount of vitamins and also reduces the toxicity symptoms.



  • Ginger. It can be added to tea or brewing only him.

Very difficult to get rid of toxicity, so the goal of treatment - to reduce nausea, fill the body with essential vitamins and trace elements.

Treatment of late toxicosis

toxicosis Treatment

toxicosis Treatment

If treatment of early abortion iseliminating nausea and replenishing fluids in the body, then the treatment of late toxicosis focuses on the elimination of edema and low blood pressure.

preeclampsia Treatment may include:

  • Compliance with special diets.
  • Drinking regime.
  • Special treatment of the day.
  • Medication.

Dining with late toxicosis - this diet during pregnancy.

  • It is recommended the complete elimination of salt,fried, sweet, smoked and pickled foods. It is strictly prohibited products, which contain dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Diet for pregnant women

Diet for pregnant women

  • If the pregnant woman wants to eat somethingforbidden, then choose a healthy alternative dish. For example, replace sweets useful dried fruits, candied fruits, marshmallows, jelly. Sausages can be replaced by domestic meat products, aspic, baked boiled pork.
  • Salt is limited to 8 m. per day.
  • Good expel water fasting days kefir, buckwheat or apples.
  • Not so long ago in edema pregnant women needIt was to restrict fluid intake. Now it is proved that it leads to the opposite effect, and the body begins to store water. Go to extremes is not necessary, you should use about 1.5 liters of fluid. Preference is given to green tea, broth, juice, clear water.

If a strong manifestation of preeclampsia recommendedbed rest. It is important to observe a healthy psycho-emotional background. Perhaps it will take reception allowed sedatives: valerian, Leonurus.

Drug treatment is given bythe survey results, more often it is diuretic (diuretic) and hypotensive (reducing pressure) medications. Only diuretics can be used Because of traditional medicine: cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks, infusion of birch leaves, apple peel decoction.

Note!Do not self-prescribe herbal medicine, many banned diuretic herbs during pregnancy.

If the treatment does not work late toxicosisresults and condition of the pregnant woman is getting worse, the situation decide to premature birth. Since the body is not prepared for labor, in 90% of cases do Caesarean section.

preventive measures

Walking and Recreation

Walking and Recreation

If there is a tendency to edema or have already appeared small toxicity symptoms, to preserve the health of mother and baby it is very important to know the preventive measures.

Prevention of toxicosis:

  • Exclusion of stress and nervous feelings.
  • Adequate rest, restful sleep.
  • Daily walks, moderate physical activity.
  • Rejection of bad habits.
  • Good nutrition.
  • Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals.
  • Exclusion of heavy physical exertion.

A special place is visit the antenatal clinic.

Note!Regular urine tests, weighing and measuring the pressure toxicosis help identify at an early stage and prevent the occurrence of complications.

vitamin therapy

vitamin therapy

The best prevention current complicationsPregnancy - Preparing for her. In recent years, more and more women planning a pregnancy in advance and solve their health problems. During the planning phase is carried out a full examination of the body, cure the underlying disease and vitamin therapy is carried out.

Toxemia during pregnancy
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