Poor test strip pregnancy

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  1. The reasons for the weak strips
  2. The second strip - is not pregnant

The most popular way to determinepregnancy are special tests. They are easy to use, readily available and allow you to quickly determine the result. One strip - there is no pregnancy, the two - there. But why wait if the second test strip on weak pregnancy?

The reasons for the weak strips

Dynamic tests

Dynamic tests

All kinds of tests work on the same principle: front page confirms the correctness of the procedure, and the second pregnancy. If no one band, the diagnosis is not made properly or defective test. Sometimes it happens that the second band is gray. It appears when the reagent is not manifested or has already dried up.

Note!Evaluation test is performed only for a specified time and instructions often not later than 10 minutes.

The reason for the weak second strip may be earlypregnancy test use, long before the delay. HCG hormone is already present in the urine, but it is not enough for a full reflection of the reagent. Any pregnancy test has instructions, it contains the date on which the test will result. Most often, they start with a delay of 1-2 days. If the test is carried out before, it is not necessary to break the head, and rationally to reassess the diagnosis in a few days.

If the test is made after a delay, and the second band of weakly expressed, the reason may be the time of day.

Note!The maximum level of hCG is contained in the first morning urine.

Sometimes, if the test is used in the evening, orwoman in a day consumes a lot of liquid, the concentration of the hormone may be small for a full reflection of the reagent. Especially in the early stages. In this case, it is recommended to repeat the procedure in the morning. Not enough color band can also be caused by taking drugs or diuretics for the treatment of renal failure.

Inkjet pregnancy test

Inkjet pregnancy test

Another reason may be weak band quality tester. Tests of some firms sin appearance of two bands. The cheapest can be little reagent, so this light response.

Note!To this was not the reason for the extra experience, better to buy several tests of different companies.

Also, except for the strips can try Tablettests or inkjet. The first are the most sensitive to the hormone hCG and can react in the first day delay. Also recently appeared commercially special test systems that have already been built and reservoir reagent. They are easy to use and eliminates the diagnosis of errors.

The second strip - is not pregnant

Hormonal drug

Hormonal drug

Often the instructions written that a positive result can even be considered mild streak. It is not always so.

Two strips may appear, if a woman is treated with hormonal drugs, which include hCG. These funds are used for infertility and for resorption of the follicular cysts on the ovary.

If a woman is the preparation for IVF (in vitro fertilization).

IVF procedure

IVF procedure

Before the procedure is carried out replanting of the embryohormone therapy to stimulate ovulation good. In anticipation of a positive result, the woman is happy if not bright, but the current band. To protect it from severe stress, it is important to talk about the possible reactions.

Note!The test can be trusted only if after IVF has been more than 15 days.

The weak second band may be aftersuffering a miscarriage or abortion. Especially if some of the ovum remains in the uterus. hormone levels in the body in individual cases may persist for several weeks.

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancyNote!It is believed that the poor response may be at a non-viable or ectopic pregnancy.

If ovulation has passed by more than 20 days, and the band on several tests light, there may be developing pregnancy. Solve this question will help US.

In most cases, the issue is solved mild reaction by re-diagnosis after a certain period of time.

Poor test strip pregnancy
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