Treating thrush in pregnancy

Table of contents:

  1. Symptoms and diagnosis of thrush
  2. Causes of disease
  3. Drug treatment of thrush
  4. Folk remedies

Thrush (urogenital candidiasis) - a fungaldisease, which got its name because of the similarity with the secretions of dairy products. By itself, the Candida fungus is not a particularly dangerous, but under favorable conditions, it begins to multiply and cause a lot of trouble. Particularly susceptible to candidiasis woman waiting for a child. Is it dangerous to thrush during pregnancy and how to cure it?

Symptoms and diagnosis of thrush

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of the disease

Thrush is a very famous and rare diseasea woman with him did not face. The main symptom of the disease are abundant cheesy discharge with a sour smell. isolation is often accompanied by itching and discomfort in the genital organs. There are small cracks in the labia. There may be pain during urination or intercourse. A pregnant woman, these symptoms deliver a lot of trouble. Hypersensitivity and unstable psycho-emotional background of this period exacerbated the situation.

Diagnosing yeast infection during pregnancy is a complex of survey:

  1. A conversation with the pregnant woman. During the interview the doctor finds out the main symptoms, the nature of emissions and listens to the complaints of the patient.
  2. Inspection. At gynecological examination the doctor suggests the disease, inspect for the presence of mucosal edema, redness, rash. Also visually it assesses the nature of the discharge.
  3. Lab tests. Most often, smear microscopy is used to establish the diagnosis. It takes a physician during the examination. If thrush is difficult to treat, it can make crop to determine the nutrient medium. His goal - to find out the type of fungus and to select an effective remedy.

Note!If a woman is before pregnancy had to deal with thrush, it is unlikely that it will be possible to avoid it.

To facilitate the necessary condition when the first symptoms to see a doctor, who will choose the safe treatment of thrush during pregnancy.

Causes of disease

The fungus candida

The fungus candida

The fungus Candida lives in the mucous membranes inall women and is a constituent component of the microflora. But his number increases dramatically during pregnancy. The change in hormonal levels leads to increased glycogen, is a favorable environment for the reproduction and growth of the fungus.

Note!Of great importance is the weakening of the immune system. Often there is a thrush in early pregnancy, when the body is weakened and struggling with a foreign protein.

What are some causes of this disease?



The most common causes of candidiasis:

  • Stress, tension and nervousness.
  • Overweight, obesity, or a tendency to it.
  • Failure to observe personal hygiene genitals.
  • Wearing an uncomfortable lingerie.
  • Allergies to foods, hygiene products.
  • Transferred inflammatory disease, diabetes, infection.
  • Drinking large amounts of fast carbohydrates, fatty foods.

All these reasons cause the active reproduction of the fungus and the appearance of heavy discharge.

Note!Candidiasis in pregnancy requires mandatory treatment to reduce the risk of infection of the child during birth.

Thrush in the baby develops in the mouthand it carries a lot of unpleasant moments, such as the rejection of the breast, weight loss, pain and anxiety. In very severe cases the fungus can develop in the uterus, which can lead to impaired fetal growth and premature termination of pregnancy.

Drug treatment of thrush

medication treatment

medication treatmentNote!The main criterion in the selection of drugs for thrush pregnancy is safe for mother and child.

Treatment can be performed with oral preparationsor local media, in the form of suppositories, tampons, and douches. It should be prescribed only a leading pregnancy physician based on the state of the pregnant woman, the results of tests and deadlines.

Treatment must be accompanied by the observance of five rules:

  1. The normalization of mental and emotional background, may use the allowed sedatives such as valerian.
  2. Excluding exposure to the sun and in very hot environments.
  3. Personal hygiene, denial of panty liners, or frequent change.
  4. Sexual peace.
  5. Limit heavy physical exertion.

Funds from yeast:

ointment clotrimazole

ointment clotrimazole

  • Clotrimazole. It can be produced in the form of tablets, suppositories, ointment and solution. It is forbidden to use in the first trimester, and with caution during lactation. Because of side effects may cause hives, itching, redness and burning. It has a lot of positive feedback, often after 5-7 days of treatment the symptoms of thrush competent disappear.
  • Pimafucin. Available in the form of tablets, suppositories and creams. Widely practiced treatment with this drug during pregnancy. On average, the treatment lasts from 6 to 10 days. Because of side effects: nausea when there might be a pill, a minor irritation when applied topically.
  • Nystatin. During pregnancy, the cream can be used, suppositories, pills less. The cream is applied to problem areas at least 2 times a day. The treatment lasts about 2 weeks. Tablets appoint a doctor, the dosage is adjusted individually. You can hear a lot of inefficiency and low action Nystatin. Of course, it is much inferior to modern antifungal drugs, but does not harm the mother and the baby.
  • Ginofort. It copes well with candidiasis in pregnancy. But in any case, the individual is wiser to consult a doctor. Available in the form of a cream, a positive feedback and in most cases a single course of treatment helps to eliminate the problem for the whole period. Apply only after the period of 20 weeks.
  • Terzhinan. Not dangerous during pregnancy, but it is better to use it only in the 3 trimester. Available in the form of vaginal tablets, which are inserted into the night. Side effects possible in individual cases, transient burning sensation.

To date, there are very safe drugs for the treatment of candidiasis in pregnancy, but many pregnant women prefer to use proven folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Soda for baths

Soda for baths

What are safe for the treatment of thrush offers traditional medicine?

  • Soda baths. A very popular tool. To make sitz baths for each liter of warm water take 1 spoon of soda a few drops of iodine. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day for 5-6 days. You can also make this solution douching.
  • Honey. Several times a day rub the problem areas of honey solution and purified water 1:10. Treatment is carried out before the disappearance of secretions. Such a solution can be treated prior to administration mucosal swabs and suppositories.

Folk remedies for the treatment of thrush

Folk remedies for the treatment of thrush

  • Kefir. Gauze impregnated with abundant yogurt and insert into the vagina at night. After extraction is carried out douche soda solution or a decoction of chamomile, oak bark, sage, calendula.
Note!The above recipes are safe during pregnancy. Side effects can only be individual allergic reactions.

In folk medicine, there are many resources for oral administration, but, in spite of the safety of the ingredients, during pregnancy it is better not to experiment.

To part with thrush for a long time, the treatment must pass both partners. In the recovery period is better to abandon sexual intercourse or use a condom.

Treating thrush in pregnancy
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