What are living foods?


To give your body developed asNature has provided necessary daily intake of foods that contain nutrients and minerals to the body. But in such a variety of products offered by us find them, they do not make the wrong choice? What products can be called useful, and what benefits we get from them? The most useful products are those which are called alive. They have all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

What are living foods?

Live products: that they are treated?

The living products accepted to foods eaten raw, for the digestion of which the body does not need to spend their own enzymes. These products contain their enzymesand that help to recycle products when released into our body. This also includes products that are in the cooking process is not subjected to heat treatment: steamed, boiled, milled - their taste is not enhanced by a variety of chemical additives.

Types of live products

All vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, fermented foods, live foods are berries.

  • Live kvass - kvass is natural. It contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, has a strengthening effect on the immune system, blood circulation, nervous system, musculoskeletal system. Living kvas kvass is considered to be the only one that is prepared according to traditional recipes. Leavened drinks and preservatives will not bring benefits to the body.
  • Crude oil has beneficial effects on the female reproductive system, brain and heart.
  • Bread flour tselnozernistoy is one of the sources of fiber for your body.
  • The yogurt bacteria retain their activity only 3 days, and the milk is considered alive if it is just from the cow.

All the rest - a publicity stunt vendors.

What are living foods?

living water It is only of springs and artesian wells. It has a high content of nutrients, more balanced and fits your body best. For a health effect, drink only spring water, it is necessary to consult a doctor in the use of therapeutic water.

The benefits of living for the body products

In order for our body can effortlesslyrecover, rejuvenate and regenerate cells, we need enzymes. But their number is limited and when we abuse the heavy food, instead of its main destination of our enzymes are forced to digest food. Live foods help generate additionalenzymes our body. Thanks to them, our body enters the fiber, which serves as food for microorganisms producing amino acids and vitamins that are essential for the human body.

Help living products

The resulting product through a live enzymes destroy the cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, purify the internal organs. Enzymes help the body fight aging, rejuvenating the body.

When cooking food in them goingthe destruction of all nutrients. Protein breaks down fats turn into trans fats, which are too long to retain their quality, minerals and vitamins lose their useful properties. In living matter, these products retain all their beneficial properties. Live foods are the main suppliers of amino acids and vitamins.

What are living foods?

Dishes of fresh products

This is a different vegetable and fruit salads: Orange and grapefruit with carrots, raisins and carrots and apple salad of radish and cucumber, cabbage with tomatoes, greens and lettuce, sauerkraut and onions.

  • Summer living products do not have problems.
  • In the spring you can eat sauerkraut, cucumbers, tomatoes, rosehips and various dried fruit, early vegetables, such as radishes, spinach.
  • In winter, give preference persimmon, pomegranate, pineapple guava, mandarin oranges, dried apricots, it is perfectly strengthens the heart, frozen cranberries.

From the living you can cook a variety of foodsvegetable cutlets: beet, potato, cabbage, carrot. There is plenty of dumplings and pies stuffed with vegetables, stews and sauces, fritters of vegetables, eggplant or squash caviar, the best home cooking.

You can cook sauce. For this you need a glass of water (250 ml)herbs if desired, any fruit. All this is put in a blender, pour the water and turn on. Puree greens and fruits ready. To strengthen the immune system and anti-beriberi, better tools, and you can imagine, especially in winter and early spring. The choice of dishes of fresh products to the limit of your imagination not only the choice is yours.

Going live on food products

If you decide to go on living fullyproducts, excluding from your diet cooked food, be careful. In order to make this process less painful passed to your body, do not do it abruptly. Gradually enter in your diet live foods, over time, increasing their number. This will avoid various complications related to the restructuring of your body to a new diet.

Live foods are considered to be only those that do notsubjected to heat treatment, and thereby retain their beneficial properties. That they give our body all the benefits, which are incorporated by the nature, and which is so necessary for our body to feel powerful, strong and young and preserve our health for years to come.

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