Effect of cycling on health. Bicycling and pregnancy


If you do enough walking, dislikerun and you can not swim, but you've got a bike or you can buy it, then a better way than cycling to strengthen their health for you just do not find. A variety of activities and fun cycling you exactly guaranteed.

Besides the fact that cycling, allow you to visit a variety of places to see the surrounding countryside, they bring huge benefits to your body. Any person not interfere with the ability to strengthenleg muscles, improve the respiratory system and, of course, the work of the heart and blood vessels. You will feel as increases your stamina and improves the coordination of movements. For those who want to lose weight cycling - one of the best exercises. You hassle-free get rid of excess fat on the hips.

All this you can achieve and, on doingbicycle simulators, but a walk on the bike outdoors, in a park or forest, not only to bring the same benefit, but also give you a real pleasure.

Effect of cycling on health. Bicycling and pregnancy

Benefits of cycling

  • Many women suffer from this terriblediseases such as varicose veins. Does anyone of you have a predisposition to it, so you just need to deal with cycling. It is kicking motion while pedaling, contribute to the rapid movement of blood in the veins, and do not give it to stagnate, it is an excellent prevention of the disease. Those who already suffer from them, can improve their condition, allowing her blood run through his veins.
  • If a sharp rise darkens in the eyes, heart ratequickens, palms sweating, chest starts to tingle, and even cases of fainting, you suffer from vascular dystonia, bike rides you just need to have your blood better than running through the vessels, and blood vessels become more elastic.
  • Overweight by daily cycling burns very quickly. Thanks to 45-minute workout, you will gain and retain the harmony of your figure without difficulty.
  • You are suffering numerous problems, do not give a thoughtrest, without cycling you can not do. They will help strengthen your nervous system, discard all negative emotions, improve mood and health.

Preparing to cycling

Before you start cycling,I would like to stop your attention to a few essential points. If you decide to engage in cycling, but I have not played sports, do not forget to prepare your body for it.

  • Two weeks before the first bike ride, you need to begin the charge, training in the first place back muscles and legs. To do this, perfectly suitable exercise called the "bicycle". Sitting on a chair, lift the leg and start to do their rotational


  • If you only want to eat or, preferably cycling postponed.

Effect of cycling on health. Bicycling and pregnancy
  • When buying, choose bikes specifically designed for women.
  • Regularly check the condition of the bike,Inspect the brakes, tire pressure, the tension of a bicycle chain, whether all nuts are tightened, in general, do not forget to monitor your "iron" horse. Faulty condition can lead to falls and injuries. Be careful and cautious on the streets with heavy traffic!

You can be booked, subject to availability oncycling tour with some agency or find like-minded people. So you not only strengthen your health, but still be able to see the beautiful landscapes, nature and attractions.

Cycling and pregnancy

Biking is also indispensable duringpregnancy. They are able to reduce discomfort and to support your body in shape. Of course, to start cycling, it is possible only after consultation with your doctor, and in the absence of any contraindications to sports.

Biking does not have too much stress on your joints, which is why they can do almost the whole period of pregnancy. At a later date, you need to be sureavoid dehydration and exhaustion. Sport cycling strengthen not only your body, but the body of your unborn baby, will help prepare for future delivery. Your bike should be well oiled, do not make the walk alone, avoid traveling on uneven ground shaking during pregnancy you absolutely nowhere. If you do not engage in cycling before pregnancy, it is necessary to increase the load gradually.

Do not drive in high gears, pedals mustos rotate effortlessly. In the first two weeks of work out cycling for short distances and avoid the busiest routes in order to avoid a fall or sudden braking. If the front begins climbing better go on foot.

In keeping with the recommendations and advice of hisdoctor, you make your cycling, only a source of joy, pleasure and health for you and your unborn baby. When healthy mom and baby will be healthy.

This is only a small amount of information about the benefits ofcycling. They enable us not only to aesthetic pleasure, the joy of communicating with their peers, but also the opportunity to see the most beautiful places of their homeland. They strengthen your health, help in the fight for a beautiful and slim figure, will train and hardened character.

Bicycle prgulki have preventiveagainst many diseases and help cope, if any. They have little or no serious contraindications and they are engaged in, even pregnant. Now we need to choose the route to take or buy a bike, call or find like-minded and forward - in a way, to your health!

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