Cere actively contributes to the correction of autism in children, their education and social adaptation

Cere actively contributes to the correction of autism in children, their education and social adaptation

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  1. Positive role in the treatment of autism cerebrolysin: reviews neuropaediatrics

One of the most urgent problems of modernpsychiatry, and to this day it is for children with autism. If your child has autism, you need to spend years trying to educate and raise it to adapt to the surrounding reality, make a more or less full and active participant in society. And even a positive result is not final: Only constant monitoring, drug and mental health support to ensure the survival of such a person are sufficient safeguards and minimizing the risk of complications.

According to the World Organization of autism, in 20081 year in case of autism accounted for 150 children. For 10 years the number of children with autism has increased 10 times. Despite such a large proportion of patients with autism and urgency of the problem, as well as intensive monitoring, research and experiments, the causes of autism and unambiguous treatment has not yet been found. Every doctor and family dealing with autism, is its own unique way, devoting a huge amount of time and effort to search for an individual, intuitive feeling for ways to address. The problem is compounded by the fact that pharmacotherapy and other treatment options, as well as combinations thereof, affect these or other symptoms, but do not eliminate the cause.

Currently, the most effective methodsAutism correction are based on individual selection and psychotherapeutic medication, minimize the symptoms of autism. If you touch the issue of drug therapy, it becomes clear that most of these drugs are used for correction of autism:

  • neuroleptics blocking protest behavior and hyperactivity;
  • antidepressants that increase serotonin in the central nervous system and thereby improves mood;
  • nootropic drugs that stimulate the growth of nerve cells and restore neural connections;
  • psychostimulants, allowing to create favorable psychological background;
  • limited - tranquilizers;
  • hormones;
  • cholinesterase inhibitors, and other drugs.

The choice of means, and combinations thereof, having a positive effect in one case, may not produce results in other similar situations.

autism Treatment

autism Treatment

Positive role in the treatment of autism cerebrolysin: reviews neuropaediatrics

For drugs exhibiting markedrevitalizing and stimulating effect on the CNS include cerebrolysin. In addition to the relatively high efficiency of its use in pediatric neuropsychiatry facilitated by the fact that the drug has a favorable ratio of "risk / benefit" and is approved for use from birth.

An important factor in predicting a positive andadequate assessment of the result is a high penetration ability and fast delivery cerebrolysin components to the neural structures. Its oligopeptides have a low molecular weight can easily overcome the blood-brain barrier and affect directly on brain structure.

As compelling arguments in favor of Cerebrolysin in the correction of autism researchers and doctors give him a pronounced protective and stimulating effect on the neural structures:

  • neurotrophic activity, support of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis;
  • functional neuromodulation that affects the development of cognitive functions;
  • metabolic regulation, which provides support for the brain and peripheral structures metabolism, stimulation of intracellular protein synthesis;
  • neuroprotective activity can protect neurons from damaging factors.

The delicacy of the use of one orother drugs in the treatment of children makes doctors consider the possible side effects, as well as the mutual influence of drugs in the combined use. In this sense, many studies and practice of clinical use has long cerebrolysin gave "green light". Today it is clear that the drug has a high pharmacological compatibility, good predictability and has a favorable safety profile.

Today is part of everyday cerebrolysinarsenal professionals struggling with autism. It is widely used in the correction of autism, along with other medication and psycho-pedagogical methods. This is due to its positive influence on the process of treatment, well tolerated at any age, compatibility with other drugs, multimodal and high-impact effect on the nervous system.

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