Folk remedies for headaches

Table of contents:

  1. Causes of pain
  2. Traditional methods of treatment of headache
  3. Medicinal recipes from headache

First of all, it should be noted that the headpain the body tries to signal any deviations. Headaches always vary in intensity, duration, location, and carry a variety of reasons.

Causes of pain

Self headache

Self headache

Among the common factors are usually:

  1. Stress.
  2. Overload (mental, neurological, physical,such as: anxiety, anger, irritability, fatigue, suppression of any emotion). Pain often take place in a short time, becoming a rare cause narrowing of blood vessels.
  3. Excessive smoking and alcohol.
  4. Infectious diseases (colds, inflammation of nasopharynx, flu).
  5. Increase pressure.
  6. Rheumatism and different spine problems.
  7. Allergy.
  8. Poisoning.
  9. Overloading the hearing aid (sudden or loud noises)
  10. 10. Sunstroke.

And this is not all of the factors.

Frequent or persistent pain indicatesthe occurrence of serious illness and requires treatment to the doctor. Slow to consult is not: in the early stages of treatment of the disease in most cases give positive results, but the delay and postponement of advice "for later" could end in tragedy.

Self-medication is sometimes possible, but only for paininfrequent and minor. About what folk remedies for headaches you can use, we will tell, but for now it is strongly recommended to pay attention to effective preventive measures that can, if not get rid of the tormenting illness, then at least to weaken the sense of:

  • try to avoid taking drugsdrugs, if they are not prescribed by your doctor (long-term use, it would seem, even innocuous drugs may adversely affect the condition of your kidneys and liver);
  • Avoid loud (especially incessant and monotonous) sounds;
  • provide constant access to fresh air (walking, ventilation);
  • take care of the air humidification;
  • abstain from nicotine and alcohol - they aggravate the pain;
  • Use compresses are recommended cold (ice), but some are more suited warm;
  • treat yourself to contrast baths for feet, they are able to relieve the pressure.

Traditional methods of treatment of headache

Herbal teas pain
Herbal teas pain

It has long been proven and best available folk remedies for headaches:

  • packs of cumin seeds (cooked in water and kneaded to a pulp);
  • compresses of cabbage leaves, potato rings, grape leaves, horseradish (separately);
  • herbal teas (sage, peppermint (not lemon balm), drug meadowsweet and linden flowers);
  • rubbing essential oils (mint, rosemary, lavender) on the forehead, neck and temples;
  • massage the temples (not strong circular motion);

Medicinal recipes from headache

Lemon peel to the temples
Lemon peel to the temples

And now - a few recipes from my grandmother of old books with a note: "Folk remedies for headaches."

  1. "Salt compress. Wet wool fabric (the other will not work) in a salt solution: a full dessert spoon to dissolve in a liter of water, applied to the lower back and wrap yourself (just to warm the lumbar region). The procedure should be repeated every day, without interruption, for at least a week, even with the disappearance of the pain. "
  2. "With increased pressure to put on the ring of cucumber eye sockets."
  3. "Applying a spoon to warm tea to the nose (to the wing). Nose Party determines the side of the head that hurts. After cooling spoon to warm it again and apply already to the ear (a lobe). "
  4. "Put your right hand under the back of his head with his hand to his head, and his left hand - on the solar plexus. Lying quarter of an hour. "
  5. "Soak the bread in vinegar (only rye), wrap it in a natural fabric (suitable gauze) and attach where it hurts more."
  6. Hawthorn from headacheHawthorn from headache"Prepare pureed fresh hawthorn(Exactly a kilogram), a half cup of oats (oatmeal fit), 120 gr. brown sugar, three liters of water. Hawthorn can be put to soften in the oven (the oven). Oats fill with water in the morning and evening to insist. In the evening, bring it to a boil, put a hawthorn and sugar, stir and strain. Drink a glass to take a daily basis. " Good help for dizziness and tinnitus.
  7. "Apply lemon peel, freed from whitelayer, to the temple. When the crust is formed at the burning red spot (location to which is attached a lemon, can be scratched), the drug is removed. The pain soon let go. "
  8. "In a liter of water mix a spoonful of salt. Separately, combine 75g. alcohol, ammonia (10%) and 10 grams. camphor oil. Mix with the brine. Close the jar and shake it to dissolve the flakes. Take medicine on spoon tea and store up to one year. "

About this medicine I want to say a few wordsseparately. Another way to use it is really effective: the heated moistened medicine head, and go to bed, wrapped a scarf. Its action is not limited to removing headaches. It helps and heart pains, food poisoning, pain in the intestines and genitals: teaspoon diluted in a cup of cold water and taken orally. When ear pain medicine soaked and wrung cotton wool placed directly in the ear.

Folk remedies for headaches
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