How to choose a Braces

How to choose a Braces

Table of contents:

  1. Possible options
  2. The changes come after the installation

Correction of malocclusion or curvatureteeth require orthodontic treatment, involving, in turn, the installation of braces, which are indispensable for fast and efficient achievement of an attractive smile.

Any person faced with the aboveconcerns of how to choose the braces. Thus, many are interested not curative effect and appearance, because this device is worn in the mouth is necessary for a sufficiently long period of time.

Possible options

There are several types of braces.



Metal - founders of orthodonticsystems used to correct malocclusion. The main weaknesses include poor aesthetics: the system is easy to see on the outside surface of the teeth. Pros: the lowest price and the short distance between the arc and the slot of the bracket (the latter has a positive effect on the treatment time). Especially worth noting addictive to wear these braces. In two or three days, braces are not felt in the mouth. Such braces may be made of different alloys such as eg nickel-titanium alloy, silver, gold. Children are relevant curly braces. This type of braces is attributed and self-ligating brackets, in which there are no ligatures. This type is more comfortable to wear.

Plastic - in accordance with itsaesthetic qualities, is located between the metal and ceramic. For manufacturing, a special plastic that sometimes it is necessary to strengthen with metal grooves. Imperceptible plastic braces on teeth can be called only in the beginning of the process: the plastic surface absorbs food dyes, therefore, the end of treatment is difficult to talk about the invisibility of the bracket.


Ceramic braces are quite aesthetic andimperceptible, though inferior in this capacity lingual bracket system. All surfaces are polished, no sharp angles. However, this correction device characterized by several disadvantages: it has significant value and long term treatment.


Lingual braces system is the most discreet,thanks to that used for fixing the inner side of the teeth. Once installed, there may be a violation of diction, but do not worry - a couple of weeks everything will be. Against the background of absolute stealth is impossible not to see a few drawbacks: high cost and a more complex oral care. Typically, these brackets are made of metal.

The changes come after the installation

choose braces - this is only part of whatI should make the patient who decides to correct the bite. Upon completion of the installation is unlikely to return to the usual diet. The difficulty is not only the chewing, but also the fact that particles of food stuck in the teeth constantly. In turn, this contributes to the development of unpleasant moments as tartar and plaque on the teeth. This is the main reason why the maintenance of oral hygiene should go to a higher level.

Meals must be approved by an orthodontistMeals must be approved by an orthodontist

For example, when brushing teeth should be cleaned thoroughly at least the space between the wires of ligatures, as well as accurately follow all the constraints that are set orthodontist.

A few basic rules of food while wearing braces:

  • Eat only food allowed;
  • Avoid the use of sticky food, since it leads to the formation of dental caries and hinders cleaning of the teeth;
  • the maximum eliminate from the diet hard and crunchy food - it can adversely affect the adjusters and lengthen the period of treatment.
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