How to choose a plastic surgeon

How to choose a plastic surgeon

Table of contents:

  1. How not to make the wrong choice
  2. Signs of a good plastic surgeon
  3. Signs of an unscrupulous doctor

The decision to make the plastic is not always associated withsimple discontent own reflection in the mirror. The reasons for this can be many: traumas, accidents and burns, dog bites and keloid scars after surgery, premature aging and many skin defects. It does not matter what you are going to adjust or change in their appearance, important to choose someone who will carry you over the desired manipulation - a plastic surgeon. Let's talk about how to choose the right plastic surgeon.

How not to make the wrong choice

How to avoid mistakes

How to avoid mistakes

Now the external clinic mind is very difficultknow good professionals working in it or not. All of them look clean, beautiful and prestigious. Clearly, a hospital located in a dirty alley with a boorish and untidy staff and you do not go. In addition, plastic surgery costs money, sometimes very impressive, so in order not to be left without a large amount and with an extremely unpleasant result on the face or body, spend their spare time in search of a good specialist.

Signs of a good plastic surgeon

A good specialist will warn of the possible consequencesA good specialist will warn of the possible consequences

  • Before inspecting doctor washes his hands. Ironically, this most primitive prime selection criterion can immediately cut off 50% of applicants. The medical officer shall have the status hygiene during patient examination.
  • The doctor is interested in the reason for your appeal toplastic surgery. If it is obvious (scars, contractures, burn marks), he will ask how long ago the injury occurred. From this successful operation depends largely. If the specialist believes that your operations are no objective reasons, it is required to announce to you my point of view.
  • A good plastic surgeon will not "find fault"your appearance and to insist on the need for other interventions. From it you do not have to hear that your breasts need a facelift or neck as the skin in a Shar Pei, "is not something that now are."
  • The skilled artisan will not customize yourappearance under the standards. He will tell you that without this mole you will lose some of its charm, and the specific structure of your lips makes your looks unique and not like all young ladies with an artificially inflated lips.
  • A good plastic surgeon is required totry to clarify details about your disease and will let you know how painful would be surgery, how long it will last and what the consequences might be.
  • An experienced plastic surgeon will try toto simplify and minimize interference. If the operation can be done by, for example, the mouth and should be known only to you, a good specialist will operate this way, despite the fact that it is very difficult and uncomfortable.

Signs of an unscrupulous doctor

The surgeon must be objectiveThe surgeon must be objective

Having understood how to choose a plastic surgeon with good data, move on to how to avoid the wrong choice specialists and the consequences of his "work".

  • If the doctor a lot and enthusiastically talks abouttheir "star" patients and refers to the well-known names, run away from him. Before you or a charlatan, or a person making a career, come what may. For him, you - just another mannequin to practice skills. You live with one person for a lifetime person and loved the body and let the upstart and dropout "trained on cats" (in ceramic, of course).
  • If a doctor looks untidy, crumpled and from it there is a smell of alcohol - this is not a doctor, but a potential killer. You will definitely not here.
  • Ask about the conditions of stay of patients after surgery. If they offer to leave the hospital on the second day after a serious intervention, to forget the road.
  • If the clinic first thing interested in your wallet thick, but not the essence of your problem, you do not need to be operated here. This is a business - a conveyor, not clinics.
  • Avoid contact with the doctor who meekly accepted increase your breast until the ninth the size or perform on the forty-fifthaccount facelift lady far beyond 70. In theory, the doctor can refuse a patient only in clinical situations, but a good specialist will find many opportunities to convince such a person.

Nowadays, cosmetic surgerydifficult, much more difficult not to suffer in the process. It is well known cases where erroneous plastic surgery led to a distortion of appearance, deformities and even death. The desire to get rid of fat in one sitting almost cost the life of Alla Pugacheva and sent to the light "sweet woman" Natalia Gundareva. Excessive plastic surgery disfigured Donatella Versace, has led to the death of Michael Jackson and Lyudmila Gurchenko. To avoid falling into this sad list is carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and devote a lot of effort the choice of most of the doctor who will help improve your looks without it causing any harm.

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