How to choose a surgeon for rhinoplasty

How to choose a surgeon for rhinoplasty

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  1. Criterias of choice

The dissatisfaction with their appearance is peculiar to allpeople, both men and women. Very often the reason for claims to own appearance becomes a nose. Indeed, it is the largest and most notable "part" of the human person plays an important role in the perception of those around us. However, modern medicine has reached a very high level and is capable of using plastic surgery to significantly improve the patient's appearance. A very important role in the success of such a correction of their appearance is the choice of a specialist.

Criterias of choice

Look for any information about a particular surgeon and clinic

Look for any information about a particular surgeon and clinic

In our lives, we usually pay much attentionselection of staff at various levels. We carefully select the hairdresser, beautician, professional manicure and pedicure, do not rush to buy clothes, shoes and underwear into the first store. To become a full member of our ongoing "support team", need to show their best side and be a real ace in the business.

The same criteria we use when looking for yourselfthe good doctor. Usually, we focus on the recommendation of relatives and friends to whom we can trust fully. In most cases, this is the right approach, which gives a good chance to find a great expert in his field.

An experienced surgeon will evaluate the need for changeAn experienced surgeon will evaluate the need for change

But how to be if you decide tochange in appearance, but none of your environment not dealt with plastic surgery? How to choose a surgeon for rhinoplasty and not pay for it with their health, appearance, and sometimes life? It is now on everyone's lips terrible cases related to ignorance or negligence of doctors, which caused serious damage to health.

To avoid falling victim to charlatans and amateurs just need to pick up his doctor as follows:

  • Listen to feedback from real people. Surrounded by every person there is at least one who is familiar with the people, to do rhinoplasty. Talk to the man himself, and better yet, to vote the views of several people.
  • Read in the press and online articlesclinic, rummage in the forums on this topic, visit social networks. Even among the many "custom" and paid reviews can be found a grain of truth.
  • Visit the clinic itself. Assess the situation, the behavior of staff and the conditions in which the patient will be. Compare offers from several institutions.
  • Choose a clinic that has long existed. So less likely to get to the one-day clinic that exists a short time, robbing his patients, closes and reappears in the new location under a different name. Unfortunately, this is also possible.
  • Meet with the surgeon. Most clinics consultations are free, so you risk nothing. If your doctor correctly evaluate your chances, promises not instantly turn you into Marilyn Monroe and says that rhinoplasty procedure is absolutely painless, can continue to communicate further. If the first thing you said to the surgeon, is the cost of operation, quickly say goodbye to him. Surgery as a business you do not care, you need a doctor, who appreciates my work. It should also be wary of a specialist, who will begin to tell you how bad you look (even if it's true!) And will literally force you Botox, Circular facelift or even mesotherapy.
  • The ideal plastic surgeon firstassess the objectivity of your requirements to your nose. He will hold a series of measurements and calculations, which will show whether the proportional features of your face, and whether or not you need a nose plastic. This expert will tell you in detail about the operation and explain what we should expect and fear afterwards. He will try to discourage you from doing so. Just make sure that your decision is firm and final, the plastic surgeon will deal with your question. His areas of interest will include a lot of questions about your health. This is not an empty interest and concern of the true professional. From the overall health of the body depends on the safety of the operation and the speed of your recovery afterwards.

Come on consultationCome on consultation

Rhinoplasty - is a substantial interference in the activities of the body associated with the alteration of bone and cartilage structures of the nose, so it will require quite a long time to recover.

Note!A good surgeon will be sure to informpatient that the first results will be seen in half a year after the operation, and only a year later the nose will outline those that were originally planned to make a doctor.

After the operation will be a long recovery period

After the operation will be a long recovery period

Take the time and effort to choose plasticsurgeon and try to avoid the temptation to go into the clinic raspiarenny, mindful of the fact that this type of medicine - one of the most lucrative for physicians. Find your specialist who will like you personally and meet your criteria, then the operation is flawless.

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