How to remove spider veins

How to remove spider veins

Table of contents:

  1. Causes
  2. Treatment and disposal
  3. Removing traditional methods

Spider veins or telangiectasia -a common problem, gives a lot of grief female. Telangiectasia is an extended network of capillaries in a small area of ​​the body in papillar dermis. The capillaries show through the skin in the form of red or reddish-cyanotic "stars", "cobweb" serpentine slips. According to statistics, spider veins are affected up to 30% of the population and 80% of women who have undergone childbirth. The most common defect is localized to the capillaries of the lower extremities and the face: the wings of the nose and cheeks. The appearance of spider veins on the face known as rosacea. Let's look at the causes of vascular changes and look at how to remove spider veins.


It should be noted that in themselves vascularStars do not pose any danger and do not harm health. But it is not only a serious cosmetic defect of the skin, which are not willing to put up the vast majority of women, but also an indicator of some failures and problems in the body. Often they can be signs of serious illness. So before you rush to remove "spiders" and "stars", is to see a doctor to determine the causes of dilated blood vessels.Spider veins on the legsSpider veins on the legsSpider veins on the legs may appeardue to a long venous insufficiency, but it is not the main indicator of vascular disease varices. It has been proven that people who for a long time suffering from chronic varicose veins, red or bluish vascular net may never appear.Note!The appearance of spider veins on the legs is not alwaysevidence of venous disease. But we should not forget that the spider veins on the legs are not rare the first harbingers of the development of varicose.The appearance of capillary Veins on the face and legssometimes contribute to the cause, due to the inherent characteristics of the organism. It is a congenital weakness of the connective tissue, the progressive expansion of capillaries, congenital cavernous and capillary hemangioma and more.The forms of spider veins on the legsThe forms of spider veins on the legsWomen often spider veinssuggests that hormones are not in order. Pregnancy and childbirth, abortion, fibroids, ovarian cysts, menopause, endocrine diseases, taking contraceptives and hormonal methods - everything that causes hormonal changes in the body, often leads to the appearance of spider veins on the face and nog.Krome, it may be dermatological diseases; metabolic liver disease; heart diseases; increased vascular permeability, due to a lack of ascorbic acid, and increased body weight. Spider veins on the face in women - rosacea - is often a manifestation of the fragility of capillary walls.Rosacea on the faceRosacea on the faceOther factors which arecauses of rosacea on the face include smoking; alcohol; much spicy food; frequent consumption of coffee and chocolate; UV exposure and the abuse of a solarium; frequent stress, accompanied by an increase in pressure and leading to the fragility of capillary walls.

Treatment and disposal

Inspection phlebologistInspection phlebologistIf there are multiple foci of legsvascular changes, the required inspection phlebologist doctor. The doctor will assess the condition of venous blood flow and the walls of the veins. If spider veins on the legs and face need heart and liver examinations, visits to the gynecologist.Laser photocoagulationLaser photocoagulationWith regard to the type and extent of spider veins expression for their treatment and disposal of the following methods:

  1. Electrocoagulation. A thin electrode occurs moxibustion dilated vessels with high frequency current. The method is good enough with a cosmetic point of view, as a risk of electric shock fall and nearby healthy tissue. Later, perhaps the appearance of scars and areas of hyperpigmentation and depigmentation.
  2. Sclerotherapy. The method is based on the introduction of diseased vein special drug - sclerosant. As a result, bonding vascular walls. Place injection bandage elastic bandage, blood flow stops and the vascular mesh completely disappears within 1-1.5 months. This method is optimal for venous disorders.
  3. Laser photocoagulation. This is an effective, painless and safe method to get rid of your spider veins on the face, especially on the nose and cheeks. Modern "vascular" lasers can accurately determine the depth and diameter of the treatment area and to select the optimum wavelength and the radiation power in each particular case. The method is based on the penetration of the laser beam through the skin. Advanced capillaries absorb the laser beam, very hot and sealed from the inside. Spider veins disappear completely. The method is particularly useful for small-scale vessels with a diameter up to 2 mm. For newly emerged vascular points will be enough one treatment. For older spider veins - from 2 to 10 procedures, depending on the stage of the disease and altered vascular localization area. The method does not require rehabilitation after laser exposure. In the early days, you must refrain from using cosmetics, and at least two weeks after the procedure, carefully protect the skin from UV rays. The cost of removal of spider veins laser from $ 40 for one zone; suburbs from $ 30; Other cities from $ 20 for one zone.
  4. Ozone therapy. As a result of intravascular injection of oxygen-ozone mixture containing a high concentration of ozone oxidation occurs complex biochemical process in vascular cells and their subsequent destruction. Spider veins disappear without a trace. The method is practically safe and does not lead to scarring and pigmentation.

Make an injection of oxygen-ozone mixtureMake an injection of oxygen-ozone mixtureAll these methods are well established andThey are successfully used in the treatment and removal of vascular changes. Determine the desired method will help qualified doctor. The effectiveness will depend on the duration of the disease and the professionalism of the attending physician.

Removing traditional methods

At home with spider veinsYou can use the popular recipes. These recipes are completely safe, since it is only natural natural ingredients included in their composition. Here are a few recipes to help deal with spider veins.It helps mask of green tomatoesIt helps mask of green tomatoes

  1. Softening pulp (or juice) of green tomatoesis applied to a cotton pad and apply to spider veins to 5 minutes. You can make a mask with fresh tomato with the addition of high-quality olive oil. The mask is applied to the entire face and keep for 3-5 minutes, then wash off with warm decoction of rose hips. These masks do tomato once daily for 10-15 days. For the prevention of the mask can be done once a week.
  2. Rub the roots and parsley and pour the boiling milk. Let stand at least 20 minutes. The mixture was then drain and use as a compress twice a day for 20-30 minutes.
  3. To sustain the freshly cut leaves of aloerefrigerator for 5-7 days. Pre-plant should not be watered for two weeks. Prepare juice from aloe leaves. Face clean cotton pad soaked in the infusion of green tea, and then wipe the face of aloe juice. These wipes do every other day for 2-3 weeks.
  4. Grind fresh or dried flowersyarrow. Mix them with the liquid honey, lemon juice, egg yolk and cream. All ingredients are taken in equal parts. The resulting mixture was applied to the affected skin spider veins. Mask wash off after 20-30 minutes.
  5. Grate raw potato. The resulting mass is put on the face and hold 20 minutes. Wash off the mask broth of medicinal herbs: chamomile, yarrow, rosehip and others.
  6. Boil one cup of boiling water 2-3 tablespoonsspoons of chamomile drug. Be sure to cover and let stand 20 minutes. Then infusion of strain, moisten it a cotton pad and apply on skin with spider veins.

It helps aloe juiceIt helps aloe juiceIn the fight against spider veins will helpessential oils of lemon, cypress, almond, apricot kernel, wheat germ oil, rosemary, juniper, avocado. In addition, traditional medicine recommends for the treatment and removal of spider veins apple cider vinegar. They need to lubricate the affected skin once or twice a day. It is useful to drink fish oil and flaxseed oil, eat more fruits and vegetables, especially garlic. Be sure to strengthen the blood vessels in vitamins C, E, K, and R. If it is possible, more than swim, hiking, sport.Note!If there are vascular changes on the face or legs - means that there is a problem with the blood vessels and treat it you need them, not just to remove spider veins.See also:How to implement the prevention of varicose veins of legsMethods of strengthening vessels

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