How to treat arthritis of the foot at home

How to treat arthritis of the foot at home

Table of contents:

  1. Causes
  2. Variety of diseases
  3. self-treatment

Illnesses, one way or another connected with defeatjoints are among the most common. The risk of these diseases is that their symptoms at first can hardly occur, resulting in the patients go to doctors very late, when the disease has worsened.

One variety of such diseasesArthritis is a stack in which there is inflammation of the joints. The reason for this kind of disease is usually a bacterial infection, and the symptoms are quite bright. Among them are the most noticeable acute pain, localized both in the foot and in the toes, and swelling of the affected common ailment place. It is much less noticeable symptom is a slight change in color of the skin, which is characteristic of the disease. Many are interested in home treatment methods, as to see a doctor is not always possible. In this case it is best to use proven means of traditional medicine, because they can effectively deal with a similar ailment.


It causes a variety of

It causes a variety of

Among the medical community there is a perceptionthat the main cause of this disorder is nothing but as usual all the salt. It provokes the production of intensive lubricant, whereby the joint is increased, which leads to unpleasant symptoms. In addition, such disease can be caused by trauma, fractures, contusions and other damage.

Arthritis of the big toeArthritis of the big toe

In the presence of excess body weight in a patientArthritis becomes chronic, which is very dangerous. These reasons lead not only to pain and the appearance of edema, but also to the depletion of cartilage, as well as the inability to carry out the movement of the affected part of the body. If the disease is left unattended for a long time and, accordingly, no proper treatment, the patients very often there is a change of gait, as well as significant difficulties in selecting suitable footwear. To cure such a serious illness at home brought good results, it is necessary to examine the existing varieties of the disease.

Variety of diseases

There is pain in the jointsThere is pain in the joints

  1. Degenerative kind appears, for example, with the aging of the organism, as well as the presence of obesity or high stress on the joints.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis type characterized in thatthe affected area is not limited to any one place, and affects all the legs as a whole, leading to irreversible changes in the joints. The reason for such a disease may be not only a variety of diseases, but heredity.
  3. Gouty type is accompanied, first of all, quite severe pain, localized exclusively in the area of ​​big toes.
  4. Autoimmunity occurs due to malfunctioning of the immune system of the patient.
  5. Purulent arthritis is one of the mosthazardous, along with infection, since, in addition to acute pain, it promotes a significant rise in temperature, and therefore increases the load on the heart. Such varieties of arthritis cause some diseases, as well as fractures, often open.
  6. For non-specific arthritis include those that are caused by other factors, not included in this list.

It is important that the presence of timely and correct treatment can be matched to achieve excellent results in all the above cases.


If the disease is not acute, then call the doctorand can be ignored by using tested folk remedies. But if the patient's condition will worsen or the disease has moved into a phase of acute course, can not do without professional assistance!


Useful vegetables and fruitsUseful vegetables and fruits

The basis of any method of treatment of arthritis, whetherPeople or professional is properly composed diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet of a variety of products that contribute to the deterioration of:

  • fish;
  • cheese;
  • smoked products;
  • legumes and other crops with a high protein content;
  • animal fats, in any form.
Note!It is important to give also from the use of alcohol, including episodic, as this is a very negative impact on the progress of treatment.

To diversify and complement the menu, vegetables, herbs and fruits. The basis of the diet should be varied cereals, and always whole grain.

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine, combined with a diet capableeffectively deliver on the symptoms of the disease, and in mild cases and completely cured of the disease. The basis of the therapy up large amounts of liquid to be taken by the patient. In addition, effectively helping different packs, such as saline compress, hot sand, mother and stepmother, and certain special mixtures. After application of such funds noticeable improvement within a week of application.

It helps bath of fir branches

It helps bath of fir branches

You can use the infusion made of fir branches,which is used as a foot bath. Branches should be brewed with boiling water, then let stand for a while. This is followed by cool infusion prepared and used for other purposes.

A mixture of leaves and roots of horseradish and turnips tooquite effectively it helps to get rid of the symptoms, if carefully rubbing her foot portion, the affected disease. In addition, the liquid to drink during the day, it is possible to diversify a range of medicinal drinks that will quickly recover. We are talking about tea with chamomile and fresh cabbage juice. Infusions linden and St. John's wort showed the best performance, and for the greater good, you can alternate between the reception of cabbage juice with carrot.

Note!If improvement does not occur, you need to see a doctor!

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