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High-quality dental implants in Moscow

Table of contents:

  1. How is dental implants
  2. Advantages of dental implants
  3. How is the procedure
  4. The term of service of the implant
  5. E - high-quality dental implants in Moscow

Dental implants is asurgery in the oral cavity as a result of which it is possible to recover completely lost tooth or several teeth. In the dental clinic patients to offer professional teeth implantation, which is carried out highly qualified specialists using advanced techniques and high quality consumables.

How is dental implants

dental implant procedure is aimplantation into bone tissue implants - titanium screws. Then he set the denture or crown. The implant is made of a biologically inactive metal that is completely harmless to the body. Nevertheless, a number of contraindications in dental implants is still there, and are better to consult a doctor.

Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants and implantation of anterior teeth - a procedure that allows to eliminate the defects of the dentition. Wherein:

  • there is no risk of damage to healthy teeth;
  • Installation of the implant allows stopping degenerative processes in the jaw bone, which subsequently cause problems with the adjacent teeth.

How is the procedure

The entire operation for installing the implant lasts 30 to 50 minutes. It includes:

  • cutting the gum under local anesthesia;
  • installing the implant into the bone;
  • suturing the gums.

Despite the fact that modern technologies makeprocedure less traumatic and effective implant - a foreign body to the body, so it engraftment takes at least two months. During this time it will be necessary to properly take care of the oral cavity, following the recommendation of a doctor.

Pavel Volya

Pavel Volya

The term of service of the implant

Before you carry out the implantation of teethclinic, doctor warns that life depends on the quality of consumables. Nevertheless, the determining factor is the biocompatibility of the material and bone, as well as patient compliance with the physician's recommendations.

E - high-quality dental implants

Our Dental offers its customers professional services for dental implants. At the same time, turning to us, every patient can expect the following benefits:

  • Dental implants in the clinic conducted by highly qualified specialists.
  • We use only reliable and proven consumables, as well as the latest techniques that have proven to be effective.
  • Before the operation is required to conduct a survey on the tomograph.
  • To ensure the fastest possible healingwe use the technique of centrifugation Harvest, through which we get kostnozameschayuschie material from the patient's blood plasma and bone and soft tissue.
  • If treatment causes discomfort, the tooth removal and implantation of the implant, we can perform under general anesthesia.
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