Women and smoking. Tobacco passion

"Columbus discovered America - was a great sailor,

And, at the same time, he taught the world to smoke tobacco "

Women and smoking. Tobacco passion

The era of the great discoveries brought a lot of new and interesting. Including tobacco, which has affected if not world history, trade and medicine certainly.

At the very beginning of his victorious march onold world, tobacco was expensive. Allow it can only wealthy people for whom the tobacco has become an element of gentility and rage. Within a short period of time the plant has taken its place in the peasant fields. And a hundred years has become one of the best-selling consumer goods on both sides of the equator.

The population is divided fairly quicklyopponents and supporters of tobacco products. The constant expansion of the range led to the emergence of tobacco for pipes, Cigarette, cigar, sigarelly, snuff and chewing tobacco, flavored tobacco, and, of course, cigarettes. The emergence of new facts that informed about the dangers of the plant, then its use. Doctors, merchants, manufacturers, scientists and politicians are constantly arguing with each other, which is more important: the negative impact on the respiratory system, or a positive calming effect on the nervous system. Knowing every second victory moves from one to the other and back again.

Judging by the fact that now there are in the countryrestrictions on smoking in public places, tobacco opponents benefit greatly in their beliefs. On the one hand, such as the violation of the right of smokers to decide how to live. But on the other hand, their actions should not lead to an apparent violation of the rights of others to health. Therefore, it is more logical to designate the place where you can smoke and all the others - to ban.

Smoking Proponents argue that the harm from themSmoke is not much higher than the smog from the exhaust gases of cars. And yet it is a different concept, is difficult to compare them. For example, vehicles bring benefit to humanity: help to quickly get from one destination to another. Benefit also from the fact that a person smokes, especially not.

The personification of smoking has long beenmuscular tanned sailor, roam the world ocean with a pipe in his mouth. In addition, and world leaders are often noticed with a pipe or cigar. This is why smoking has become a symbol of courage and power, privilege exclusively male. Women are wise not to take the debate, and puffed silently in response. In the middle of the twentieth century Soviet propaganda began to talk about the open smoking capitalist women as a high level of degradation of the West. In response, the West with the same example demonstrating freedom and democracy.

And if in the 90s yard grandmothers knew clearly that smoking woman "must" is confusing, then eventually moved to bright light negative psychological pressure and condemnation of the form.

Women trying to get her to think aboutfuture offspring. They argue in response that the man involved in the "creation of children." The girls say that smoking is the fair sex are not aesthetically pleasing, and they specify how much of aesthetics in smoke-filled, especially the men, the pub? When trying to operate around the fact that smoking ages the skin makes a person a gray color, causing yellowing and darkening of the tooth enamel, the woman safely take out an arsenal of makeup and become beautiful again. Men who reject the use of cosmetics, on this side are in a lose-lose situation.

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Most surprising that the negative opinion offemale smoking openly express male smokers. Women feel free to argue with them, resulting in their arguments and trying to reason with the opposite sex. Each is his own opinion, and the number of cigarettes every day all points of sale is increased ...

Smoking was another stumbling block between the mutual understanding between men and women. So, maybe we should give up the habit?

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