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How to whiten Tulle: modern tools and proven methods of folk


Tulle - an indispensable element of the interior decor,which can give the room a cozy, it makes the room lighter. Over time, white tulle can turn yellow or poseret even the most attentive hostess. As usual streak in the machine does not work, but you want to whiten your curtains made of this fabric, you can use "heavy artillery." There are many ways to whiten tulle at home, using the means at hand.

How to whiten nylon tulle?

How to whiten nylon tulle?

Nylon tulle - the classic version of decorationswindow. It gives the room a finished look and trim. Despite the large range of blinds, curtains and tulle in the store, many still give preference to white Kapron option. But there is a caveat that depressing housewives: white tulle quickly spoiled, fade from the sun, takes on a greyish or yellowish tinge.

Actually bleach tulle at homeIt does not provide much difficulty. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to restore white - bleach tulle salt. You can do this before or after washing. If you decide to whiten it to wash, rinse in cool water, then place in a bowl and cover with hot water. Pour into a container 1 tbsp. salt and a bit of detergent. Tulle Leave overnight in a solution, and in the morning rinse your hands or in the washing machine.

If you have already had washed nylon tulle, bleachit can be as follows: Pour into a bowl of hot water, pour 1 tbsp. salt and put the curtains 20 min. After pressing out the tulle and hang it on a window in a wet state.

Another effective way of whiteningnylon tulle is a rinse in a solution of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Pour into a bowl of hot water, add 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons ammonia. Put in tulle solution and rinse it well. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves on his hands! In no case do not try to soak the cloth with bare hands, otherwise you run the risk of chemical burns. Leave tulle 20 - 25 minutes, then rinse in cold water or in the washing machine.

Let us give a second life to old yellowed tulle

How to whiten the old yellowed tulle?

An excellent whitening effect has regularcurdled. Before soaking tulle wash in the usual way, and soak in a lot of yogurt a day. Then thoroughly rinse the curtains in a large amount of water and dry in the sun. Such a method is well whitens old yellowed tulle, he really is not economical. Yes, and yogurt should be natural, without additives. Specific sour smell after such bleaching can be easily remedied by a streak with detergent and fabric softener.

To return tulle white canuse green paint. After washing the curtains, put it in a basin of hot water, pour washing powder and leave for 2 - to 3 hours. Then rinse tulle in warm water with a pair of green fodder drops and 2 - 3 tbsp salt.

When you first bleach tulle, canindustrial use means like the "Vanish", "Boss», «FrauSchmidt», «LUXUS professional», «Oxi», etc. Dilute the bleach according to instructions, soak tulle for 2 - 3 hours, then rinse thoroughly. This way you can bleach tulle only 1 time, then it will be necessary to use other means.

helpful hints

Bleaching tulle

  • To while soaking the curtains are not soaked up dust and dirt, shake out before washing them in the street;
  • If your tulle too dirty before washing, soak it overnight in a solution of washing powder with the addition of a bleaching agent;
  • For washing, bleaching and soaking, use water at a temperature not exceeding 35 degrees. Otherwise, yellowing and dullness can vestsya and stay forever;
  • Wash tulle recommended by folding it to a small rectangle sizes. Since the curtains are no creases, which are so difficult to smooth;
  • Whiten Tulle, do not rush to stroke it - just hang humid on the window. So it dries faster and smoothed itself under its own weight fabric;
  • If ironing is required, use the minimum temperature, otherwise, tulle can turn yellow.

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White tulle - a great way to decorateinterior. But the curtains can turn yellow for several reasons: the sun, time, soot, dust, grease and improper washing. Yellowed tulle has an unattractive appearance, so you need to whiten it. Make it easy enough, enough to take advantage of proven tips.

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