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As starched cloth at home manually and in automatic machine?


Once out of the house without carefullystarched collar was considered mauvais ton, and today not everyone understands what is the procedure and what it all done. Basically, these actions were carried out in respect of tablecloths and napkins, or the other things that have been good to keep the shape. But the body is not the surrounding tissue starches, because they stop breathing, that causes discomfort to wear. As starch things at home correctly, it always made by hand?

What kind of things can be starch and why?

What kind of things can be starch and why

If you remember all of the same collar, thenassociative array immediately offers to our attention the ideal white pillars, which were present in women's and men's suits. Accordingly, the question arises: is it possible to starch colored stuff or this procedure is focused only on the white?

  • Businesses are assured - this process is carried out not only in white, but the color you need to follow a set of rules, as part of a work leaves stains, which are then difficult to reduce.

The procedure is long impregnationfabric with a solution which forms a film on it, which creates rigidity. But there is another important and valuable thing: starched thing less susceptible to contamination, which are not eating into the fabric fibers and thus easier to be removed.

  • Each material brings particular conditionswork with him, in particular, tulle starch solution is very weak, especially when talking about his soft varieties, and subsequently otglazhivayut still wet. Marley was put on petticoats, on the contrary, it is necessary to handle the hard solution, and also otglazhivat wet. But for lace professionals advised cooking liquid medium hardness, and, it can not be soaked, but simply a means to handle soaked in cloth.

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In general, it is recommended soft compositionprocess curtains, bedding and any thin cloth, middle - men's shirts, lace, any decorative elements, and hard work only with Petticoat, collars, and other things that need to be safe and well-documented.

How starched cloth?

How starched cloth

The oldest and proven way, of course,manual, and using self-prepared solution on the basis of starch and water. Special difference is whether it is corn, potato or rice product is not, but keep in mind that less corn thickens and potato gives a bluish tint, so it is best suited for white things.

  • Soft home solution needs to combine 1 tsp starch to 1 liter of water for an average take 2 tsp for the same volume, and the hard - 2-2.5 tbsp
  • The process of preparation of the proportions does not depend on: starch to pour cold water (200 ml), wait for it to disperse, then bring to a boil 1L of pure water and carefully pour it into a starch solution, stirring constantly, to prevent formation of lumps.
  • Things in the resulting liquid rinse orsoaked for 2-3 min., then drained, but not twisting and passing around the canvas by hand. Drying should be in a horizontal form, spread out on a flat surface so as not to appear folds and creases. Moreover, dried so that the thing remained a little damp.
  • If you are working with a weak solution, itcan not soaked cloth (thereby not need a long time to dry it): pour into any container where you can put a spray bottle, and spray on the material.
  • To facilitate the process of ironing is possible by pouring into a solution of 4-5 drops of turpentine. And an added blue will return things pristine whiteness.

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If you do not want to do thismanually, you can starch in the washing machine, after having bought a special solution. He also recommended working with colored things. It is poured into the compartment for the air conditioner to the final rinse, the amount specified by the manufacturer. The centrifuge things do not scroll. But here we must note that the starch and the air conditioner should be used in different cycles, and after the procedure you need to clean the drum machines, glass and protective rubber damp cloth.

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