How to Care for Yorkshire Terriers

How to Care for Yorkshire Terriers

Table of contents:

  1. The appearance and behavior
  2. Every day nezateyliv and easy
  3. Combing - accurate procedure
  4. Required procedures
  5. Bathing and drying - unloved procedures

Detailed and reliable information about the history ofYorkshire Terrier breed is very small, only in what are sure all the experts dog handlers that he got his name, because for the first time heard about it in the county of Yorkshire, England. There terrier, likely from ancient hunting small terriers. This extraordinary little creature becomes the family this great friend. Accommodating and kind nature allows Terriers get along with all the other animals in the house. However, care must be taken so as not to injure or hurt. So how to care for the Yorkshire Terrier, many prefer this particular breed.

The appearance and behavior

York with long hair

York with long hair

Small dogs unusually attractive intheir graceful, light, slightly dancing gait and incredible silky shёrstka. The owners care for the Yorkshire Terrier brings joy, because this is no big deal. Yorkshire Terriers extremely clean, virtually odorless and do not shed because they have no undercoat. In addition, make it a stylish hairstyle and decorate - a pleasure.

You can make stylish hairstylesYou can make stylish hairstyles

Yorkshire Terrier dog is a typical city, hecomfortable in a city apartment, even a small area, can perfectly do without a walk when the street rain or snow, and his need will celebrate a special litter allocated to it for this purpose. This breed of dogs in Russia today enjoys incredible success and is very popular, probably for their docile nature, and uncomplicated, unpretentious care. I must say that dogs of this breed perfectly trainable and very unpretentious.

Every day nezateyliv and easy

It is necessary to wash the eyesIt is necessary to wash the eyes

Every morning, a Yorkshire terrier needsmorning eye washing procedure. Do it using sticks for the ears, soaked in warm water, be sure to boiled, broth chamomile tea, or imperfect welding, some owners prefer special solutions. Sometimes you can gently the old toothbrush to remove the pellets in the corner of the eye. In addition to the morning washing, everyday is just combing, with obligatory comb wet hair. Hairstyles are made by the owner at least one day - this brings only positive emotions, because Yorkies have an amazing ability to attract the person himself, so much so that they do not want to let go for a minute.

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