How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

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Many believe that the smell of cat urine on the carpet or in a shoe - the plague, get rid of that is simply impossible. Why do so many people do not like cats, just because of the accompanying odor.

The problem is that nasty smell thatIt appears in the house, there is only due to the fact that the owners of the animal carelessly refer to the cleaning and treatment of cat litter. Poor purified urine stains allow bacteria to multiply, which is why over time, and the smell intensified. And imagine if these spots are not one but many. Soon you will provide your home a "special" flavor. In this article we will explain how to get rid of the smell of cat urine in the apartment, look at the main places: on the couch, carpet, clothes, shoes.



Before you decide to remove cat odoryou need to understand why do cats go to the toilet in the wrong places. Veterinarians believe that the reasons for not going to the cats tray can be as follows:

  1. Cat just simply do not like the proposed herrestroom. Maybe it is not appropriate to her size, because the tray length must exceed the length of the cat at least a half times. Putting the tray better in a secluded location. As it turned out, the cat, as well as people more than love to defecate in an atmosphere of tranquility. There are animals that would not willing to share your tray with other cats. The last and the most common cause - badly washed tray. We must not forget that the cat is very clean animals, and her well-developed sense of smell, an order of magnitude better than that of men. If the tray is thoroughly washed with detergents, and even daily (which is recommended), you can make life easier not just a cat, but also themselves.
  2. Some new and unfamiliar cat itemshouse, it can be perceived as an encroachment on personal grounds. In such cases, the animal tries to remind you that it is "the king" of this house. So often there is the smell of cat urine in a person's shoe, which the cat had never seen.
  3. There are cats, which are very sensitivereact emotionally. For example, they can not tolerate insults, punishment and any changes in the family in which they live. Bring relations with an animal in the rate is not always possible at once, it takes patience and time. Importantly, do not need to rush from one extreme to another: from tender love to hatred to the animal, because the smell has appeared. Cats love the most peaceful and stable relation to ourselves.
  4. Even going to the toilet in a place not intendedIt may occur due to illness cats, especially animals who have reached old age. This situation is characterized by frequent urination and the desire cat to use the toilet in front of you or in front of you.
  5. Mark their territory can not be calledurinating in the full sense of the word. In this case, the cat just a little sprinkles certain places rather than making puddles. This behavior - a way to attract individuals of the opposite sex, and the demonstration of its dominant position. Most of these labels do unsterilized cats and uncastrated males. The smell of cat tags are much more common urine odor, due to the content of a specific secret.

There are several ways to get rid of the smell of cat:

  • sterilization of a cat or a cat emasculation. It is important to make this situation in time, because if the animal has ever come into conflict or sexual intercourse habit mark territory and he can not be lost;
  • permission to walk in the street. You can expand the territory of several cat, allowing him to leave the house. In this case, most likely, the cat will begin to leave your mark on the street outside the house;
  • your dominion over the animals. This method can not be called a traditional and familiar, but experienced breeders cats prefer this way to wean your cat to use the toilet is not where it is necessary. How did the cat show that you are the master in the house, and did not he? It is possible, catching the animal on the spot "crime", lift it by the scruff and hold it in this position. Thus it is necessary to look into the cat's eyes, until such time as he did not look away. If first you do, you can assume that you are lost and no domination over the cat is not installed.


How to get rid of the cat odor

How to get rid of the cat odor

Regardless of the reasons, why the cat goes to the toiletin the wrong place, sharp and strong smell of urine, and it is necessary to eliminate as quickly as possible. Sometimes it is quite difficult task, but it is absolutely attainable.

What a way to remove the smell will seemBole effective depends on certain factors: the type of the surface, where there was a pool, and how long it exists there. If the stain is fresh, the first thing that you need to take it, armed with paper towels or toilet paper, try to absorb them all the liquid. Remember, the less urine remains on the surface, the easier it will finally destroy the smell.

Knowledge of the composition of urine can help, rather, to get rid of its smell:

  • urochrome - the colored part, derived pigments;
  • Urea - a sticky part that dissolves in water;
  • uric acid - having no color crystals that are poorly soluble in water and alkali.

Most products are only twothe first part and remove some of the smell and color. But uric acid crystals usually just dry out and become invisible to humans. If they again affects any fluid, whether urine, perspiration, or simply water, smell reappears. Just because of this, it is not surprising when you think that you thoroughly wash the shoes from your cat, and after the first socks smell of urine returns. Places that have been repeatedly labeled pet will smell even more sharply because of the accumulation of uric acid crystals.


How to get rid of the smell of feline-2
How to get rid of the smell of feline-2

I must say that using home remedies, you will not always be able to easily remove the smell. Why, then, people just them and enjoy? Mainly due to their low cost.

The most unfortunate option of getting rid of the smellYou can call all your favorite bleach. Of course, chlorine - a strong oxidizing agent, which remarkably killed any microorganisms. But this is not the best remedy for the cat smell due to the high level of toxicity. You can harm your pet, which has a much more developed sense of smell than we do.

Also, do not use ammonia,contains, as is known, composed of ammonia (also containing urea it). Accordingly, the problem can only worsen. For the same reason it is not appropriate and the application of the stain perfumes.

Such oxidants have much more dramatic effect, helps to cope with the smell of urine:

  • potassium permanganate. It has a deodorizing effect;
  • lemon juice;
  • vinegar. It is required only to use it in combination with water;
  • iodine. Dilute 10-20 drops per liter of water;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

If the stain is still fresh, pretty effective action will have a common antibacterial agents: alcohol, vodka, soap, soda solution and tea leaves.

Applying only flavors, you decideproblem. Common means of struggle with the smell (coffee, aroma oils, "Zvezdochka" and scented bath salts) will give a temporary effect - a short time will kill the smell.

Wonderful and very effective recipehelping to bring the cat's smell: it is necessary to dissolve one part vinegar to four parts water and put everything on the spot. Now thoroughly saturate wipes liquid. Then sprinkle the stain with soda. Further it is necessary to dissolve a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing in 100 grams of hydrogen peroxide. Now rub the mixture into the stain with a brush. Residues must be removed clean sponge.

Today, there are a huge number ofdrugs help remove cat odor. But, unfortunately, not all of them are effective, some are just camouflage for a while the smell. Such preparations may buy in pet stores.

By purchasing a professional tool, do not forget about strict adherence to instructions. Such preparations are also perfect for cleaning the cat tray.

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