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Bedroom on Feng Shui: the rules of color choice, bed location, and other tips


Engage in positive life energy can bedifferent ways. One of the oldest and most popular - be guided by the rules of eastern Feng Shui teachings. Surround yourself with family and harmonious colors and objects everyone can. It is especially important to create the most favorable atmosphere in the room to sleep.

To facilitate prosperous life bedroomon Feng Shui, its registration rules ensure the predominance of positive energy Qi. In this way it creates a perfect microclimate for relaxation, reflection and calm evening morning awakenings. In this room can fully recover from the physical and emotional strength.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Tips for Choosing Colors

Bedroom Feng Shui: Tips for choosing colors

Thinkers and East healers believe thatcolor environment plays a crucial role in a harmonious environment. Man needs a suitable energy facilities shade to relax, to be born only positive thoughts and good ideas. How to choose the color for the bedroom feng shui? The rules are based on the close relationship of the room layout and its colors:

  • east or south-east direction is betterall combined with shades of green, which symbolizes the tree. Optionally limited to this color scheme, it can be combined with others. The main thing is to have a combination of harmonious contrasts are undesirable;
  • south-west or north-east location corresponds to the element of Earth. Preference is shades of brown, ocher, sand;
  • South direction is associated with the element of Fire. For a bedroom suit orange and red tones, which contribute to the strengthening of marital bonds, do not give a relationship grow cold;
  • northern location closest to the Water element. Suitable shades of blue, blue;
  • western and north-western disposition energetically with white, gray and silver tones.

rules furniture placement

Bedroom on Feng Shui: the rules of arrangement of furniture

The most important thing - to determine favorable placelocation for a bed. This item performs a major role in the room: if a fabulous ship, he kills a person in the sea of ​​magical dreams. Therefore, we must take care that no energy "storm" has not violated the peace and balance.

Do not place the bed in front of the entrance. It is advised to mentally draw a line between the door and the opposite wall to avoid the location of the bed on this line. On the segment that connects the entrance to the room and the opposite wall, concentrated hard enough energy. Sleeping in a place not very nice, there is no sense of security, peace of mind. Bed is better to remove as much as possible from the entrance and the specified line.

It is desirable that remained freespace to access the marital bed on both sides. Opposite this furniture can not be placed mirrors or cabinets with mirrored doors. How to choose the most favorable location of the bed in the bedroom feng shui, can be seen on many photos on the Internet.

If possible, reduce the amount in the bedroomacute angles. Pay particular attention to the fact that the corners of cabinets, tables were not directed at people who lie on the bed. Wardrobe can be placed next to the bed. Desirable that the coating was opaque.

Above his head resting person should not be mounted furniture. Such objects create energy pressure, which can cause headaches.

Useful additions for rest and relaxation

Useful additions

Weather in the house creates not only the basic elements(Interior decoration, furniture), and decorative add-ons. The practice of Feng Shui is determined that the mirrors in the room to sleep is not the place. This is explained by the restriction in that they are very sensitive to energy flow and reflect everything that happens. Even dreams, during which a person gets rid of negativa.Vot several requirements for accessories:

  • Most types of flowers in the bedroom by feng shuiundesirable. You can put in a room 1-2 plants that will clean the air. But next to the bed! In the bedroom there are valid Chlorophytum, Spathiphyllum, begonia, geranium, sansevieriya;
  • paintings must not depict violent natural phenomena, strong emotions, dynamic mechanisms. More germane calm, idyllic landscapes;
  • Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui devotes considerablefocus light sources. Do not skimp on the chandelier bedroom. Such a thing should look noble, good cover. This house can bring wealth.

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Making bedrooms according to the rules of Feng Shui is intendedmultiply the positive energy in the home and relationship. To achieve a good result, you need to determine the appropriate color, reasonably arrange the furniture and pick up a harmonious complement to the interior. Performing actions which prescribes the ancient Chinese teaching, will help to create and maintain an atmosphere, condusive to relaxation and leisure.

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