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Cleaning of carpet: the methods and basic rules. How to clean the carpet at home?


To date, one of the most popular andsought-after flooring is just carpet. Among the main and visible advantages include diverse design, durability, affordability and ease of care. However, it should take into account the fact that with increased attention to the need to monitor the soft floor covering, even if you do regular cleaning and walk around the house in slippers or barefoot.

How to clean the carpet: the basic ways

Cleaning of carpet: the methods and basic rules. How to clean the carpet at home?

One of the best ways of cleaning dustcarpet - is a regular wet cleaning. If earlier you have not had to deal with the problem of pollution of this type of flooring, the first thought that comes to mind-just wash it. To do this you will be able to if there is a special washing vacuum cleanerWhich will greatly facilitate the work.

The household chemical goods stores you can buySpecial detergents are designed to care for soft flooring. You can simply prepare a solution, adhering strictly to the instructions given by the manufacturer, and then include the appropriate cleaning mode. Then you can proceed directly to ochischeniyukovrolina.

In that case, if you use a simplea vacuum cleaner, then buy a special shampoo for cleaning textiles and carpets, which is compatible with them. Selected detergent is applied directly to the surface of the carpet (in some cases diluted in water) and rub with a brush to ensure better absorption. It is necessary to ensure that a well soaked the entire surface, after which the carpet is left for a while, until completely dry. At the end you need to vacuum the carpet cleaning Vacuum.

Today in hardware stores is a fairly wide range of special cleaning agents that enable long time to keep the freshness of the carpet.

If, for some reason, you do not fitwet cleaning, then you can use dry. For sale is a wide range of tools, which include foams and powders. We must remember that only some one tool can be used during cleaning. Before you start you need to carefully read the instructions and stick to it strictly.

Most often, the powders should be applied to allcarpet surface, after which they are left for a while (to be specified in the instructions for each specific facility), and then removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner. In a similar way it should be used for cleaning and foam. However, there are certain types of cleaning foam to be applied to the carpet with a brush.

In the event that during cleaning, you firstjust use some chemical agent, then you first need to test and apply it to a small uchastokkovrolina. The fact that even highly specific formulations may spoil not only the color but also the texture of the carpet.

With the exception of household chemicals, you can useand time-tested, effective traditional methods, the most common among them is vinegar. In this case, you will need to take the vinegar and dissolve it in clean cold water, stir well and treat the contaminated surface. After this cleaning you will notice that the color of the carpet has become more vivid.

Periodically appear on the surface of the coatingsmall spots that need to clean up immediately. In this case, you can use the extra stain removers and special napkins. Certain types of contaminants are removed quite easily using a simple ammonia.

To carpet was always clean, you need tohouse have a small set of cleaning products and special brushes. Every few months, it is necessary to perform a deep cleaning of the carpet. Do not forget that the extent of pollution need to periodically vacuuming the carpet surface.

Pure light carpet at home

Cleaning of carpet: the methods and basic rules. How to clean the carpet at home?

When choosing a method of cleaning the carpet of light, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the contamination. So, when stained with different origins, you can use one of the following methods:

  • If the blood stain remains, you need to applyspecial alkaline solution which is applied directly to the site of contamination and allowed for some time (about 15 minutes). After the specified time will need to thoroughly rinse the spot with clean water (cold). It is also possible to use 10% alkali solution, then processed by space pollution vinegar 10% pure and washed with water (warm).
  • Remove the oil paint from carpet is very difficult,but it is possible if you put a little effort. The fact that commonly used universal solvent capable of damaging the texture and color of the carpeting. Not only the most effective but also the most secure way considered clean alcohol and turpentine solution (these substances are taken in equal proportions).
  • To remove stains from oil paint, you can use another secure method - to use hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of ammonia and pure water.
  • If the carpet stuck chewing gum, notworry, as it is removed easily and quickly - you need to take a piece of ice and rub the stain vigorously until it freezes. Then the gum is very easy unstuck.
  • There is a preconceived opinion that coffee stainIt can not be removed, but it is easy to remove with simple but effective folk methods. Stain coffee, fruit and wine you can derive with alcohol and vinegar solution (ratio 2: 1);
  • If you inadvertently put on the carpetSpot fat can be removed with the help of a simple dish detergent. Also, there is another option - purification using baking soda. In this case, you will need to take a soda and just to rub a spot (must be absorbed into the pile). After that, the surface of carpet moistened with clean water and wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Ink stains can be easily removed with the help ofa special cleaning solution of 50% vinegar. First spot will need to rinse thoroughly with clean water, then sponge dipped in vinegar solution, wipe the place of contamination.

Tips professionals

Cleaning of carpet: the methods and basic rules. How to clean the carpet at home?

Quite often, on the surface of the carpetthere are stains from coffee, tea, wax, milk, chocolate, chewing gum and it is not the whole list of the main "enemies" of the flooring. But with the right and timely approach, even the most difficult stains to remove is possible. To do this, you can use one of the following cleaning methods:

It is important to remember that all of the dirtacidic compounds, must be removed immediately. In this case, the need to moisten the cold spot of clean soda water, then applied to the water and ammonia solution (in the ratio 10: 1). At the end of the stain is washed with pure water and dried well.

If the stain was delivered from alcoholdrinks, you need to wet the stain with clean water, then apply any mild detergent and a little wine vinegar. At the end of the spot you need to vacuum and leave to dry.

To remove wax stains need to take a piece of ice and frozen dirt, then gently remove it with a knife. The same cleaning method is applied at a spot on the gum.

Pretty hard to remove from carpet surfacespot left after the ketchup, adhesives, mayonnaise, milk or chocolate. In this case, you will first place pollution handle any washing up liquid, then wipe with a small amount of ammonia, rinse the detergent and finally clean with cold water.

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No matter which kind wasput a stain on the carpet, you need as quickly as possible to start cleaning. Remember, the sooner you do, the easier it will be to eliminate the pollution. If none of the above methods of cleansing the carpet did not help you, you can seek help from a special company which holds directly dry cleaning at home.

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