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Entrance to a narrow corridor: designer tips. Master closet with his hands


Hall - the first room, which seespeople coming to our house. Often many of us, especially the owners of apartments, the process of interior face a number of technical problems. For example, what is suitable for the entrance of a narrow corridor? Design ideas and tips you can find in our article.

Plans are under way, designers are advised

Before we look at the main optionshallways narrow long corridors, let us pay attention to the little tricks that will help us design the interior according to the Novikov fashion.

Design for the entrance hall of a narrow corridor

To start to define what kind of furniture you needplaced in the hallway. This room should have a presentable appearance. Furniture Set for a corridor to be primarily functional. Thus, the minimum set for a small entrance hall consists of the following pieces of furniture:

  • closets, cabinets or drawers;
  • chairs, puffs;
  • shelves for accessories;
  • hangers;
  • mirrors.

As is known, the mirror enlargesspace, but that it must be placed correctly. Do not mount the mirror at the end of a long corridor, so as you reduce the visual width and increase the length of the room.

As for furniture, you can choosecabinet or built. Before you buy or collect the furniture yourself, draw a plan, which meet all of the necessary calculations. According to the rules, from one wall to another (opposite) should be at least 0.6 m space.

Today, designers offer a wideproduct range of furniture. You can choose a universal headset, which will combine a hanger for clothes, shelves for shoes and hats, and even a place to sit.

If your hallway low ceiling, the bestoption will mount spotlights. They will not take up space, and the scattered light to increase the visual volume of the room. In recent years, many apartment owners prefer to buy-in wardrobes clumps. To narrow corridor is simply an indispensable element of the interior. If space permits, or planning, you can make the angular design.

The rules of interior decoration in the hallway

Interior design in the narrow entrance hall takes place in several stages:

  • dismantling;
  • ceilings and walls and floors;
  • installation of furniture;
  • placement of accessories.

So, imagine that you are dismantling the old hallalready completed and you can safely begin to repair. If you plan allows apartments to demolish the wall between the hall and, for example, the living room, it will be a great solution to increase space. Delineation of zones in this case will serve as a floor or a small decorative partition.

We consider the case when the wall betweenRooms can not be demolished. Let's start with the ceiling. To visually enlarge the parameters of the hallway, you can make plasterboard. Play the contrast of light. Make a two-tiered ceiling, equipping it with spotlights. Pay special attention to the rules of summing up the wiring and placement of recessed luminaires. The light should be scattered and not well darken the space in the room. Choosing a color palette for the decoration of the ceiling, prefer bright shades of pastel palette.

Design for the entrance hall of a narrow corridor

Then proceed to the choice of flooring. If the floors in the hallway uneven, then they need to pre-align using a durable material. Pay attention to the type of flooring. The best option for the hall will be moisture resistant and wear-resistant linoleum, parquet or laminate. Keep in mind that the colors of the walls, ceiling and floor coverings should be in harmony.

Choosing a floor covering, in addition to color, keep in mind the following characteristics:

  • the floor in the hallway should not be slippery;
  • over time, the material should not saturate with moisture;
  • Flooring is best to choose a smooth.

Design for the entrance hall of a narrow corridor

Any roughness and defects in a narrow trimhallway would be too noticeable. Next, pay attention to the decoration of the walls. You can use different types of wallpaper, decorative stone, wood or plastic panels, etc. Making the walls in the narrow hallway, consider some aspects.:

  • to expand the space intelligently combine color, diluting the basic shade of warm and light colors;
  • Zoning in the hallway were performed using pieces of furniture and partitions light touch;
  • to minimize the space occupied, to distinguish between two zones is possible by means of finishing, such as decorative stone and wood paneling;
  • If you arrange a narrow corridor in a particular style, such as antique, all the walls, arched structure or column should be made of light materials;
  • to increase the width of the room, use wallpaper with colored stripes (vertical stripes visually increase the width and horizontal - length).

Almost every apartment into the hallway out interior doors, keep this in mind when performing finishing. Type of door leaf, colors and materials should be the same.

Successful interior design ideas

If you yourself can not choose the design for the hall of a long narrow corridor, refer to specialists. Experienced designers will make a plan according to your preferences.

If you do decide to issue designhallway alone, the photo collection, reflecting the successful examples of visual expansion of space, you will definitely make the right choice. As already mentioned, the mirror surface is visually increase the volume of the room. Place mirrors along the wall or make a mirror door wardrobe.

Design for the entrance hall of a narrow corridor

A win-win option for a narrow corridorIt will be built-in furniture with open shelves. To accommodate the accessories can take an angular space. To build the original shelves you can own.

Design for the entrance hall of a narrow corridor

If you want to design the interior of the hall inminimalist style, then set as small as possible furniture. It is best to give preference to a single wardrobe, which can be placed along the wall. The height of the cabinet have to reach the ceiling.

Design for the entrance hall of a narrow corridor

Construct wardrobe with his hands

Hallway to a narrow corridor can be donewith his own hands. Case furniture today has a relatively high cost, so it is sometimes easier to design your own individual interior. If the narrow corridor is not enough space to accommodate angular headset, then try the closet. Cabinet options you need to get your own. Our master class will help you to easily make a designer wardrobe.

Necessary materials:

  • septal profile;
  • screws;
  • plugs;
  • ceiling drywall;
  • guide rails - 2 pcs .;
  • mirrored sliding doors;
  • material for interior trim;
  • wood array of cut-out shelves;
  • wiring;
  • Spotlights;
  • paint.

Step by step description of the process:

  1. The number of required materials is calculated from the size of the constructed wardrobe.
  2. Sliding doors and guide rail can be purchased in a specialized hardware store.
  3. Starting with the construction of the box.
  4. Profile mount to the wall with screws.
  5. Here's a rectangular box you should have.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  6. On top of the frame profile is done as a protrusion whose length is 20 cm.
  7. In this part we will be placed spotlights.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  8. Attach the transverse profile, strengthening its wooden beams. It is necessary to increase the shelf load capacity.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  9. Then we do the wiring of electrical wires and sheathed with the upper part of the ceiling drywall sheets.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  10. The side of the partition and also sheathed with sheets of drywall.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  11. Connect the spotlights and fix them to make a hole.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  12. At the bottom and top of the rack mount rails by means of screws.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  13. Next, insert the door panels and adjust them to avoid distortions.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands
  14. The edge of the door leaf trim soft adhesive tape.
  15. Here is a designer wardrobe you should have.
    Construct wardrobe with his hands

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Be your imagination and decorate the interiorhallway, in accordance with the fashion novelties. Perhaps, for the construction of individual structures, you will need the help of experts. When making a narrow corridor design, remember that the room should be functional and have an attractive appearance. Good luck!

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