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From the apartment and the house appear bugs and how to get rid of them?


What only do not have to faceresidents of flats block of flats! Noisy neighbors, the sudden shutdown of hot water or electricity - is not yet the worst. Understand those who at least once faced with the advent of home different "living creatures", which was not invited to and get rid of that very difficult.

Where there are bedbugs in the apartment? This question is asked in despair all who faced such problem. The answer to it is useful to know and to tenants or owners, which is passed through these terrible insects. This will help prevent the invasion of hordes of "tenants".

It is believed that all kinds of insects(Perhaps with the exception of butterflies), bred in the living room - a sign of unsanitary conditions. In fact, this is not the main cause of the majority of their species. Bedbugs as well as cockroaches, often "run across" from the neighbors in the vent system through cracks and ventilation. The main deceit of these pests that usually their appearance becomes visible only when they are bred.

Where there are bugs in the house and where to find them?

Where there are bedbugs in the apartment

Here we live peacefully, regularly carry out wetcleaning, follow the cleanliness ... and one "perfect" day wake up with red spots, which also scratched. If the bedding on the small bugs were seen, the situation is clear: it is not an allergy, and klopinye bites. Even if you ease off "tenants", it is likely that they will re-emerge. It is therefore important to know where and how they get to the room.

Here are the main sources where there are bedbugs in the apartment (more than 90% of cases):

  • from neighbors. They can crawl along the walls, through the gap, ventilation pipes. Completely isolate themselves in this case it does not, so the only way - to ensure etching of insects throughout the house;
  • from animals. If there is poultry or agricultural facilities, it is likely, bugs moved from there. If you live in the city, the insect can bring pets to those same neighbors;
  • with new furniture. And this also happens, it is in the folds of her most hidden bugs. Therefore, carefully choose the suppliers and acquire furniture with hands;
  • households who have been in the "infected" areas, too, can easily bring home these uninvited guests.

Where to look for bugs:

  • we found that most of them are hidden in furniture. And to be precise - in beds and sofas. This is an ideal place for life and reproduction of bugs, because they feed on human blood, while he sleeps. Day in the folds of linen or folds of sofas and armchairs it is very convenient to hide;
  • outlet - it's warm, and, again, it is easy to hide;
  • picture. Just look for the wooden frame;
  • book. If the house a lot of books gathering dust, do not be surprised if, swipe a page or two, you will find bugs;
  • gap under the parquet skirting board;
  • old piano. If the house live or lived band, leaving behind this great tool, check worth it. Look under the lid.

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In general, you need to look for them there, where it's warm, dark and dry.

Getting rid of bed bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs

It became clear where are bedbugs in the apartment. And how to get rid of them? Firstly, do not panic. Banish these "boyfriends" is not easy, but really. Here are ways to solve the problem.

  • Call the special service. This is a radical and rapid method for the elimination of pests. Cons - not everything is affordable and does not guarantee that the bugs again perepolzut neighbors. However, an appeal to professionals - the most effective method of solving the problem.
  • The use of special tools. This is all kinds of aerosols and sprays, which can be purchased at hardware stores. With their help, you need to treat the places where the insects. It's quite a long method, which requires a lot of effort. However, with the right approach, it gives good results. Minus - if there are animals in the house, have for the time they go somewhere: a means of bedbugs usually toxic.
  • Heat treatment of cluster locations. For humans and domestic animals, this method is the most secure and at the same time very effective. Minus - it is difficult to organize this process technically. Independently set fire to all the bugs can not be: the fire even more terrible than the insects.
  • Mechanical elimination using sneakers and a vacuum cleaner. It is interesting and exciting, but inefficiently.

It is possible to use these methods in combination.

To this problem never arose, we must take additional steps:

  • Find out where there are bed bugs. It will have to communicate with their neighbors (including those living above you or below). Most often, even after etching bedbugs back. If the source is found, it is necessary to conduct appropriate treatment and.
  • When should examine their pets (sometimes bugs hide in the coat), clothing and hard to reach areas - suddenly missed something.
  • Lingerie and clothing should be wash and iron hot iron.

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Unfortunately, the problem of occurrence of bugs - then, withthan often face even neat tenants. In most cases it is necessary etched apartment around porch, or even a house, and the methods mentioned above often give only a temporary effect. But do not worry, because to solve the problem is still possible - enough to make some effort.

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