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How and what to wash red wine, how to remove stains from drinks with color or white cloth?


Stains from wine always appear unexpectedly - onfavorite snow-white tablecloth, on the expensive blouse ... To these minor troubles did not spoil the mood, there are many proven ways to eliminate pollution. How to wash the red wine? To solve the problem will make a simple, but effective action.

"Tablecloth white wine is filled with ..."

 "Tablecloth white wine is filled with ..."

It is desirable to take up the case immediately after thedetection of stains. Inveterate traces of wine - a daunting task, and return the original purity soiled items will not be easy. Better just not to send to the laundry every product, but first it is clear the contaminated area. The wine is quickly absorbed, and in the air and exposure to sunlight stains become very stable, like a high-quality fabric treated with dye. Therefore, the sooner take action, the better and more work will appreciate the result.

The success of any training - in a positive and decisivethere are three of us. If you wish to be sure there is an effective way, tells you how to wash the red wine, and save your favorite fabric product, whether it is a color or a snow-white. Procedure for deriving such pollution.

  1. First, it is desirable to check the selected toolon an inconspicuous area soiled products - stocks seams or hem dress. Make sure that the textiles are not affected by the drug, which will display the spot.
  2. Under the place that is contaminated wine, put a cloth napkin in white, which absorbs moisture well.
  3. If there is a lining, it should podporot.
  4. Eliminate spots to engage on the reverse side. Apply the appropriate means with a cotton swab, which needs to be changed as it is pollution. Perform a circular motion from the spot edges to the middle.

Choosing an effective remedy

Choosing an effective remedy

Well, if the hand would be qualitative andsafe stain remover. Only need to carefully read the instructions in this preparation, to know which types of fabrics and stains it was created. If the vehicle is not suitable for your case or simply not at hand, there are other ways to deal with the problem. Here is advice from experienced housewives, tells you how to wash the stain from red wine:

  • for white fabrics traditionally stronguse boiling water. Stain surface pull over a deep capacity (basin, bucket) and pour the boiled water to wine stain to eliminate it. This method allows you to easily get rid of fresh pollution;
  • Determine what to wash clothes with red wine,renounce the use of soap. Because of this, agents usually change color spot only fixed. For silk products is recommended to apply a 10% solution of acetic acid. To cleanse the woolen clothes will be useful dissolved in warm water and glycerin. The same material can be diluted alcohol (1: 1) - it will help to bring the spot and with the wool, and silk;
  • inveterate stains susceptible means throughhydrogen peroxide. On 1 st. hot water needed for 1 hour. L. peroxide and ammonia. Eliminate the stain with a cotton swab, and then thoroughly rinsed with warm water;
  • Here is another interesting practical solutiontasks like red wine to wash with a colored tissue. Means of preparing egg white and glycerol (ratio 1: 1). Treat stains, rinsing thing in slightly heated water to prevent protein folding;
  • get rid of the traces of dried red wine makes a strong drink - vodka. It is necessary to wet the stain and leave for a while. Wet a clean cloth and rinse;
  • for cleaning white fabrics for vodka (3 parts) was added ammonia and glycerin (1 part). After processing, the product contamination thoroughly rinsed with warm water;
  • often it happens to spill red wine onfabric upholstery. How to wash it in this case? Fresh dirt generously sprinkled with salt. Leave to soak moisture. Clean moistened cloth. For long-standing stains use a recipe with hydrogen peroxide.

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Stains from red wine to bring tissue is not easy,but probably. It is desirable to have a stained products "ambulance." After all, with fresh pollution handle much easier than with old. Using the available tools and a little patience will help return things clean and fresh.

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