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How to choose an electronic rodent repeller? Rodent Repeller: customer reviews


Pest control has been going on is not the firstyear, and people are constantly looking for new ways. Such a decision a few years ago have become electronic repellents rodents, it was a real salvation for city apartments, suffering from attacks of mice, and lodges have been attacked rats. Therefore, demand for the device is only growing hourly. But in order to decide on the purchase, it is desirable to begin to understand how the device works.

What is ultrasonic repeller rodents?

About the impact of ultrasound on the subconscious andnervous system has long been known. Barely audible signal is able to greatly affect a person's health. What can we say about animals whose perception is somewhat different. They can hear the higher frequencies, and accordingly react to them. Therefore, by the set of experiments was to create a device that helps to fight pests and small cockroaches on the type, ants and larger - rats and moles.

Today the range of repellentsamazing. They have effect on the animals not only by means of ultrasound, and infrared radiation. exposure system akin to shock therapy. Falls into the area of ​​wave propagation rodents petrified, getting pressure on the nervous system, bringing discomfort. Then they try to leave the danger area, often chaotic movements caused by panic attacks. According to the manufacturer, to the complete purification of the pests must be 4-5 days. But in some cases life and is able to stretch out for a few weeks.

Anyone who decided to purchase this product,It is to restrict others. method of struggle against rodents. The main mass (the same trap) aimed at luring pests. The device also will scare them away. And combine 2 different according to the type of action means there is no point.

How to choose an electronic rodent repeller?

Waves work about as well as solarrays. They do not penetrate walls, can not reach the other. Floors. Therefore, the principle of action repeller - local. Where did he put out there and running. Protection, therefore, is the same from it. Any soft object, including simple cloth will absorb the waves. Solid - act as a mirror. Therefore, in the empty spaces the unit operates more efficiently than in crowded top.

How to choose an electronic rodent repeller?

With the current variety of these devices,choose the best - the task is not so simple. To date, the principle of direct correspondence quality price is not always the case that causes the consumer to try a bunch of products.

One of the main tips that can be given to allwho choose such a device - guided by an Repeller rodent responses obtained from reliable sources. For example, from friends or acquaintances, with thematic forums, from the staff. The deceiver of the promise of the manufacturer is not necessary.

But, in addition to other people's opinions, there are objective factors that require evaluation when choosing a product.

  • If rodent repeller is acquired for the purpose ofdiscourage mice from the apartment, it will be enough a simple embodiment having low power. These animals have a low resistance. There inexpensive imported good or domestic version can be purchased.
  • Rats often live in suburban homes,difficult to survive in space and ultrasound is better tolerated. Therefore, they need stronger unit. And, it should be noted immediately that the battery operated products better to dismiss: they have too little power even for mice. Although, from cockroaches amiss.
  • Next time - temperature, which willused rodent repeller. Before you try to find out the specific values, it should be said - whether there is heating. In the heated space can be used absolutely any device, agreeing with his power allowed for this room. Most only work in the heat. But if the temperature inside will be changed as well as the outside, it is necessary to study the characteristics.
  • In particular, a wide range is considered the most-40 ° C for the lower limit and 80 ° C for the top. Such values ​​even offer domestic producers. For example, the company "Tornado", the most well-known in the Russian market of electronic rodent repellents. This range is required for warehouses and garages that do not have heating system, and meets the requirements of winter. When mild climatic conditions or quality protection premises from hypothermia can pay attention to the product with a temperature corridor from -10 ° C to 40 ° C.
  • An important point concerns the power of the device itself. For non-heated premises goods on batteries is not suitable for the most that neither is a trivial reason - subzero temperatures to freeze them, stop repeller. Therefore, no matter how wide the range may have been specified in the description, method of supply will determine its actual numbers.
  • Another point which we must not forget - isdefinition of the source of the rodents. Such a move will save time, and money too. If visits are carried out through a wall in the kitchen, and made forays into the other room, it is reasonable to put the repeller is in the first room, and not to distribute throughout the apartment. And the fact that the device does not work through walls and floors, already mentioned.
  • The penultimate factor - how much area should behandle. It is understood that a large space is not always possible to "clean up" 1 instance. Should be guided at the numbers specified by the manufacturer. Often in the name repeller contains the information on the area covered by ultrasound. But this is not enough, especially for apartments or densely cluttered space.

How to choose an electronic rodent repeller?

The best way out is soundingsales consultants clutter conditions of a particular place and its area. Or will have to divide the room into several zones in accordance with its content, and for each of them to buy a separate device.

A final caveat - the rate at whichrepellents work. Most of them are completely silent to the human ear, which allows not to worry about the possibility of staying with them. If the frequency of the Low: 18 kHz., Then such goods are bought only for areas where most of the time people do not. Some manufacturers offer the ability to change the values ​​to use the product with maximum efficiency.

Rodent Repeller: consumer reviews

Comments real people differambiguity. You can find the statements that favorite cottage, finally, was cleared of rodents to annoy her. And you can find out what all has tried someone model - complete nonsense, not even able to get rid of cockroaches.

There have been cases when the instrument is in the low frequencies,audible to the human ear, not worked on mice. And such a situation is not unique. In general complaints expressed towards models with high bandwidth. In most of the domestic brands, producing only silent to humans appliances, positive feedback. Mice disappear after a month of use repeller.

Frequent mention of the fact that the originalIt increased the number of rodents. At the same time, they are all pretty quickly left the home. Some people take it a rule to carry out preventive maintenance every quarter, even if there is no problem. Manufacturers of such a recommendation is not given, because in this sense there is no action. But the harm it can do nothing.

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Acquire yourself whether electronic repellerrodents - you decide. In any case, be sure to ask the opinion of a person you trust, talk to an expert and carefully study the characteristics of the selected device. Only with this information, you can make the right decision.

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