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How to clean the kettle from scale citric acid, in a proportion of her divorce?


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    • Instructions:
    • An indispensable item - tea - there everyhouse, and all housewives sooner or later face the problem of scaling in it. It does not matter which model you are using: plaque formed in all. Get rid of it, you can, if you know how to clean the kettle with citric acid - a simple and affordable means.

      Recall school chemistry course

      how to clean the kettle with citric acid

      Today there are so manya variety of filters to purify drinking water from chlorine, dust, metal particles. But in spite of this. scum still formed. To answer this question, why, we must remember the lessons of chemistry, in which they talked about the properties of salts. They contain a large amount of water, and after decomposition under high temperature and carbon dioxide recovered solid precipitate. He settles on the walls of the pot or on the heating element, if you use an electric model.

      To neutralize this plaque is necessarythe impact of acid. But here's the problem: this compound is dangerous to human life, and in fact in the vessel we boil water to drink! Help comes citric acid, which can clean the kettle from scale without harm to the human body.

      One, two - and you're done!

      Limescale accumulating on the wallskettle, could adversely affect the urinary system organs, and such an effect is not immediately, but eventually. In addition, the scale has a devastating impact on the device itself. The electric heater models fails 3 times faster, as in conventional kettles are heated on the stove, we have longer and longer wait for boiling water.

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      So a proven way tells you howclean electric or ordinary kettle descaling with citric acid, it is necessary to study and apply necessary. Especially since it can be done literally in 30 minutes. That's how much you need for the preparation and the reaction between an acid (lemon) and alkali (scum).


      1. Fill the kettle with cold Vodicka 2/3.
      2. Fall asleep in his bag with a standard 1-2pineapples. The proportions of citric acid and water to clean kettle, calculated depending on the degree of neglect. So much for the standard model of 1-1.5 liters will be enough 1 portion pineapples. But if the device much lime, it may take 2 packet. In any case, do not worry too much about this: even with a small iterating acid damage to the equipment will not be any.
      3. Further, there are two ways. The first is not too "overgrown" scum devices reserve the solution for 30-40 minutes, or boil the solution for about 10 minutes. Second, if the kettle lime much, leaving the solution at 5 hours or contents boil for 20-30 minutes.
      4. Pour the liquid, wash appliance.
      5. Making two "control" boiling before use water consumption.

      It also happens that after draining dirty water scalestill it remains. Then it is necessary to repeat the procedure. But with regular (every 2-3 weeks) treatment you do not have to boil water with citric acid - will be enough to leave the solution for 15 minutes, and from the lime on the walls and PETN will be over. If rust patina and stood out on the outer wall of the pot, then you can remove them with a sponge dampened in a solution of pineapples.

      Alternative methods of cleaning

      effective way to get rid of limescale

      And what if even after repeated cleaningraid left? Do not despair and wait a little with the choice of a new kettle - let's try to save the old! For this purpose, except the citric acid, we need baking soda.


      1. Fill 2/3 of the pot with cold water volume.
      2. Add 1 h. L. baking soda, boil for 3-5 minutes.
      3. Merge soda solution.
      4. Again, pour the water, sleeps 1-2 sachet of citric acid, boil for 5-7 minutes.
      5. Pour the solution with an acid, washed several times with flowing water kettle - surprised and clean the device.
      6. Before use 2-3 times boil, drain the water.

      Some housewives prefer cleanKettle ... brine from cucumbers or tomatoes: they say, so less harmful than acid. In fact, the principle impact on plaque remains the same, and the grenade is not so harmful, because it is, for example, used for canning.

      And finally, another very effective way to get rid of limescale, which can permanently discourage drinking carbonated drinks like "Coca-Cola", "Pepsi" or "Sprite".


      1. Open drink, shaken, went to gas.
      2. Fill the liquid into the kettle, put on the stove and bring to a boil.
      3. After 10-15 minutes, the solution was emptied and washed the device - the whole raid came.

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      You do not have to throw away your favorite dishes,overgrown scum, if you know how to clean the kettle with citric acid. For effective cleaning agent required, which is in every house, but the process will not take long. The main thing - do it regularly. Then do not have to resort to additional measures - add soda or cola to clean: grenade would do well itself.

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