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How to fold a shirt that she hesitated? Advice and tips


Garments in order to avoid deformation of their shaperecommended store on the shoulders, but not always, such a scheme is admissible. For example, if they are too much in the locker room, and the cabinet does not contain a hanger, we have to have some of the items on the shelves. Jackets are better left in an upright position, but the shirts and blouses can be placed horizontally. But here arises the main question: how to fold a shirt that she hesitated?

How to fold a shirt?

How to fold a shirt that she hesitated?

Algorithms by folding a shirt, blouse orshirts and polo shirts, and any others. garments of shrinkable cloth, there are many. The most simple and commonly used in the home just 2, but each of them begins with the fastening buttons on the subject of clothes.

By the way, after washing, prior to drying the vertical,It is also necessary to make these actions. This requirement is caused by the fact that after fastening the thing takes the maximum level position relative to the side seams, exclude the possibility of divergence of the front half, and therefore deformation. Buttons on the sleeves and buttoned, the product is placed face down on a flat surface.

Further possible to use the first of the 2variants can be bent at the shoulder seam of the sleeve inside. Once the sleeve reaches the line of buttons, it is bent in the opposite direction vertically, thereby forming a zigzag. Then fold the sleeve on the reverse of the transverse imaginary line shirt folded in half and put them in storage.

You can do otherwise: sleeve and bent from shoulder seam, but remains upright, not deformed fold redundant, position. wardrobe items from the bottom rolled twice: first on the horizontal line in the belt, then the one that divides the rest of the half shirt. This is the most attractive option when you need to remove the compact thing.

According to the latest scheme to add a shirt,you must take the product at the top and bottom of the mid-point between the outer edge of the collar and the shoulder seam. After a slight vertical stretch appears at which the item is required to bend outwardly toward the back. The same is done with the other. Lateral side, then gone back sleeves reach vertically and fold the folding seat so that the cuff will be at the bottom. Will only double-fold the shirt in half along the horizontal lines.

Video Tutorial and tips

It should be noted that even when following the aboveconsidered algorithms, you can get off the shelf jacket is not in the condition in which she was in immediately after ironing. If the general does not pomnetsya, wrinkles appear on sleeves, outline the lateral line on the back and the front half. Avoid them by 100% is not possible if the product is in a horizontal position. But in your power to reduce the severity of these lines and wrinkles.

  1. Firstly, before folded shirt shouldwait until its complete drying, even after ironing. Otherwise, when all the moisture, including that derived from steaming, evaporate the product will retain a shape obtained when otglazhivanii.
  2. Secondly, during the approach to the longitudinal edge of the sleeve or side seam not push the iron on the shirt: it promotes the formation of the shooter, which will remain on the article of clothing.
  3. Thirdly, after a shirt is folded,it should be placed on the shelf so that it did not make pressure, etc.. things. An exception are the same light shirts that can be stacked on top of each other.

How to fold a shirt that she hesitated?

No matter how diligent you are or folded shirtsometimes happens trouble and after straightening thing is light creases, folds, etc. This is especially characteristic places of folds when the product stayed long in the folded state. Is it possible to somehow return the shirt smoothness without the use of iron and similar devices, especially if it happened on the road?

The easiest way to restore the article of clothing,treating it with superheated steam, but after that things will take about 1 hour to complete drying. And at once it should be noted that this method does not work with all the fabrics, and natural linen, for example, sit slightly. Well by steam processing cotton, silk, cambric, and any others. Shirt, sewed from expensive delicate materials.

In order to road conditions (e.g.trip) to return the original appearance of the deformed garments, he hung on hangers in the bathroom, where due to long descents typed hot water vapor. Suffice it to hold the shirt is 5-10 min., To get absolutely smooth and ready to use the thing.

How to fold a shirt on a trip?

How to fold a shirt that she hesitated?

If the question of laying a shirt relevant in respectcollecting suitcases, there many waiting for a new challenge: most of these items is taken wardrobe 2-3 pcs, or even more, so that it is necessary to fold shirts at each other, but do not assume that they got crumpled and creases.. How to do it?

In some cases, you can not fold the shirt and fold. Such a decision is permitted for shirts polo, as well as products from the decate fabrics: silk, batiste, etc. Luggage conversion shirts "roll" is sometimes much more preferable than traditional packaging it, because in this way will not remain vertical and horizontal folds. article of clothing is necessary to expand, both in the classical scheme: the buttons buttoned, front side looking up. Then a sleeve folded back, with the exact observance of the shoulder seam line, and shirt, from the bottom up, wrapped in a roll. It is important to understand that you can not make it tight: otherwise there will be a different kind of deformation, and the edges begin to puff up. In addition, you can not twist the collar: it applied the resulting "roll" and the thing is removed in a suitcase down collar.

In addition to the classic algorithm and circuittwisting shirts, discussed above, will have to use a few more tricks. Firstly, the case for such sensitive items and which crease easily, such as shirts, must have rigid walls. Secondly, if a lot of things, it is recommended to acquire special flat cartons for them. However, this is not always convenient, if a little suitcase, and wardrobe items need to hold a lot: cardboard in any case will take place.

How to fold a shirt that she hesitated?

Thirdly, you need to take care of suchdetail how the collar and cuff, especially if they are rigid. It is recommended not to throw plastic molds, which are attached to the shirt with the purchase they are ideal for fixing these zones garments, which makes it possible to avoid creases. And, if it is easily ironed, straighten the crumpled collar will be much more problematic when a strain on the general web. In an empty area of ​​the neck, it is desirable to lay any soft thing to fill that space.

Fourth, if you have given up the idea of ​​cardboardboxes for shirts, folding wardrobe items will have to "jack" and right sides to each other: the collar to the bottom hem of the shirt. If the collars stiff and erect, between the products should place any knitting thing that height would be equal to the height of the collar: it will not give the latter to deform.

Final nuance date for those whoIt takes the shirt in hand luggage, but also has the ability to control the position of the baggage with things: Lay the shirt so that they are at the top and press down other things. Otherwise, no matter how you try to fold them neatly, after the article of clothing removed from the bag, it will have creases on the fold lines, and take time to get rid of them.

To folded shirt kept longer onshelf right kind, it is recommended to use cardboard, cut the size of half the height and width of the back of the shoulder of the product. It is positioned on the back before folding shirts, then there is bending parts for the wings or shoulder seam.

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