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How to furnish a small room?


Everyone dreams of personal space,which he would feel comfortable, will be able to relax and unwind. Moreover, the more such a space, the better. Modern apartments in new buildings on it and calculated. But, unfortunately, not everyone is destined to live in houses with large and spacious rooms. Many of us are forced to live in small apartments. Cheer up in this connection is not necessary, because the even the small apartment, you can make a lovely cozy nest, in which each time will want to return.

How to furnish a small room?

  • It is important when settling in a small room is the right color selection. To expand the space allotted to you to helpcolor light shades. This is necessary to guide the choice of wallpaper or paint for the walls. If you do not want to have plain walls and ornamental want them, use a fine pattern (as advised designers), it significantly expands the space. Many interior designers believe that it is important not only to create a space, but also give the interior originality in a small room environment. Light colors enlarge the spaceAnd vivid patterns create greater comfort and carry the heat.

How to furnish a small room?
  • If you have entered a few bright or dark elements on the walls, do not repeat this on the windows. There's a better place thin and light curtainsAnd Tulle is better to use gas. Dense fabric and dark colors will only burden the space.
  • The space of a small room to be used as efficiently as possible. For this purpose, you will provide a variety of mezzanine, wall cabinets, architectural niches and shelves.
  • It is necessary to talk about furniture. it the most important part in shaping the interior of the small room. First of all, for a small room furniture should be functional, yet compact. Now this furniture does not difficult to find. For sale is a set of different design sofas, books, desks, cabinets and other furniture compact, which, along with the small size is a great opportunity. The rooms are fit corner cabinets and hanging shelves. They will help to save space, but give you the ability to store a lot of things. Furniture should also choose light colors. Welcomes the use of impact-resistant glass furniture, or durable transparent plastic.

The interior of the small room
  • Mirrors- Your reliable assistant in the visualthe expansion of space. For example, if you purchase a wardrobe, which will be mirrored doors, you visually expand his room about 2 times. In addition, a large mirror - it is always very convenient.
  • To create the illusion of space is superfluousand use division into zones of the room. Designers are advised to share the space with the help of various curtains and screens. The illusion of depth and diversity with such a division of the room will help to create a variety of light sources in different areas of the room.

The situation of the small room
  • In addition, it must be remembered that the need save space on the floor. For example, instead of putting the nightstandnear the bed, obzavedites shelf, which is better to be hung at a height comparable to the height of the bedside table. On this shelf you can put a nightlight, alarm clock and put the book. If you are trying to save space, for example, in the hallway, then this solution will allow you to use a shelf for keys and correspondence received, and the vacated space to give chest of drawers for shoes.

Do not despair if you are the owner of the apartmentsmall rooms. By following some of the rules of which you can make incredibly cozy and warm home, and with whom to leave something at the event you do not want to.

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