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How to get rid of the mold (normal and black) on the walls, on the wallpaper?


The appearance of mold in the home can not be takenlightly. Spoiled furniture and wallpaper - are not the only consequences of the formation of black deposits on surfaces. Inhalation of spores of fungi often leads to severe, intractable diseases. Therefore, how to get rid of mold on the walls, everyone should know who are affected by this problem.

Mould any shapes and colors - this is a colony of single-celled fungus of some kind. Microorganisms can start to develop in a room, if:

to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment
  • used in the repair of substandard building materials;
  • disrupted air circulation;
  • Temperature fluctuations are observed;
  • It holds high humidity (for example, due to the dryer in a large number of areas and indoor plants).

To get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment, first remove the cause. Remember, getting the products of fungal colony life in the respiratory tract causes:

  • allergy and poisoning;
  • bronchitis and asthma attacks;
  • inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx;
  • diseases of the joints and skin;
  • lung disease deaths.

Mold on the walls in the house: how to get rid?

The substances included in the modern homeChemistry, help fast enough to destroy fungi. But in order not to be disappointed in the effectiveness of the means necessary to get acquainted with the characteristics of cleaners certain brands and types.

  • Faberlic

Safe for the human body, affordable universal antibacterial agent for treatment of all types of surfaces.

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This aerosol with a maximum duration of actionDesigned specifically for dealing with mold in a residential area, it does not contain toxic substances, which abound in some other antifungal sprays.

  • Mogel-Fri

As a result of numerous examinations, one of thethe best means of mold. The period of exposure to the active biocidal product provides protection from fungal spores, and internal and external walls of the building. It is noteworthy that Mogel-Fri destroys construction materials and is suitable for wood, plaster, tiles, plaster, etc. If the mold formed on the wallpaper on the walls, how to get rid of it more effectively -.. Tells you this medication guide.

  • Mellerud

antibacterial agent will help eliminate the fungus

This antibacterial agent will helpeliminate the fungus even in the children's room, as is done without the addition of chlorine, based on active oxygen. Without further ado and odor will clear the wallpaper, old furniture, plaster, masonry, stone and plastic.

  • Atlas Mykos and Neomid Bio

Such antiseptics recommended if detectedblack mold on the walls. How to get rid of dangerous plaque, should be solved taking into account the type and extent of his injury. When the black fungus have to dismantle the wallpaper, clean the walls treated with an appropriate solution, and to wait at least 6 hours to dry completely. Working with such solutions requires the protection of the mucous membranes and skin, the subsequent ventilation of the room.

Effective folk remedies

If necessary, chemicals can bereplaced by improvised means. Of course, their efficiency and yield high-quality solutions, aerosols routine ceiling, walls and furniture should be repeated several times. But to achieve the desired result is realistic.

  • The solution furatsilina

To fight against the fungus has been successful, you mustprepare a high concentration of the solution - powder 10 tablets 1 tbsp. water. To wash the treated surfaces from mold, use a sponge and after drying, make a spray atomizer.

  • bluestone

100 g of this substance dissolved in 10 liters of water,suitable for cleaning the affected areas for a long period. But note: the light-colored walls after treatment may acquire a bluish tint.

  • "White"

Chlorine, which is created on the basis of a means,has a strong antibacterial effect, but is toxic to humans, attacks the coating. It is therefore necessary to protect the respiratory system and skin from contact when working with the material, and then ventilate the area.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Apply an antiseptic to the affected surfaces with a hard surface for 30 minutes. Be careful: the peroxide degrades the paint color.

  • Washing powder and soda

In a mixture of 40 g of sodium and 20 grams of washing powder must add 1 tbsp. water 80 degrees. Thoroughly clean the wall, half an hour rinse solution. The treatment should be repeated up to 5 times a week.

Banishes the unpleasant smell

Most antifungal agents eliminates the smell of mold

Most antifungals eliminatesthe smell of mold. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case: at the surface of the deep lesions even after cleaning can maintain a sharp smell of rot. Hostess, familiar with the beneficial properties of substances that exist in almost every home, it is easy to overcome the effects of the fungus. Here are 5 ways to destroy the smell of mold.

  1. Cover the walls of soda and after 2 hours, remove it with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Spray on the problem areas of vinegar, an hour rinse with water and ventilate the room.
  3. Ammonia, dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 1, and treat the surface, after 3-4 hours, remove the remaining material with a damp cloth.
  4. Use a carbon filter for air purification.
  5. Make cleaning with chlorine containing bleach, and then open the window, after 4-5 hours, apply the air flavor.

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Every woman that wants to preserve the health of allfamily members and cosiness in the house, it is necessary to know how to get rid of mold on the walls. Among the proposed options for addressing fungi sure to find one that will suit you on the performance and financial costs. Do not postpone the fight with a dangerous raid on tomorrow!

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