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How to get rid of red ants in the apartment for all: the chemical and folk remedies


A little ant in the house may be atQuite by accident, for example, slide with clothes entered person. But when insects becomes much, the situation must be taken under the strict control immediately. In this article we'll show you how to get rid of red ants in the apartment.

Where does the fiery red-disaster?

How to get rid of red ants in the apartment forever

First, let's be clear that the ants do notthe plant itself in the home. These insects come to us from the street or from the neighboring apartment, where the owners have already started to fight with them. It is therefore an important and main rule of how to get rid of red ants in the apartment for all, it is a universal struggle.

Grass ants need to work together with their neighbors or evenFull, as these creatures love to nest. Get rid of the insects can be very difficult - because we kill only some individuals, while not causing any harm to the colony, where the uterus continues to produce new pests. And if in your home like nursery has not been revealed, not the fact that such congestion is not your neighbor.

A characteristic feature is the red insectswhat they eat, to put it bluntly, "what God has sent." That is eating all the way up crumbs and scraps from the rubbish bin. Besides, why build a house on the street, where the pouring rain, frosts and a high probability of being crushed when the hand is so warm and cozy apartment?

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To make sure your home does not become a safe haven for all known pests and parasites, it is necessary to know the main ways of dealing with them.

Chemical protection

small red ants have settled in an apartment

If you notice that the little red antssettled in an apartment, then look for ways to get rid of them, you need immediately. The fact is that these pests are not only spoil the food, but also capable of carrying on their legs bacteria.

In the fight against pests of this kind will not helpconventional means, which are effective for flies, cockroaches and bedbugs. No, of course, the little birds are going to die, but on the uterus, a mushrooming of new foragers, it does not affect. We must look for more accurate and efficient home security methods. If we turn to the chemical protection means that all of the following options will work:

  • insecticidal sprays;
  • Various gels based on organophosphorous compounds;
  • special pencils and powders;
  • pyramidal traps.

War ants carried on certainrules, depending on the selected means. Thus, when dealing with dusts and aerosol spray must search for the beginning of ant nest, and then spray it on the drug. In addition, special attention should be paid and other hard to reach places: skirting boards, thresholds, cracks and sills.

When working with spray it is desirable to follow certain rules:

  • Relocated for a few days all households with relatives and do not spend the night in the treated area.
  • Take out of the house all the dishes, linens, clothing, products that absorb pesticides. The rest of the furniture, which is not chosen by pests, cover with foil.
  • Things, which often can be seen red ants (bread bins, cans, underwear), bring to fresh air and treat dichlorvos.
  • During spraying of the drug do not forget to wear a protective mask on the face and on his hands - silicone gloves.

If you do not know where exactly livesa family of insects, it is better to use gel bait or poison. Their operating principle is based on the fact that the poison acts on the ants are not instantly, but some time later. Thus the pest manages to reach the nest and infect the rest of the inhabitants.

It is also worth noting that in very advanced cases, none of the tools will not help. We'll have to fork out and cause a special brigade of chemical protection and sanitary-epidemiological station.

Traditional methods

how to get rid of red ants in the apartment in the home

Ants - a very persistent creature, and get rid ofThey can be difficult. The use of chemical agents may be delayed for a long time, and will need more than a can of aerosol before insects leave home forever. For these reasons, and in order to maintain the normal environmental conditions in the home, most owners have resorted to folk methods proven over the years.

Here's how to get rid of red ants in the apartment in the home:

  • Mix in a plastic spray bottleconcentrated white vinegar with water and apply a spray to all the places where the crawling pests. When the liquid dries, repeat the procedure again. This feature, though not completely save, but will prevent further movement of insects in the apartment.
  • Soapy water - this is one of the most popular ways to survive ants out of the room. Simply fill a spray bottle with warm water and add a few drops of detergent.
  • Surprisingly, the ants will not crosschalk line. No one knows why or how it works, nevertheless the fact remains. Draw a chalk sills, window sills, and other favorite places of insects. By the way, the same effect has and baby powder.
  • Lemon can be used not only as aexcellent fruit to maintain the immune system, but also for combating pests red. Apply pure lemon juice in all the cracks. The house will be pleasantly fragrant and pests will remain with nothing.
  • Scents of essential oils of peppermint, tea tree andeucalyptus repel ants. Apply a little of the extract on a cotton swab and treat them all the hard to reach places. Exposed surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with water, soap and essential oil.
  • Prepare a mixture of boric acid and honeySahara. Treat a solution of all ant trails and favorite habitats. At the same time, such a mixture is absolutely harmless for pets and to humans.

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If you notice red "guests" in his house, notIt is to play for time, and it is better to immediately start a continuous war against the pests. Fortunately today, there are many ways to drive out or kill ants in the apartment. Chemical sprays, sprays, gels, special traps and folk remedies - better in the fight against parasites involve all.

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