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How to iron a shirt? Useful tips, step by step instructions and video tutorial


Crumpled clothes - the surest way to ruinimpression of themselves. Folds attract the attention of any interlocutor. In some cases they can lead to tragic consequences - no matter what the meet on clothes. So, if you want to get a job after the interview or to impress a date, it's best to learn how to iron things like shirts.

helpful hints

In order to perfectly ironed fabric, should take into account a lot of details. The most insignificant little thing can affect the final appearance of clothing or even ruin it.

Iron and complementary instruments should beproven brand. Some manufacturers skimp on the details. In the end, it turns out poor-quality sole. Ideally, it should be smooth with many pairs of holes. Before ironing check worth it. If there is any contamination, remove them with a soft cloth. High-quality alloy helps to do this easily.

It is better if the instrument is a function of exhaust vapor. Additionally, you will need to water and spray bottle. With its help, you can sprinkle a big thing. Wet cloth better amenable to ironing.

Get a ironing board. If it is soft enough, the sheet under the clothes towel. Some use when ironing the sheet of foil. Due to his treatment of things happening with 2 sides. It enhances temperature. Therefore, you need to quickly ironed and carefully.

It deserves separate discussion of water quality,which is poured into iron. It should be free of dirt particles. Otherwise traces remain on clothing. Some advise to pour distilled water. But there may be trace elements which remain on the fabric surface. It is best to use clean drinking water. It can be filtered.

Many additional uses starchsolution. It helps to make more dense collar and cuffs. Usually leaves 2 cups water 2 tbsp. l. starch. The mixture was thoroughly mixed and poured into a new spray bottle. When sprayed should know when to stop. If starch is too much, he will speak at the white flakes of tissue. Also important is the temperature of the heating iron. It is better to gradually increase it from small to medium.

How to iron a shirt?

How to stroke men's shirts?

There are many tricks to help you perfect pet shirt for 5 minutes. The most convenient straightens wet cloth. Therefore it is necessary to iron, wet shirt.

Take a clean shirt out of the washing machine. Hang it on the rack for a few minutes. When she was a little dry up, start ironing. If the shirt is dry too quickly, then sprinkle it with water.

Some housewives are using 1 a fun waylong time before ironing clothes dry. They hang it in the bathroom and include a hot water tap. Thing is still room for 5-7 min. As a result, the steam from the water well steamed cloth. Then begin a shirt ironed. If you decide to use this method, follow the safety precautions. Make sure that the bath is not a fracture.

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Ironing shirts: step by step instructions

  • To start an internal noteetiquette. It will be shown information on ironing time and established the composition of the tissue. Things made of natural cotton and linen have ironed at high temperatures. Conversely, a shirt with an admixture of synthetics - to a minimum. Traditionally, all kinds of clothes to iron inside out. This is especially true of dark things. The front may remain whitish stains.
  • It starts with the pressing of shirts collar. This part of striking first. Put the desired temperature and gently iron are passed on the wrong side. Do not press too hard against the edges and seams! Move from the edges to the middle. Repeat the same with the front. Flex collar is not recommended. Otherwise, it will lose an attractive appearance and will look stale.
  • From the collar comes to the cuff. Unbutton a button and decompose each side. Iron them as well as the collar. If desired these items using special starches solution. In this case, the temperature rises gradually.

How to iron a shirt?
  • Getting iron sleeves. We are moving from top to bottom. The first sign of a bad ironing - arrows. It is possible to first iron the sleeves folded in half along the lower seam. Try not to lean too much on top. Get rid of the upper fold can be folded together in the other. Side. Iron the arrow so that no defects are formed on the same sides.
  • You can help a few tips. Some ironing boards are made with rounded or have included an additional tool for sleeves. They just like to put on top. You can also use an ordinary towel. Fold it in the form of a roller. Then insert the sleeve. He will give the shape of the part. Due to this, the arrow will not be formed.
  • A smooth transition to the yoke. We begin to stroke the front of the shirt with buttons on the straps. It should be carefully iron the fabric around them, t. To. They can leave strong imprints on the fabric. Speed ​​up the process of spraying water can be problem areas through the atomizer.
  • Some housewives think that should be ironedhourly direction - from the front to the back. In fact, you can choose the option that is convenient for you. For example, fold the shirt, iron the two shelves (front part). Then, go to the back. Iron the it from top to bottom. For problem areas include the shoulders. To them ironed, you can deploy shirt. If we move from the front to the back, it does not form wrinkles. You can also use additional accessories - a small board that allows stroking the sleeve.
  • At the end neatly ironed shirt need to hang on a hanger. If the clothing is designed for the event, it is best not to remove it in the closet. Just hang a shirt on the door from above.
  • A few tips to help you correct pet shirt:
  • Try to clean ironed shirt. To save time during the wash cycle will expose to type additional mode light ironing. Clean clothes will end up not much mint.

How to iron a shirt?
  • If you are washing a shirt of sensitive materials by hand, be sure to rinse it well. Otherwise, during ironing on fabric remain whitish streaks on bad washed powder.
  • Linen and cotton shirt ironed very bad dry. Therefore, they necessarily need to water from a bottle with a sprayer.
  • Before ironing, always read the label on the clothes. This will help you not burn a shirt because of incorrectly exposed temperature.
  • If you need to stroke the black or colored shirt, it is better not to include the iron steam. White spots can be formed on the material. Use a spray bottle.
  • During the ironing is not necessary to hurry up, if there are pockets on the shirt, then slide the iron around them carefully. Just quickly ironed fabric is wrinkled.

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Ironing shirts - not an easy task. Expertise, the right iron and incremental steps. To begin to read the label things, determine its composition, temperature ironing mode. Prepare a spray bottle. It is better to stroke the newly laundered shirt. Start with the collar and cuffs. Folds should not do - they give the shirt a stale look. Then iron the sleeves, front and back of the shelves.

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