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How to moisten the air in the room? What if there is a humidifier?


Whatever may be the cozy apartment, therefactors on which depends the comfort of staying in it. Today we will speak about one of them - on the content of water vapor in the air, that is, the humidity. Knowledge of how to moisten the air in the room will help residents avoid many health problems.

What is the point of support optimal humidification parameters?

How to moisten the air in the room without humidifier

Probably, many have been in areas wheretheir desire to warm more than common sense. Already at the entrance to a house, dry air makes itself felt, and for longer stays discomfort level exceeds the limit. The skin becomes dry, the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes get too dry, tickle in the throat, and the like.

Too dried air has a negative impactnot only to all the living, but also on wood products and furniture. However, excess moisture also does not promise anything good. Safely to solve this problem, you can use custom designed devices - humidifiers or by using the experience gained by the people.

Normal room air has to beunder a relative humidity of 40-70%. It is within these values ​​is favorable area and retreat in one and the other side facing the development of pathogens, allergic manifestations, dust formation and emission of building materials.

How to solve a problem?

How to moisten the air in the apartment

How to moisten the air in the apartment? Needless to say that the most simple and efficient way is a humectant. However, it will not give us free, and not everyone has the opportunity to acquire a good device. How to moisten the air in the room without a humidifier? Let's investigate.

To start a little school resumed in the memoryphysics course. The concept of relative humidity percentages include moisture in the air. Excess moisture at a value of 100%, converted into a condensate - water droplets. The value RH is dependent on temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Important in the understanding of this process is thefact that at lower temperatures to obtain the result of 100% is required minimal amount of moisture. This index varies in the opposite direction if the temperature rises. Simply put, when the same amount of water vapor in the case of low temperature to be higher humidity and at elevated - below.

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That is why in the autumn and winter, when housesforcibly heated to the desired temperature, the humidity value has a strong tendency to decrease with all the ensuing consequences. To change the situation in the right direction, it is necessary to humidify a room. can be used for this purpose:

  • containers filled with water, placed in the room;
  • spread out on the heating batteries wet towels and diapers;
  • adapted to the heating elements of the tanks with water and then adding the latter to the extent of evaporation;
  • tourniquet bandage placed on the surface of the heating radiator, one end of which is lowered into the water tank.

Also increase the humidity will help to periodic wet cleaning and airing, indoor plants, aquarium installation, drying laundry indoors.

How to moisten the air in the room of the newborn?

How to moisten the air in the room newborn

One of the major concerns of the parents is to ensure optimal performance of air in the baby's room. Normal considered the following indicators:

  • temperature - 18-20 °;
  • humidity - 50-70%.

Given that the temperature regulation of infantsunsettled, there is a high probability of risk and hypothermia and overheating. Parents generally are making every effort to combat the lack of temperature in the room, without thinking about the possible lack of air.

Furthermore, heating the air, we thusreduces the level of humidity is almost twice the recommended. Given the nature of thermoregulation and toddlers that the temperature of the exhaled air and the same body, and its humidity in this case is 100%, it is obvious: it is drier than the greater the amount of moisture lost infant body.

liquid reserves of babies are small, and its lossface a variety of unpleasant symptoms, expressed in violation of all systems and organs, leading to health problems. Dr. EO Komorowski to solve the problem as to moisten the air in the room, often advises to carry out wet cleaning, use sprays, installing tanks and other decorative elements such as fountains. Finally, it can be placed in a room with a water tank and do not close their lids.

The pediatrician also not overlook and technological devices to help maintain humidity at the proper level. These include:

  • Household humidifiers;
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers;
  • air purifiers;
  • evaporative coolers.

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Humidity - setting, which along withtemperature and air quality can be attributed to vital. For example, dry air contributes to dehydration, drying of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes. That's why knowing how to moisten the air in the room, just necessary.

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