Trends in the curtains 2016

Trends in the curtains 2016

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Although many modern alternativesoptions, classic curtains are still very popular and in demand. They help to transform the interior, refresh it, make a visually more spacious. Yes, and you can change them often, because, for example, in contrast to the new renovation, the curtains will cost much cheaper, but the effect of the new curtains will be quite noticeable. The main thing is to choose a suitable interior model so that it is also consistent with the trends of the season.

An important condition

The harmonious combination

The harmonious combination

It must be remembered that, for example, curtainsfor the living room can be very different from the models designed for a child's room or other premises. When buying, you must first take account of exactly that. It is also necessary to take into account the style of the interior, especially the furniture, which she furnished, colors and other settings. Everything should complement each other in harmony, not only in color but also in texture.

Do not skimp when buying cheapDo not skimp when buying cheap

Curtains can make or buy a ready-made, includingand via the Internet by specifying the exact parameters, not to spend extra money in addition to the adjustment. It is better not to save money by buying something too cheap, questionable quality. Even if superficially cheap curtains look just as expensive, maybe the first wash or dry cleaning will give them the latest, or they simply vytsvetut the sun.

Fashion strokes

Curtains made of natural fabrics in a cageCurtains made of natural fabrics in a cage

Material. The trend is positive. These are fabrics like bamboo, linen, cotton, silk. It is possible to combine synthetic and natural fabrics.

Solid blinds mustard color in the living roomSolid blinds mustard color in the living room

Tone on tone is also relevant in this season. And designers still advised to choose light curtains if the walls are darker; and bright, if the walls are bright. You can use the curtains of the same color as the wall, if you choose the right material and texture.

In combination with shuttersIn combination with shutters

Single-ply. Despite the fact that in the new 2016 collections occupy a special place of the composition with a lot of layers and "floors", can now be limited to one layer, for example, a thin transparent tulle or conventional curtains. Especially when you consider that many combine classic curtains on the windows with shutters. If will hang translucent curtains single layer, you can hide from the eyes of curious onlookers, neighbors and owners of telescopes and binoculars just covering the windows with blinds.

Blue-green rangeBlue-green range

Color spectrum. As I mentioned above, in fashion all natural, natural. Also relevant in this season, dark, cool colors. Especially designers advise to pay attention to the blue-green color, which are suitable for a variety of interior styles and allow to refresh the room. Depending on the room, you can choose the appropriate shade. For example, in the living room are perfect olive, emerald, mint color. Lounge or living room will be more spacious, fresh and cozy, if you hang the curtains of sky-blue or aqua.

Curtains in stripes in the bedroomCurtains in stripes in the bedroom

Patterns. It can be strip, cells, futuristic prints, which were popular in the 80s. They are relevant in this season. It can be floral, natural motifs.

If you can not choose their own curtains,You can seek help from a professional. And this can be done through the Internet, especially since now there is an opportunity to send a photo of your room where you want to hang the curtains. The specialist will tell you what kind of curtains, what color, pattern selected so that they blend harmoniously with the decoration and furniture, were able to transform a room by changing it for the better.

A photo

blue colorblue color

Emerald color in the living roomEmerald color in the living room

With floral printWith floral print

Dairy colors for the interior in the style Shabby-chicDairy colors for the interior in the style Shabby-chic

Bright in the nurseryBright in the nursery

Red flowers and milkRed flowers and milk

Curtains perekidyCurtains perekidy

Curtains with the pick-up to the living roomCurtains with the pick-up to the living room

Purple curtains for the living roomPurple curtains for the living room

Double curtains with curtainDouble curtains with curtain

Grey-green curtainsGrey-green curtains

The curtains in the living room with SMAD and the gangThe curtains in the living room with SMAD and the gang

The dark heavy curtains with lambrequinsThe dark heavy curtains with lambrequins

Curtains interior in classic styleCurtains interior in classic style

The curtains in the bedroomThe curtains in the bedroom

Turquoise curtains with floral printTurquoise curtains with floral print

Light light green curtains for the kitchenLight light green curtains for the kitchen

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