How to choose a good bed

How to choose a good bed

Table of contents:

  1. frame
  2. Base
  3. Storage
  4. Mattress
  5. The size

The interior of any home plays a big bedrole. According to statistics, a person spends in a dream almost a third of his life. It was a good sleep is the key to health and well being. And if you want to buy a new bed in the house, the approach to this issue should be more than seriously, because with the bed you choose and your future health. Qualified experts say that almost all the diseases that are associated with the back there just because of the poor quality beds. Let's see how to choose the perfect bed for your bedroom.


The main thing you should pay attention - thisframe itself sleeping beds, it depends on it a long service life. If the construction is flimsy, then this bed is better not to fly for a short time, it can easily be damaged. The frame can be supported on the back or legs. It is believed that the bed is stronger if the support goes to the back, but it also depends on the manufacturer. In principle, it does not matter what design you choose, if it's expensive furniture. Bed - this is the thing, the cost of which increases in proportion to the quality. A good bed can not be cheap. Carved wooden beds, forged metal beds are very popular not only thanks presentable appearance, but also its strength. But the beds are made of particle board, chipboard, MDF is not as durable, although again it all depends on the design and manufacturer. In addition it should take into account that frame will hereinafter be laid a mattress, and hence its size must match the size of the mattress.


Orthopaedic base

Orthopaedic base

It is best to choose a bed with orthopedicbase. It is a wooden plank - slats that make the mattress adapts to the contours of a person lying on it. They bend under load, wherein adjacent lamellae are independent from each other. The standard distance between the slats - 6 cm, reinforced basis slats arranged at a distance of 3 cm plywood cheap beds may be used in place of orthopedic base.. This base is not difficult to understand, it would be static. Can be used and shield, assembled from conventional straight planks, such a ground is also not flexible enough.

Shield platesShield plates


Bed - a great place to store thatyou can not lose focus. In principle, any store seasonal items, such as boxes of shoes can be in any bed where the design allows it, but it's not always convenient. It is better to pay attention to the bed, which provides drawers.

With drawersWith drawers

Better yet, buy a bed with a liftmechanism. It is already possible to place the bulky items, and thus free up considerable space in closets and other storage areas. metal rails and pnevmoamortizatory used for the manufacture of the lifting mechanism, so that the rise of the lamellar block together with a mattress can be effortlessly carried out even with one hand.

With the lifting mechanismWith the lifting mechanism


On the basis of the carcass and determined, but not lessand selecting a value of the mattress. Many people say that you need to sleep on a hard mattress, but this is debatable. In general, the mattress should be not soft, not hard, hardness should be moderate. The best choice, of course, is an orthopedic mattress, which can be of two kinds: on the basis of spring and springless. The ideal option is latex springless mattresses, because they can completely replicate the shape of the body, preventing the compressed tissue. They are encouraged to sleep even for those people who have diseases of the spine.

latex mattresslatex mattress

With spring models it is more complicated. Spring mattresses can be of two types:

  • With springs continuous weaving "Bonel". This mattress has a major drawback: pressed one spring - are pressed adjacent.
  • With independent spring block. Such a mattress will cost much more expensive, but it is the mattress has an orthopedic effect. The best option - the choice of orthopedic mattress in combination with a bed having an orthopedic base.

Between the spring block and upholstery is filler. Here, various materials can be used as well. The best are latex and coconut.


Note!Mattresses are bilateral seasonal upholstery. One side - summer - cotton, the other - from the wool.

The size



There are certain standards beds. bed length is typically 1.9 or 2 m. In order to determine the appropriate length of the bed, it is necessary to add to its growth of 25-40 cm. People of low and medium-growth can not worry about it. And those who are above average, you should choose the increased length of the bed, or to order the selected model by specifying specific parameters.

Regarding the width, the bed may besingle, double and lorry. Within each segment width also varies. For a child or a tiny girl fit bed widths of 70 to 90 cm. Men are better to look towards variants with a width of 90-100 cm. If you like to sleep stretched out on the bed, then you seem particularly comfortable bed-lorry. They can comfortably get alone people of any weight class. Lorry can be used to sleep together, but keep in mind that it is rather an option for young people who like to sleep in an embrace on a bed width of 140 cm is not especially privacy. Double beds have a size of more than 140 cm Standard -. 160 cm, but there are a bed and a two-meter width.

King-size bed

King-size bedNote!With age, the need for headspace during sleep is increased.

Choosing a bed in width, it is necessary to take into accountnot only easy to sleep, but also the size of the bedroom. If you install a wide bed in a small bedroom, it will take half of the room. Generally accepted bed set up so that both sides had a free place, although some people do not adhere to this rule. If the bed is wide and at the same time set the side of the wall, get ready for what is to spend cleaning and about making the bed to be uncomfortable.

Besides all of the above, do not forget about the height of the bed. It is believed that the older a person becomes, the higher the bed. The ideal is to focus on the level of the knees.

If you determine in advance what parameters your new bed should have, then make the right choice will be much easier and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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