How to choose a quality bed linen

How to choose a quality bed linen

Table of contents:

  1. How to save on production
  2. Criterias of choice
  3. The choice of fabric
  4. How much does a good set

Buying a new bed linen, wanthopes that it will last a long time, it will retain its color and shape. Often, however, expectations are not met. Sometimes it happens that the new bedding looks beautiful only as long as it does not wash. After washing the various flaws begin to show production: bloom thread angles are not the same as when ironing, the colors fade patterns. This is a sign that you have chosen a low-quality linens.

How to save on production

Structure calico

Structure calico

Now everyone is trying to save, and manufacturers are no exception. To do this, they go to various tricks:

  1. Use finer thread than normal.
  2. Violate cut technology, which is why the laundry after washing deformed.
  3. Apply low-quality dyes and do not adhere to staining technology. As a result, underwear fade, to bear only two or three washing, and you are wondering how this could happen.
  4. Do not show the information on the composition of the products orprint it in small print. It is possible to buy a fake with a great name "Shuyskaya calico", which in fact would be bedding sets made of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials such as microfiber.

Criterias of choice

choose carefullychoose carefully

To select high-quality linens and toiletries, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before buying check the seams. Quality linen underwear sewn seam. Note whether the smooth lines, whether solid duvet cover, sheets, or they consist of two pieces of fabric. If set non-integral, then it is said that the manufacturer saved. Sami joints must not disperse.
  2. The kit should be stitched strong thread, matched in tone. If lines are fixed, and the hanging thread is nowhere in sight, the linens check at this stage passes.
  3. Finally bedding worth a sniff. No caustic, chemicals, odors should not be, because that smell dyes, and if they smell, so low-quality linen. Not only that, the laundry may well shed after the first wash, it can still cause allergies and dermatitis.

The choice of fabric

From percaleFrom percale

Now talk a little about some of the tissuebetter to choose linens. Going to the store, you'll notice that the choice is wide - this is cotton, and lawn, and calico, satin and other materials.

Batiste. Lightweight low density fabric weaveyarn, but, despite this, linens lawn does not differ cheapness. It is beautiful, but will not stand the frequent washings. Besides, it is not suitable for the sheets.

Percale. One of the finest fabrics for the bed linen. It is often used for sewing linen-class "luxury". It combines seemingly incongruous two qualities: strength and finesse, and all thanks to the use of special varieties of cotton. Percale does not burn and does not sit down, very hard-wearing and durable. Percale - choice of practical housewives.

Chintz. Chintz is still used to sew bedclothes, however, it gradually takes the place of low-density calico. This kit will not be expensive, but also extremely durable and quality should not be expected.

From calicoFrom calico

Calico. calico density may be different, and because the priceoscillates in a fairly substantial range. You can select a good bedding of calico, and not enough quality, the fabric is reminiscent of gauze.

Poplin. A cross between a calico and satin. It looks good and does not require special care. When choosing bedding from poplin to be careful. Firstly, cheap poplin may be poorly dyed, secondly, of the synthetics can be added.

From satinFrom satin

Satin. Lightweight and thin, but dense material,different characteristic luster, due to a special weaving. There are several varieties of tissues that differ in composition, density patterning method. This is the material, which may contain some amount of polyester, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Silk. From silk sew luxury bedunderwear. It is similar in composition to human hair, remarkably hygroscopic, takes the human body temperature. Its only drawback - it is very expensive.

Made of natural silkMade of natural silk

Do not choose linens microfiber or polikottona. Microfiber - is a synthetic, polikatton -mixed fabric. And then, and another has all the properties of synthetic fabrics, which allows you to forget about the ecology, pleasant sensations, hypoallergenic. Yes, bed linen these fabrics at the store looks very nice and bright, it can not iron, so that it will not wrinkle, and, importantly, it is cheap, but ... Rather, it very quickly shed, covered with pellets, lose presentable appearance .

How much does a good set

Good quality kit is not cheap. If the price is suspiciously low, it means that, most likely, sew used non-natural materials, and synthetic bedding has many disadvantages.

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