How to make soap at home

How to make soap at home

Table of contents:

  1. The sequence of work
  2. Why do I need to do your own soap
  3. The idea for the production of: homemade soap loofah

That is soap and how to cook it,people have been known since 4500 years ago. For the mark of this information was used cuneiform, Sumerian and clay tablets. In that distant time the Sumerians used soap for one purpose - they are purified lanolin from sheep skins - it was a preparatory step prior to painting.

Celts and the ancient Romans soap needed for the treatment of skin diseases. As the ingredients they used goat fat and ashes.

Today, many addicted to homesoap, which is not surprising, because this hobby is not only interesting, but also a profitable process, and how to make soap at home shot a lot of video and master-classes.

Why do I need to do your own soap

Each person has the opportunity to learnproduce from scratch a lot of variety of options soap: different shape, color and composition. Soaps can be made in the form of small animals, cakes, hearts, etc.

With the addition of ground coffeeWith the addition of ground coffee

Can long list all the reasons for self-production of soap. Here are some of them:

  1. The result is an environmentally friendly and natural product, which has a unique shape and structure.
  2. Homemade soap has only caregiver effect on the skin.
  3. You can add exactly the components thatIt requires your skin type. For example, as part of the soap frequently encountered variety of oils, honey, herbal decoction, citrus peel, coffee beans, oat flakes, flowers, chocolates, etc.
  4. Efficiency and natural soap does not cause any doubts you and your loved ones, because for the manufacture of quality products used exclusively.
  5. Soap can be called trulycreative process. In form and content affects only your imagination. The result may look like some nice multi-colored pieces, has an amazing fragrance or as a whole work of art.

Transparent with citrus zest
Transparent with citrus zest

The idea for the production of: homemade soap loofah

The basis of this production may be used:

  • conventional baby soaps, wherein the content of all sorts of chemical additives is minimized;
  • industrial soap base transparent or opaque color. It is engaged in the sale of specialty stores as well as online stores.

Before proceeding directly to the manufacturing process, it is necessary to get acquainted with a term such as aggressive alkali and learn about the basics of the chemical process of saponification of fats.

So, we proceed to the manufacture of soap loofah.

Soap with LoofahSoap with Loofah

Before starting work on a workplace arranged the following components:

  • loofah (sponge, similar in appearance to a washcloth);
  • transparent soap base (to pour loofah);
  • titanium dioxide (if the substrate is white, then it is not required);
  • essential oils or flavors;
  • dyes;
  • aluminum cans;
  • carton of juice.

Aluminium bank will serve a form, so it is necessary to cut the upper part, and the jagged edges wrapped outside, so they are not damaged when removing soap.

Making figure soap with LoofahMaking figure soap with Loofah

Loofah place inside the cylinder banks and begin to fill its diverse "stuffing":

  1. The transparent layer with the addition of tar.
  2. A transparent layer with blue dye and pine oil.
  3. A transparent layer with a green dye and sea buckthorn oil.

Note!Before pouring the next layer is necessarywithstand at least 5-10 minutes as aluminum can (as it turns out), negatively affects the process of solidification, hence, the layers may get mixed with each other, as a result will not look too presentable.

We obtain received a candle, and put it ina cardboard box. Go to the melting white base, or adding a transparent titanium dioxide. Alternating layers of a wide variety of colors and flavors: red sea buckthorn, green mint, yellow, with grapefruit, etc.

Now we go to the very pleasant: remove the box and cut the necessary pieces of soap. Do not be upset if the layers are slightly gone (did not have time to dry completely) at each other - it gives soap vintage effect and original appearance.

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