Pros and cons of bamboo pillows

Pros and cons of bamboo pillows

Table of contents:

  1. Production of bamboo fiber
  2. The advantages of bamboo pillows
  3. How to choose
  4. Caring for bamboo cushions

It is essential that sleep was comfortable andstrong, because restful sleep - a prerequisite for health, beauty and good mood. Correctly chosen pillow that supports your head in a comfortable position, helps to relax the cervical spine and a good night's sleep. Today, the sale of a wide range of bedding with various fillings. This is mainly down, feather, padding polyester, hollofayber. Not so long ago came into fashion cushion of bamboo fiber. Despite the association with something hard and wood, these pillows are very soft, elastic and comfortable. Consider the pros and cons of bamboo pillows; how to select a pillow and how to wash it.

Production of bamboo fiber

Gather the young shootsGather the young shootsBamboo - herbaceous, fast-growing plant,unpretentious, grown naturally without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Bamboo fiber - is fluff pulp made from young bamboo stems, whose age does not exceed four years. Gather the young shoots is carried out in late summer to early autumn. This condition is necessary, otherwise the fiber quality deteriorates. In appearance bamboo fiber similar to rayon: the same thin and crisp white, but much stronger. Produce bamboo fiber in two ways:

  1. Mechanical recycling. Around the same way excrete flax or hemp. Bamboo stems are crushed, treated natural enzymes, making a pulp from which the yarn is then stretched length of 15-20 centimeters. This process is time-consuming processing, unproductive, and therefore costly. Products made of bamboo fiber mechanical processing can not be cheap. You can distinguish them by the marking «bamboo linen» flax -Bamboo.
  2. Chemical processing is the mostcommon due to their low cost. The vast majority of bamboo products contain bamboo fiber produced in this manner. Manufacturing technology is similar to the creation of viscose. Bamboo leaves and stems are ground to sawdust and the condition is treated with chemicals to produce a sticky mass. Then the mass passes through the metal plate with small holes and placed in an acid to solidify. If the further processing of the fiber is washed out all the chemicals they are environmentally friendly, harmless to health. Bamboo pillows and other products made of such fiber will mark as «bamboo viscose» - bamboo viscose. Their price is available to the average consumer.

Bamboo fabricBamboo fabricNote!Although the manner in which producedbamboo fiber, it looks no different. And bamboo linen, viscose and bamboo are very durable, white and have a porous structure of the fiber. Pillows are extremely soft, elastic and, most importantly, safe for health, sleep on them is a pleasure.

The advantages of bamboo pillows

Why are they so goodWhy are they so goodDespite the fact that the bamboo and other cushionsBamboo products are relatively new and have won wide popularity. Buyer increasingly opted for bamboo products. And it's not just a fad, and successful advertising. Research and numerous positive reviews of consumers say that it is a quality product, which has a number of unique properties. Consider the advantages of bamboo pillows:

  1. Bamboo fiber - eco-friendlyfiller. The plant during growth is not treated with chemicals and not fertilized. The fiber even in the chemical processing is harmless to health.
  2. Sleep on a comfortable pillow bamboo because it gentle, soft and elastic, has a relaxing effect.
  3. Bamboo pillows quickly absorb moisture well and it evaporated. Due to this property creates a pleasant microclimate. On a hot summer on a pillow is cool and the winter is warm and cozy.
  4. The porous fiber structure creates excellent air permeability, the skin does not sweat and does not overheat.
  5. Pillows made of bamboo fiber do not cause allergies and dermatitis.
  6. Furthermore, bamboo fiber does not collect dust due to their anti-static properties and acquires unpleasant odors.
  7. Bamboo pillows have unique orthopedic and anatomic characteristics, which allows their use for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

It has a relaxing effectIt has a relaxing effectLike any other product, from bamboo pillow has its disadvantages:

  1. Over time the bamboo filler caking andcushion becomes not so easy as it was. Creasing bamboo cushions easily corrected periodic beating, after which it becomes the original shape and softness.
  2. When used in too humid climates cushion absorbs moisture and does not have time to dry out.

How to choose

selection Rulesselection RulesHow to choose your bamboo pillow? There should be guided not only desire, but also the anatomical features of the body. Choosing a pillow, take into account the growth of the width of the human shoulder, and then he likes to sleep in any position. For broad-needed big enough and high pillow to the cervical vertebrae positioned correctly. To this end, and the head and neck should be at podushke.Stoit note that there are two categories, bamboo pillows: anatomical and orthopedic. Anatomical pillows have different levels of storage height property for the optimal and comfortable position during sleep. Orthopedic possess special supporting effect. These pillows are more expensive, but will protect the neck vertebrae from degenerative disc disease.Note!To purchase does not disappoint you, carefullyread the label on the product composition of filler. It can be 100% bamboo, bamboo linen, bamboo cellulose. Polyester if present and other additives, they should not be much. Remember, 100% bamboo can not be cheap! The product must be high quality sewn, all lines should be even. Otherwise, the filler after some time can get out of the seams. You can check the quality of the filler, trying to breathe through the air cushion. Bamboo fiber is perfectly breathable, so it should be easy to get.

Caring for bamboo cushions

Use liquid detergentUse liquid detergentBamboo pillows do not require complex care, butthere are some rules, observing that you can extend their lifespan. First of all you need to know how to properly wash bamboo cushions. Before washing, read the information on the care of this product, printed on the label Sewn. Wash bamboo pillow can be both manually and in the washing machine. High-quality bamboo pillow retains its shape and useful properties even after repeated washings. Here are the basic rules of washing bamboo pillows in the washing machine:

  1. Check all joints on the pillow, they should not miss, otherwise the filler will come out to the outside.
  2. Turn delicate washing.
  3. The water temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees. At higher temperatures the airbag may lose shape and useful properties.
  4. Do not use laundry detergent. Only use liquid detergent for delicate fabrics and take it quite a bit, so that the product is better to rinse.
  5. Do not use bleach.
  6. It is necessary to include an additional rinse cycle.
  7. Press the product at low speeds.
  8. Dry the pillow on a flat horizontal surface, avoiding direct sunlight. Turn the pillow, so that it is better to dry.
  9. After drying, the pillow should beat well.

Bamboo pillows should not be ironed, as the high temperature will lead to the blocking of thin delicate fiber filler and the formation of lumps, the pillow loses softness and elasticity.Note!Periodically, bamboo cushions shouldaired outdoors to enrich oxygen. Before each use, it is desirable to shake up the pillow. Bamboo pillows can not take to the dry cleaner. Chemicals will act adversely to the useful properties of the bamboo fiber. Keep pillows should be in a dry place in the expanded form.With proper care bamboo pillow retains its unique qualities for several years and guarantees a sturdy and comfortable son.Chitayte also:The choice of bed linenSelection of pillows for sleeping

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