The smell of tobacco in the apartment

The smell of tobacco in the apartment

Table of contents:

  1. About harm of tobacco smoke
  2. Ways to deal with an unpleasant odor
  3. Cigarette smell and clothing
  4. Absorbent

The presence of the family of a smoker givesa number of inconveniences to all other inhabitants of the house. During the summer, of course, you can just open the windows and moisten the air by means of any known method. And how to remove the smell of tobacco in the rest of the apartment?

About harm of tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke

Currently, every smoker is aware ofhow harmful it is a habit for his own health. But not everyone is aware that smoking of even one cigarette a day in the apartment harms to health and even all households. This occurs because cigarette smoke contains harmful substances such as:

  • nicotine, which is highly toxicalkaloid, is released into the body a huge amount of catecholamines, which tend to first excitation of nerve endings of the brain, and then the inhibition of nerve impulses.
  • carbon monoxide. Because of this component can occur a violation of the oxygen cell metabolism. Constant smoke inhalation leads to the development of neurological disorders and "malfunction" in the respiratory system.

Ways to deal with an unpleasant odor

Just quit smokingJust quit smoking

Using these traditional methods can bring the smell of tobacco from the apartment:

  1. To give up smoking It is the most proven and effective way to deal with an unpleasant odor. With this method you can accurately achieve a perfect result.
  2. The natural aroma of sliced ​​orangepeel, folded into a bowl, - the best natural flavor, absorb the smoke and smell. To remove the smell of tobacco can also use coffee beans.
  3. Aromatic oil. The essential oil with the scent of a favorite plant or fruit and sea salt - a great way to disguise tobacco smoke.
  4. Great cope with bothersome odorfavorite perfume. However, not only need to sprinkle in the air, and a light bulb. When you turn on the light, the room begins to fill light fresh scent. only cold lamp is suitable for applying your favorite flavor, as the red-hot can explode from such actions.
  5. Apple vinegarApple vinegarHalf a cup of water, mixed with a glass of cidervinegar - a great solution for eliminating tobacco "flavor" to the surface of a table, shelf, cabinet or any other type of furniture. After the data manipulation should ventilate the room to a strong smell of vinegar weathered.
  6. With shampoo can remove the smell from the carpet or carpet, thoroughly impregnated with the smell of cigarettes.
  7. Remove the cigarette smell out of the room will helpfollowing a proven solution of ammonia (0.5 cups), baking soda (1/4 cup) and water (3 liters). This mixture to wipe the floor and all surfaces to eliminate any manifestation of cigarette "plaque." At the same time on a washable surface should not remain divorces, because their presence suggests that the smell remained. In case of heavy contamination of the solution you need to make to replace it and restart the wash.
  8. With soda can remove the smell of cigarettesmoke from the floor surface. Laminate, parquet, carpet or carpet should sprinkle a little baking soda and do not touch during the day. Then the remnants will need to collect. However, this procedure helps not at once: may have to be repeated several times.
  9. Sponge, perfectly absorbing cigarette smoke, is the usual figure. A small amount of this cereal should pour into a bowl and leave in a room where a smoker prefers to be.
  10. WhiteWhiteChlorine is much better known for allcalled "white". Soft toys, decorative pillows and blankets should be placed in a specially prepared for this purpose a solution. In a separate basin with warm water and baking soda can "freshen up" the remaining products from the tissue. This method also effectively eliminates unpleasant smell.
  11. By using soap prerubbing which used fine grater, and a few tablespoons of baking soda, you can get rid of the odious smell, for example by wiping the surface or wash all plush and soft (a blanket, cushion, clothes). Application of this method should be accompanied by extreme caution, as not every fabric can withstand soda.
  12. "Antiquated" method. Even in Soviet times was known that to get rid of the smell of tobacco in the apartment, you can with a few towels soaked in cold water and hung around the apartment. Such a process not only eliminates the odor, but also allows you to refresh and moisten the air in the room. Once the towel dry, they need to be put into the washing machine.

Cigarette smell and clothing

Print the smell of leather clothes difficultPrint the smell of leather clothes difficult

Wearing pocket packs of cigarettes, causes that small tobacco particles fall on the clothing and odor occurs.

Note!If cigarette smoke ingrained in leather thing,get rid of it will be difficult against him, because, as you know, leather thing instantly absorbs unpleasant odor, and "erode" it is virtually impossible.

The easiest way to get rid ofodor in this case is white vinegar solution, sponge or cloth usual. After wiping the leather thing should be well ventilated.

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