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Money Tree Bead


According to ancient Chinese legend,there is a money tree, on whose branches hang coins. If you shake the tree of life will be filled with wealth. Money Tree - it is one of the favorite topics of feng shui. Money tree can be done independently, enough to stock up on beads and patience.

To lure into the house of wealth and prosperity, Money Tree is recommended to put in the southeastern area of ​​the house!

Money Tree Bead

Materials for the implementation of monetary wood beads

  1. Beads of different colors;
  2. The wire diameter of 0.3 mm;
  3. The wire diameter of 2.5 - 3, 0 mm;
  4. Gypsum;
  5. Flower pot;
  6. Brown Nylon thread;
  7. coins;
  8. Glue;
  9. Decorative stones.

Instructions for the creation of money tree made of beads

  • Pour all the beads in any bowl and mix this well;
  • The branches of the tree, follow the twisting technique. Remember that the number of loops on a branch should be 13;
  • You will have to make somewhere in the 80 - 90 branches, 11 branches but to do so in the sixth loop, instead of beads was a coin. Loop tighten just as well as the loop with beads;

Money Tree Bead
  • Now take a thick wire height equal to the future of the tree;
  • Connect the thick wire one branch with a coin, with four branches without coins, wrapped in several turns nylon thread;
  • By spiral attach another twig with a coin and seven conventional branches. Branches must be within half a centimeter apart. Wrap the thread rod - this will be the tip of the tree;
  • The remaining branches attach just as well,alternating branches with coins and no coins. Total should get 10 branches. To money tree looked like a normal tree, it can be three upper branches and one lower branch to do a little bit shorter than the others;

Money Tree Bead
  • Shape the crown of the tree, wrapping the trunk at 12 cm kapron threads. Note that money tree trunk to be bent;
  • Now proceed to the "landing" tree in a pot. Dilute water and gypsum to the consistency of sour cream (medium density, not to burst the pot). Pour the solution into the pot and "plant" a tree. Wait until the plaster hardens;
  • When the plaster hardens, pour it on top of the glue and sprinkle with decorative stones.

That's it, the tree is ready! Now your house will prosper wealth and prosperity. In addition, money tree - a present good friends or relatives. You will not only give them a beautiful thing, but also help to enrich the house and solve money problems.

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