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Money Tree of feng shui


Money is an important place in our lives. Much depends on how you treat them: think money is just worthless pieces of paper, or on the contrary treat them with special trepidation, iterate every piece of paper with trembling hands? Money should be love, but it is correct, and this will help you a money tree feng shui.

To begin, decide what you will do withsuddenly surging money, why do they tell you? On what you can spend it? Can you accept the fact that your life will change, when you will add money? Answering these questions is important, because if you clearly articulate their needs and the world needs money, he can fully give you what you want.

Money Tree of feng shui

Feng Shui says that if a man is rich, thehis wealth comes in many areas of life - in his spiritual development, culture and material values. For example, a frog on a red napkin with a Chinese coin in the mouth is a great talisman of wealth, but the most powerful and popular wealth mascot - a money tree. Located in the right place money tree is sure to attract the home owner money success.

How to grow a money tree?

  • If you want to grow your money tree andobserve how a little of it is converted into a large and powerful, then do not buy already grown tree. Break off from a large tree has a small leaf or stalk, and it is better to grab a small piece of wood on the sly, and then the strength of your mascot will increase. Money tree reproduces quite quickly and from one small leaf in a short time can grow strong tree.
  • Today in the world there are about 300money tree species, which differ in their properties and form. The official name of the money tree - a tree Crassula (Crassula arborescens), it grows in South Africa.
  • For planting the tree and purchase a shallowa pot, pour it into a mixture of land to cacti or succulents. The mixture can be prepared and you will, if you take a leaf soil and mix it with a small amount of ashes and sand.

Money Tree of feng shui
  • Before planting in the ground process of money treeIt is a few hours to dry the air. Then, after landing process, cover the pot or jar of transparent film, so that the plant is better to stick, and from time to time open the film for airing. It is not necessary to grow a money tree near the cactus, as Cactus spines can become problems in your way to the money.
  • Jade is easy to cope with the conditionsroom content. In the summer it is better to make the open air, such as a balcony, but protect the tree from the rain. A suitable temperature for the summer period - 20-22S. In winter, the Crassula be kept in a cool place, the ideal temperature is about 15C.
  • The watering money tree no strict rules,summer visually determine when the soil is already dry, but do not let the strong hydration. Humidity earth can determine if pierce the soil with your finger or a pencil. In the winter the soil should moisturize much less frequently than once a month will suffice. Many housewives prefer to spray their flowers, but Crassula longer needs regular wiping dust from the leaves.
  • to be fed money tree in the spring orsummer once or twice a month, you can take the usual fertilizer for cacti. Manure into the soil immediately after the irrigation procedure. In the period from September to February Crassula retires and practically does not require special care to imagine.

Money Tree of feng shui

Useful tips on money tree care

  • Do not expose Crassula under direct sunlight, so the plant can get severe burns.
  • Pot with Jade periodically place the different parties to the sun, otherwise the tree may grow unevenly and asymmetrically.
  • When the jade tree will grow, transplant it into a larger pot, as under the influence of the thick leaves of the tree can not resist and roll over.
  • Sometimes money tree blooms, but when the content in the indoor environment it happens infrequently.

Where is the money tree feng shui?

Not just to plant a money tree, and it is important to choose the right location for it. The science of Feng Shui says that southeastside of the house is responsible for the well-being and wealth, so it is there and should be placed money tree. Determine the location south-east side, you can use the compass. As a starting point, take the front door, or follow the traditional definition of the compass of the world. And at the same time in the future when determining all the other areas in your home, always hold one of the chosen method.

How to make the financial sector?

When you are finished with the location, areaWealth should start its execution. Get familiar with all the old unnecessary things, do not clutter up your house so things hinder new energy to get into your home. Place the selected location or currently living money tree. For the best attraction of monetary energy put under the money tree a few bills. The red color symbolizes wealth, sodecorate a tree with red ribbons and place the pot under a red cloth. You can buy wipes with symbols of wealth feng shui, and can be embroidered symbol on ordinary napkin. monetary zone Interior settling in green or blue-blue shades.

Groom and take care of your tree. The living plant should be watered regularly, to provide him with the necessary light source, but an artificial tree also calls for a careful treatment, wipe it off and admire them. Love it, and then Money Tree certainly will thank you with wealth and cash flow.

And if you want to make money tree svoii hands, you help article Money Tree Bead.

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