How to grow bonsai

How to grow bonsai

Table of contents:

  1. Bonsai: cultivation
  2. The choice of the cutting
  3. The choice of the future style
  4. Buying a ceramic bowl
  5. Proper soil preparation
  6. Processing seedling
  7. Processing crown
  8. Transplant bonsai in a ceramic bowl

Correctly grow bonsai at home under the force of each, because this is the real art that requires human creativity and special skill.

As is known, is a copy of a bonsainormal wood, but on a smaller scale. These plants are often used to create a unique and original interior in a home or office space. Before you grow bonsai need to spend a lot of time studying the special literature on the technique of landing and further care.

To create at home a piece of art, you need to take care of the presence of the following tools and working materials:

  • special ceramic bowl for bonsai;
  • future tree cutting;
  • expanded clay;
  • granite chips of different colors;
  • thick soft wire;
  • sharp pruning knife;
  • pruner;
  • black earth;
  • elements for decoration (beautiful pebbles, moss, etc.).

Bonsai: cultivation

Growing bonsai

Growing bonsai

In order to learn how to grow a bonsaiown, consider the detailed instructions, with which you will not only need to choose the right plant, but also to create a unique work of art that will decorate your home for a long time.

The choice of the cutting

Sharing bonsai
Sharing bonsai

To form a bonsai must be purchaseda plant that it had a medium-sized, but beautiful foliage, dense dereveneyuschim trunk and quickly blossoming flowers. One of the cheapest cuttings are trees such as orange and lemon. Of course, to achieve their fruits you are unlikely to succeed, but the bonsai of them will turn out perfect.

The choice of the future style

Style bonsai
Style bonsai

In advance, decide with what you wantsee bonsai, which are planning to grow their own. Draw on a piece of an exemplary form of the crown and trunk, as well as think about his future decoration. It is worth noting that this sketch you have stored for a long time, as the cultivation of the beautiful and stylish wood can take you more than a year.

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