How to grow pineapple at home

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  1. Select planting material
  2. Prepare for landing the top of the pineapple
  3. Getting Planted
  4. How to treat

Pineapple - perhaps the most delicious and flavorfulthe fruit of all known fruits. Many housewives are proud to put it in the center of the table for the holidays. Of course! After all, this exotic fruit is not so often seen in the store. I'm sure many asked themselves: How to grow pineapple at home? And is that even possible? We will reply to you: Yes, this is possible! We decided to try it? Be of good cheer! In fact not all that difficult as it seems. Nothing extraordinary from you would be required. It is only important to choose the right plant material and stock 2-3 years of patience. Proceed?

Select planting material

Select planting material

The most favorable time to startcultivation is considered the end of summer - early autumn. Pineapples, bought in the winter, it is not suitable for planting, as during transport and storage, they were probably just podmorozheny. And, as you know, the cold is fatal to plants. The more tropical.

So, if in the court in August-September, then go aheadyou can go to the grocery store or to the vegetable market. We need a mature fruit of golden-yellow color, It should not be gray spots, the leaves should be bright and juicy. Do not buy an overripe fruit. When buying a pineapple gently pull the sheet down, if he will quickly return to its original position, the test is failed - overripe pineapple. A little advice: better to choose more than one pineapple, but several. So chance to eat his own grown tropical fruits will be much greater.

Prepare for landing the top of the pineapple

Prepare for landing the top of the pineapple

As you know, we need to plant the pineapple is not all, but only its tip - crest. It is important to separate the pulp from the crest. Generally use two methods.

Option 1: Hold the fist whole bunch of leaves and gently, but firmly cranking the tip. If you did everything correctly, the tip along with a short stem separates from the flesh.

Option 2: Cut away the crest together with pulp. In this case, we will have to be thoroughly cleaned from the stem of pineapple juicy pulp. Otherwise, the flesh begins to rot over time, and all your work will go down the drain - the plant will be ruined.

Remove several rows of the lower leaves andcarefully cut away the bottom until the root of the kidneys. Then be sure to dry the tip. For this crest is hung in a vertical position and maintained in this state for 2 weeks. But if you do not want to wait that long, you can simply treat the cut with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, powdered ash or powder activated carbon and leave to dry for 5 - 6 hours. Our planting material ready.

Getting Planted

landing pineapple

landing pineapple

For landing, we need a small potdiameter. Focus on the diameter of the tuft. The pot should be slightly wider. At the bottom of the pot must necessarily be a hole to drain excess water. On the bottom of the pot is filled with 2, preferably 3 cm drainage. To suit drainage concrete block, which you can easily acquire any store for gardeners gardeners. In order not to complicate your life and tormented with the preparation of earth substrate in the same store to buy ready-mix. Suitable mix for cacti or bromeliads (pineapple, by the way, just belongs to this family).

It is 2-2.5 cm deep pit in the center of the pot. To the tip of the crest has not begun to rot, just in case, before landing in a hole to pour a little crushed charcoal. Then she falls into the recess tip. Earth around the plants is desirable compacted tightly. Immediately after planting pineapple should be moderately watered and put in a bright place. Since tropical pineapple plant, you need to create extra heat and humidity for him. To do this, put a plastic bag in the pot or glass jar to cover the plant itself. Our "micro-greenhouse" ready.

How to treat

How to treat

It is important to constantly keep the temperature in 25-27degrees Celsius. If the summer with this problem does not occur in the winter, the plant may lack warmth. In winter, our pineapple can be put on the battery, after putting on her slate.

In 1.5, a maximum of 2 months the plant should have put down roots. If the stalk, new leaves, then everything went wrong. With the emergence of new leaves "micro-greenhouse" can be removed.

For the successful cultivation of pineapple is necessary to conductproper watering regime. First you need to get water. Pineapple should be watered heated (about 30 degrees) of rain or melt water. In extreme cases, suitable and simple, pre-boiled water. Watering is necessary not only the ground around the plants. It is important that water gets into the outlet and, as well as in vivo. Zealous with irrigation is not recommended. Before watering should wait until dry up the topsoil.

During the growing season (from late February to September)pineapple needs feeding. To feed should be about 1 time in two weeks. For this perfect mullein. When the flower stalk mullein replace complex mineral fertilizers.

If you take good care of yourpet, then about a year or two he will give you the appearance of a delicious and juicy fruit. It is a pity that after the stem is formed, pineapple die, but instead he will definitely leave up to a dozen "kids." These new shoots can be separated from the mother plant and also root.

Now that you know how to grow pineapple at home. But this is only a theory. Is not it time to check in practice?

How to grow pineapple at home
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