How to water the orchids

How to water the orchids

Table of contents:

  1. General rules
  2. water quality
  3. methods

Orchid unusually beautiful and delicate plant. And very kind to their appearance, so the owners of this wonderful flower to respect his whim, the main of which - the correct watering.

General rules

Common rules for irrigation

Common rules for irrigation

To grow strong and healthy plant, itYou need to be watered, adhering to certain rules, as it is the most important in the care of orchids, and failure to comply with them is fraught with disease, until the death of the flower. Although orchids watering rules are simple, but their failure to comply with, or the failure of nuances will not give opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of this plant.

For this plant to feel comfortable, can not watering too abundant, it can lead to rotting of the root system. Lack of water also leads to plant diseases.

The main and most important rule of watering - not water"On the clock". The next regular watering orchids should be done only after the complete drying of the substrate and roots, that is, only on this basis, and therefore, the land must be periodically inspected for moisture. And for what period this happens it depends on many factors - the temperature and humidity, and lighting of the pot size. So, the exact same frequency of watering plants grown in different conditions, as well as the answer to the question of how often to water the orchid does not exist.

For such plants, such as orchids, water is nota power source, the source of life, as so flower independently regulates its temperature and overall condition. Orchids growing on the loose, "drink" rainwater, well, it's clear waters of tropical forests, and not one that falls as rain in the cities, as the composition of the water, too, is very influenced by the state of the flower.

water quality

Quality of water for irrigation
Quality of water for irrigation

Water intended for watering orchids shouldbe a soft or, in extreme cases, have a moderate hardness, watering is very important what kind of water to water the orchids. If the home is no special device for measuring the hardness of the water, you can be guided by the number of scale in the kettle, and the speed of its appearance (for reference, in Peter the water is soft, in Moscow - a moderately tough).

In order to soften the water, it is added inoxalic acid (it is sold in stores, and colors of chemical reagents). In cold nekipyachёnuyu water (from the tap) was added acid powder (1/8 hr. L. Of powder to 5 liters of water), allowed to stand a day and gently without shaking (so as not to precipitate rose), is poured into a separate container. To thus still water and acidified, at the time it is put together with the acid into the water from a small bag with a linen cloth peat. If the watering an orchid with distilled water, the plant will not miss the salt present in ordinary water, so watering it must be mixed with defended water (about 1: 1).

If there is a special filter for the purification of water,the plant can be watered with water passed through it, and does not take itself the head of oxalic acid, a filter not only significantly reduces the stiffness, but also purifies the water of harmful bacteria, fungi, and heavy metals.

The acidity of water for at least an important indicator forWatering orchids, check it a litmus test, the optimum acidity - with PN 5. Raise it can be the easiest way, by adding a few drops of lemon juice. The most suitable temperature of water for watering orchids is from +35 to +40 degrees, and to saturate the water with oxygen before watering, it is recommended to pour a few times from one vessel to another.


irrigation methods
irrigation methods

"Hot showers"

Experts know that the most useful for thisFlower type of watering is watering his "hot shower" that resembles a natural native plants warm tropical rain. In such cases, these plants are actively bloom, building up a thick and dense foliage good green color, as right to water an orchid is contain it naturally. With this irrigation destroyed pests, got on the leaves or flowers. But, watering orchids can only be soft running water, if the water from the tap is high rigidity, the orchids satisfied "artificial rain" in the bath by pouring a prepared with water from the watering can (if the water is soft enough, then poured straight from the soul through the nozzle average power jet).

Watering in several stages, waiting for waterI soaked, as the entire substrate, and then, allowed to flower on a support in the bath, allowing excess water to drain. And how many times to water orchids with this method also depends on the speed of drying the substrate.

An hour later, the orchid "wipe" wiping softcloth or sponge the leaves and young shoots, and carefully removing all the accumulated water in the leaf axils. Some species of orchids (Phalaenopsis, Vanda) wipe carefully heart, otherwise it can rot and the plant dies.

Very often, after watering hot shower on leavesmay appear whitish stains - it appear the salt deposited on the leaves of water, so the plant can not leave. Leaves sure to wipe the beer or lemon juice, diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1.


The second method is called a watering orchids"Immersion", and holding such watering completely corresponds to the name of the method. The plant together with the pot is immersed in water (immersion time depends on the size of the pot and the plant, of an exemplary calculation - a pot 12 x 12 cm was immersed for 30 seconds and then the same amount of water flows), after which excess water allowed to drain in air. This type of watering can be used, just making sure that all the plants are healthy and the substrates are not bred fungus or mold. In addition, such a watering orchids during flowering, is simply impossible.

pour watering

Advance and defend the prepared waterpoured into the funnel and gently and carefully watered the plant, trying to keep the jet was as thin as possible, and not getting in the leaf sinus. Once the water starts to flow out from the bottom, you can stop watering and wait a few minutes until the excess will result in nevpitavsheysya substrate water, then this procedure is repeated several times. After watering the rest of the water is poured into the pan. Watering orchids in this way should be in the morning.


Watering orchids with using the sprayexperts advise not, but in any case to spray only those plants that are planted in the ground blocks not potted to the substrate because the roots of flowers dry quickly, and it requires constant irrigation. Do this well in the morning spray.

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