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Pressure cooker: reviews. How to choose and use a pressure cooker?


Pressure cooker - a convenient and versatilekitchen tool that can significantly reduce the cooking time of many dishes. Most often, the pressure cooker is used to prepare meat dishes, but it does not mean that they are limited. With this MFP, you can easily prepare meals, soups and cook vegetables. To select a pressure cooker, you need to carefully examine the range, as well as read reviews.

How to choose a pressure cooker?

Many housewives are wondering - how to choosepressure cooker? It's simple enough. When choosing a device, pay special attention to the material from which it is made. It is best to give preference to a stainless steel pressure cooker with a hard anodized coating. This will allow you to cook food without using fat and oil. Stainless steel will serve you for a long time.

Pressure cooker: reviews

You should also pay special attention tosealing rings. They are silicone and rubber. First are durable and practical, plus everything does not have an unpleasant smell. The second is cheap and can not boast of excellent quality. Handles have a good pressure cookers are made of heat-resistant material.

An important role in the selection of pressure cookers playsfeature of its design. Well, if it is equipped with a function of protection against overheating. Another important detail is the valve to release steam - use it before opening the lid to avoid burns.

Modern pressure cookers are equipped with panels with different functions - it is necessary for the convenience of programming and billing time.

Note opener andClosing device. How is it simpler, the more practical and more convenient for you. Many of today's pressure cookers have special protection, which allows you to open the container only at a certain pressure.

Buy the device with the stock in terms of, let him be a better more than less. For a family of 4 people is the optimum volume of 5 liters.

Conveniently, when attached to a pressure cookeradditional accessories, which will be an excellent assistant in the preparation of some dishes. These include baskets and grills for cooking on a couple of mesh or rice.

How to cook in a pressure cooker: tips

Pressure cookers have the features of preparation. Here are some of them:

  1. All the ingredients are laid cold;
  2. Roasting is done with the lid open;
  3. Closed pressure cooker (if not electric)put on an intense fire before the whistle, which tells you that the maximum temperature is reached. After, it is necessary to reduce the fire and count the minutes of cooking;
  4. In short cooking it is recommended to reduce the heat to low, and make fire stronger to prevent a temperature drop during prolonged cooking;
  5. After the end of cooking to be lifted valvolu on the cover, to reduce the pressure in the pan;
  6. When you completely let off steam, pressure cooker should be cooled a few seconds under cold water to reduce the internal pressure and temperature.

It's all about normal, not electricpressure cooker. Power do not require special knowledge and skills, because all that is needed, please read the instructions and program the device to prepare a certain product.

Pressure cooker: reviews

Pressure cooker Scarlett sl-1529: reviews

  • Yuri: I bought my wife the pressure cooker to save time. I worked 1.5 years and broke. Maybe it operated incorrectly or defective caught, I do not know. More will not buy this model.
  • Marina: The only advantage of this pressure cooker -Price. We even try it until the end did not have time, as it in 2 weeks after purchase broken. We went back to the store and took the other. Model.
  • Alexander: Totally disappointed as: a week after use was to rip off the cup with a cover. It seems that this is just some kind of paint. Cooking recipes from the book, which was attached to it, it is simply impossible. All turns damp, falls on the eyes while adding to prepare a meal.
  • Elena: Recently I purchased this model. In principle, nothing bad can not say. With its help, it turns out to cook many dishes faster. The only thing - it dangles valve for steam release, but it is not critical for me.
  • Victor: Bought my mother to the country this pressure cooker. First there was a strong smell of plastic after preparation. After 2 months of use with bowls start to peel coating. In general, we gave it back to the store and bought others. Model, more expensive.

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Multivarka-cooker: reviews

  • Love: Iskalamultivarku-cooker, drew attention to the reviews, to choose what is best. Acquired Redmond and I can not get enough. With it, I can cook delicious and healthy meals, saving a lot of time. In general, no matter what would not change it!
  • Natalia: I multivarka-cooker MorphyRichards brand. I bought because it was necessary to prepare fast (high pressure). It has all the necessary functions: grilling, stewing, steaming, pressure cooker, etc. I am very pleased that it has stopped on this variant. I use a second year, and it has never let me down!
  • Andrei: He gave his wife multivarku-cooker firm Polaris. The whole family happy! Even I sometimes her soups cook. It turns out very tasty, and most importantly - fast. It can be programmed to a specific time and your meal will be ready in time.

Pressure cookers and greatly simplify Multivarkilife modern housewife. With their help, you can cook anything you want, significantly saving time. Especially appreciate such aggregates young mothers or busy women who do not have time to cook!

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