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Russian style in the interior


Everyone, furnished his house,He prefers a particular style. Recently, there are many styles. And despite modern styles, they are becoming increasingly popular retrostili. For one of these, and related Russian style in the interior.

Possible Russian style in the interior

  • "A la Russe" - This is what they see and depict RussiaForeigners. It is based on the elements of folk art. It includes samovars, dolls, shoes, ovens, etc. However, not everyone is a fan of Russian style dares to arrange at home a kind of antique. It is because of the courage and colorful version of the Russian style is not too popular in comparison with the others.

Russian style in the interior
  • "Russian hut" - Simplicity in execution, no unnecessary,random things, but useful and necessary. In this embodiment, the Russian style of each item are in a certain place in the house and performs a specific function. "Russian house" is very simple and even dryish, but it helps to keep the age-old traditions of the Russian people.
  • "Terem" - Historic fairytale version of Russian style, a reminder of the princely chambers. This variant is distinguished by the immediate beauty, elegance, and, of course, old household items;
  • "Russian Empire" - A popular style among modern affluentof people. In this embodiment combines the pomp of France (in furnishing), and sincerity, simplicity of Russia. In some cases, allowed Russian modesty and simplicity of the English restraint (in furnishing).

Russian style in the interior

Despite having options, Russian style has characteristics that distinguish it from other styles.

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The main features of Russian style in the interior

  1. simplicity;
  2. natural (natural);
  3. sustainability - the use of natural materials (wood).

Details Russian style in the interior

  • Color spectrum It is quite diverse. For the "Russian house" fit white, red and gold colors. For the "towers" - all bright and saturated colors.
  • Furniture It must always be wood (oak, pine, ash, etc.). The room is desirable wooden benches or even chairs and a wooden table. Excellent complement the interior of old trunks.
  • Floor also need to make wood in bright colors.

Russian style in the interior
  • Ceiling must differ in its simplicity, most often it is just whitewash.
  • Walls You can paint the Russian folk motifs.
  • doors Russian style is also good to make villages more.
  • Window You have to be wood. Plastic alone will spoil all your efforts. Blinds for windows is desirable to select from flax or cotton goods, the color must be beige pastel shades. It has to be a natural effect.
  • Room design. The attributes of the Russian style, we all know, are lace and wood carving. Therefore, they must were present inyour room. Our Russian women have always been excellent seamstresses, needle. Therefore, the more things in the house, made with his own hands: knitted, embroidered, etc., the more it reflects the Russian style.
  • Previously, there were many wooden utensils and silver items.
  • It is impossible not to mention the "Red carbon" Russian home. Our ancestors it was a special place for prayer at home. To approach the Russian house, for natural, and even better for spirituality, set in his room in the corner of an icon or a few icons and icon lamp.
  • Instead Russian oven you can put a fireplace in the room. If this is not possible - to portray him not wall.
  • On the walls, you can also hang paintings by Russian artists, Which depicted the life of the Russian people.

If you decide to make your home or roomRussian style, the greater simplicity and naturalness, the more ancient household items, wooden furniture and tableware, lace, thread will be, the more you fill the house the spirit of Russian culture. Russian style - for those who want spirituality, regularity and tranquility of Russian life.

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