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Style chalet in the interior. Features of the kitchen and living room in a chalet-style


Once the chalet was a simple shepherd's house inAlps, which was built in order to wait out bad weather. Today it is a place of rest in the mountain regions of Europe, no less prestigious than a villa on the coast. The only thing that went through time, it is comfort, warmth and a very special, alpine and hunting atmosphere that distinguish the style of Country Chalet.

Style chalet in the interior: the key features and photo

Style chalet in the interior

Style chalet in the interior

Style chalet in the interior

Style chalet in the interior

Because the chalet were shepherds huts, and afterIt became a refuge of hunters, a key feature of this style in the interior - work with natural materials. The closer the house will look to nature, the better. However, this does not mean you have to completely abandon the metal and glass, especially in the kitchen for appliances. But should prevail items made of wood, cloth, stone. Glass is desirable to introduce into the interior as little as possible, replacing it with a "live" and warm materials.

The overall atmosphere, which is to be born atLooking at this house - handwritten manufacture every detail: from the carpet to the fireplace. The latter, incidentally, is not the last place in the room. If possible, it is best to place it in the living room or bedroom, as well as to give preference to the living fire, not its imitation. But such an option, of course, suitable only suburban or private home. But it is possible to recreate the style of a chalet and apartment. Here for the fireplace facade hide a classic heating system, but from an aesthetic point of view to look this "snag" is just as good.

As for the furnishing of rooms, hererecommended to choose robust articles, airy and soft. This is especially true bedrooms and a living room, where permitted, and an abundance of different armchairs and sofas, couches, and even scattered on the floor cushions arranged on animal skins. Recent added special color interior in the style chalet, as the house closer to his original idea, recalling the hunting and grazing.

Animal skins can be like a carpet beforea fireplace, a sofa and a bed, and a cozy rug or blanket for any furniture item. For example, a woven rocking chairs situated by the fireplace: no matter how nice it would be to relax on winter evenings with a cup of hot mulled wine.

For chalet-style furniture in preference to the effect aged wood. Besides the fact that it looks like the mostNaturally, even the most expensive by this treatment becomes history and looks expensive. The least of the fact that own wear out any piece of furniture you can not worse than it did in the store: for this process does not require special skills. Moreover, it is recommended to carry out such a procedure is not only for your favorite chest of drawers and chairs, but also for the ceiling beams, partitions: in short, all the wooden parts of your home.

Lay the foundation for a chalet style, even in the citythe apartment can be at the initial stage when the repair is performed premises. Redesign for such an idea does not need to be sufficient to pay attention to the design of the ceiling and wall coverings. Instead of wallpaper is better to use a wooden panel that can be placed only on the top or bottom of the wall, dropping onto open fields textured paint.

A similar scheme operates with the ceiling. The most attractive in terms of style chalet look longitudinal or transverse wooden beams of rectangular shape, which cross the ceiling. In them, or between them often attach little further light bulb. The windows and balcony access to the interior in the style chalet is also desirable to be made of wood, instead of the usual plastic urban apartments, or order a stylized tree cover.

Kitchen in the chalet-style: designer tips

Style chalet in the interior

Style chalet in the interior

Sustain kitchen interior in the style chalet harderall, because in addition to the convenience and comfort are valued functional of all available items of furniture and household appliances. Some parts will still clash with the general idea, so it's important to beat them correctly. For example, where it will be located the cooking surface, the usual recommended many tiles on the wall to replace the masonry.

The same must be made in relation to the floor. Maybe cleaning the stone somewhat more difficult than getting rid of fat and tile scale, but in the selected style of such a solution would fit much more organically. In addition, to the extent permitted, hidden behind wooden paneling parts of household appliances: oven, microwave, etc.

Since the metal and steel will necessarilypresent in the interior of the kitchen, its quantity is minimized. In particular, the refrigerator can be stylized wooden wardrobe thanks to a special coating, as well as the hood, decorated of stone and wood. Small details such as coffee makers, etc. You can also pick up in the desired setting.

But it is necessary to take a large area of ​​naturalmaterials, so it is sure to be purchased wooden chairs and a table, and even if the bar is planned, it is also performed in the tree. In addition, attention is paid to decorative and functional elements. In the kitchen, where the interior in the style chalet, the curtains should be present. If you appreciate the blinds, consider the French blinds. It is a hybrid of the classic fabric curtains, and easy folding by raising the blinds.

Designers recommend to forget about the kitchenlockers and pay attention to the open wall shelves: Kitchen in chalet style, they are more advantageous option. If there is enough room, the shelves can be occupied by the decorative utensils made of clay: a variety of jug, cups, pots. And the rest is hidden in the lower kitchen cabinets. If there is not as much as we would like, it is possible to cover the shelves with bright short curtains to protect exposed them utensils from dust.

Among small parts for the kitchen in chalet style is also worth noting cushions or pads on the chairs of colorful fabrics, lamp shade with carved ornament or interesting, but not necessarily from a tree.

We make out the living room in the chalet-style

Style chalet in the interior

Style chalet in the interior

Style chalet in the interior

Style chalet in the interior

The chalet living room - the most comfortable zone. Because often when trying to implement this style in a city apartment, center of the living room becomes, while the rest of the room are performed more modern. As already mentioned, without significance in a living room fireplace, or at least an imitation. If you can not place it in the living room, accents are furnishing items and decorative trifles.

Sofas and armchairs, to select for this room,should be soft and airy, and have cloth upholstery instead of leather. Winning them will look knitted blankets, and pillows embroidered with tightly packed. The latter can scatter on the floor and that necessarily obscures or fluffy carpet, or animal skins. In addition, the fabric must also appear on the windows: loose and rather short curtains are solid material - the best choice for a living room in a chalet style.

Coffee table, it is desirable to pick up withoutglass table tops, or based on the stone. It is interesting looks and a table that simulates a tree trunk: a wooden table top rests on a thick wooden house, and at the bottom of it diverge "roots", due to which increases the surface area, ensuring the balance of the product.

In addition, a lot of attention in the chalet-stylegiven lighting: lamps are required carved with optional wooden elements and lamps - simulating flames. This caveat applies not only to the form, as to the specifics of the light: warm yellow, muted. Ideally, if your living room will be the spark for a by-evening light.

Because the chalet style is in some way a subspecies of classic country, it has itskey features, most clearly seen in the living room. This floral pattern on textiles, the presence of coniferous trees in the interior gardening, watercolor or pencil paintings of mountains, "trophies", which performs the role of head of animals, solid wood as flooring. Dried flowers are often not only put in a clay vase, but hung to the ceiling and on the door in the form of wreaths.

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Embodiment chalet style in the interior - an opportunitytouching the Alps and enjoy the comfort. To him gravitate romantic, quiet nature, which attracts the atmosphere of country houses. If you decide to perform in a similar style to the interior of a city apartment, make sure the room has enough free space, otherwise there is a risk of creating a general feeling of littering due to the massive furniture and wall decoration.

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