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What do the icons on the clothes for washing: transcript notation icons for washing and other


on clothes washing icons are of great importanceto preserve the appearance of products. Deciphering them sometimes causes difficulty as not all the designations are common, and we can not remember them. However, pay attention to the icons you need, because it affects how you will take care of the thing and how it will look after all the manipulations.

Icons as a guide to action

How to decipher the icons on the clothing?

The characters are drawn on clothing labels -a kind of guide for the user, allowing to navigate as you must correctly take care of this or that thing. Because to make a paper manual for each product unit is not possible, the most convenient to put the markings on their clothes. It is not only used for washing, but also applies to other processes with our clothes starring. It may be icons that are relevant to:

  • ironing,
  • drying,
  • Dry Cleaning,
  • etc. bleaching.

Obviously, the clothing is sewn from differentmaterials: some coarser, others are more subtle; Some fabrics are painted, if you put them in hot water, and so on. d. Markings on labels warning us about the situations that lead to premature wear of things, the loss of its species.

Optionally, try to remember all the icons. If you use the same type of clothing, the symbols on the labels will be delayed in your memory. Only they will know is enough to decipher. However, it should be borne in mind that the icons on the clothes from different manufacturers may vary. However, this difference is not so essential to "get lost" in the notation.

What do the icons on the clothes for washing?

What do the icons on the clothes for washing?

The icons of this group help consumersorient in a laundry, possibility to use household chemicals, the optimal water temperature. Here are descriptions of some of the icons and their meanings.

  • Crockery with water - wash things resolved, including machine.
  • Crockery with water, crossed criss-cross, or a circle, inside of which is placed schematic washing machine - machine wash items is prohibited.
  • Crockery with water, under which the horizontal line is shown, - washing should be gentle.
  • Dishes without water with the number 30 and the horizontal line - washing is carried out at a temperature of 30 degrees.
  • Crockery with water, accented by two lines - delicate washing.
  • Crockery with water and stick her hand - Hand wash.
  • Dishes with the number 95 inside - boiling.
  • Dishes with numbers 30, 40, 50 or 60 - wash colored laundry recommended if indicated water temperature.
  • The rectangle in the middle with a bridge, crossed diagonally - wash should be no spin.

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What do the icons on the clothing for bleaching?

Identification badges on their clothes to the washonly on the labels. They may be adjacent to other information and, in particular, associated with bleaching. This procedure can be a very significant impact on the quality and type of clothing, the term of her socks. Therefore, the information carried by this group of symbols, it is necessary to pay attention.

  • Open triangles - can whiten clothes.
  • Triangle, crossed diagonally - can not be bleached, and can not be washed by means of which contain chlorine.
  • Triangle with the Latin designation of chlorine Cl - can be bleached and washed it means that there is chlorine.
  • The triangle symbol with chlorine inside, crossed diagonally - bleaching is possible, but without the use of chlorine.
  • Triangle with 2 strips diagonally inside - can be bleached without chlorine.

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Icons on clothes washing - a good way to conveyto the hostess, how to keep the laundry in the processing of the wardrobe items. Explanation of the most popular of them will be familiar to every man, if he cares for his clothes.

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