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The basic rules of washing

When the next "wash" the thing begins to resemble a doormat, there's reason to think properly. It's time to grow up, and finally learn to wash!

As a child, many people think that moms havemagic to transform all around. It is incomprehensible that they combine the knowledge of housewives, cooks, doctors, seamstresses, gardeners and many other occupations. Teenagers often do not listen to their parents, trying to build a special life "not like everyone else." And learn from their mistakes. And then look back and realize that they would ask for advice, but it's too late ... Or not?

Those who are lucky, whose parents are alive, you cancontact them and inquired about doing household chores. This will help to get close to two generations unite in common areas. Sometimes the best solution is out of the Internet ...

Separate laundry by colors

But for those who want to learn the basic rules of washing it at this moment, offered the following recommendations:

  • Separate laundry by colors. Sometimes pale pink or light blueIt may well go into the washing machine with white linen. But still, if possible, to carry out the color distinction. The only way to make sure that the clothing does not fade in the wash - is to wash it by hand under hot water and look at the color of the soap solution. If it has changed little tone not only in the direction of contamination, but also to side staining, this thing can leave stains on the laundry a different hue.
  • Treat the stain with a special substance before washing. It's no secret that modern washing machinesmay not wash thoroughly and small dirt on the shirt. As an economical option offered to use soap. It can be applied on the cuffs of shirts and on the collar, and children's clothes. For white clothes in the shops are sold white soap. Carefully read the instructions in the stain remover! Quite often, it involves the use of a certain time of exposure to the tissue. Therefore, spot treatment and immediate departure of clothes in the washing machine may not bring the desired effect.
  • Soak the laundry for a couple of hours. Many people are too lazy to do it, but soakingIt allows you to achieve better results at the same cost of washing powder. The popularity of environmentally friendly powder could be even more, if properly used. Typically, they require more water and sufficient time for its action. Therefore, if your home is just a pack of eco-powder, you should learn how to soak their clothes for a couple of hours before washing.

To hang out the laundry immediately after the end of the wash
  • To hang out the laundry immediately after the end of the wash. This step will save you from unpleasant odor on the laundry. In addition, bulky items tend to dry for a long time, so they should be displayed either on the street, because in a well-ventilated place.
  • Wash terry and knitted items at low revs. The hotter the water temperature and stronger momentuma washing machine, the fabric becomes more rigid fibers. Thus, to preserve better softness reduce manufacturing parameters heat water drum and torsion.
  • Every 1-2 months start the machine to "idle" course. This will allow you to reduce the scale inside the drum, clean the tiny holes in the future receive a higher level of laundry washing.

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Only in your hands to make sure that growing children regarded the magician for you!

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