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Types of dishwashers for home


A delicious meal at the family table likealmost everything but wash dishes after meals - units. Save valuable time for myself and get rid of the unpleasant work helps dishwasher. Its use is becoming easier and more economical. Developers come up with a new system of protection against leaks, fuel-efficient modes and other functions.

Divide dishwashers for certain types onseveral criteria. One method of placing a core in the kitchen. There are fully embedded and freestanding or partly built. they may be identical in functionality. Outwardly, different control panels.

For embedded hardware units attachedto the cover. This option is ideal for the kitchen with the already-formed design. The new purchase does not violate the prevailing order. There is an opinion that freestanding dishwashers not effectively fit into the interior. However, when choosing the type of appliance, in this case by their own wishes.

Types of dishwashers for home


Each dishwasher accommodatesat least 4 sets of dishes, a maximum of 17. Under the set meant two plates of different depths, two cutlery, cup and saucer. For a family of 2-3 persons capacity fit into 6 sets.

It should be noted that this number does not includepots and pans. It is preferable to choose the machine for a couple of sets of more. If from time to time there is a big mountain dishes after the reception, then stop your choice on the machine with the possibility of an incomplete download.


Any sink has at least fourStandard modes. The expensive models have additional features, such as washing dishes in a delicate fragile regime. They are present and holders for glasses. Almost everyone today has its own saving modes.


Constant use of the dishwasherreduces water consumption. On average, electrical appliances use up to 15 liters per cycle, the most energy efficient models - 8-9 liters. Quite irrational use of resources is considered the consumption of more than 20 liters. There are such devices are very rare.

With the increasing volume of used water and rising electricity costs. Save a little (20%) manage units can be connected to a hot water supply.


When fully protect special valve will block the water hose in case of violation of integrity. Partial protection stops when the pan is full dishwasher.

Types of dishwashers for home


In modern devices the noise level is 38-55 dB. If you plan to include in the night, it is better to look at the models of 45 dB quieter.

washing class

For quality dishes washed and the presence or absence of the slightest contamination is responsible cleaning class. Marking the letter A indicates a perfect cleanliness.

Owners of dishwashers have noted that the quality of washing detergents affect in the form of tablets or powder.

Drying dishes

Dishwashers come with condensation or turbo drying. In the first type of crockery is treated with hot water, and the second hot air is blown.

Additional functions

The appliance has a timer frequently. With it easy to set the right time for cleaning.


For example, consider the main characteristics of the dishwasher machine Beko DIS 4530 at home, be aware of.

DIS 4530 is fully integrated and has a width of 45cm. At a flow rate of 13 liters of wash 10 sets. It has a turbo drying, protection against leaks. An additional advantage is the regulation of the size of the unloaded upper basket, half load and display lack of salt and rinse aid.

With the function of Quick & Clean Dishwasheris able to rapidly and cost-effective mode to cope with dirty pots and pans. The noise level is 49 dB. Overall, dishwasher economical and roomy.

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