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Washing machine does not drain: what to do? Why washing machine does not spin and does not drain?


Modern technology, though improved yearafter year, still not immune to certain damage of varying severity. Problems with drainage water from washing machines happen most often, but not always, they are without serious grounds. Why stiraltion machine does not drain, and in that case take?

How to drain the water from the washing machine?

In any of the embodiments, when the washing machinesuddenly refused to empty automatically, it is necessary to release it independently. Exactly how to do this? Professionals offer a few basic schemes. Each trip involves preliminary engineering.

  1. The main way: through the filter. For this Washer rejected and recorded in the fixedposition at the edge of the basin is substituted with low bumpers or other container, which accommodate all the liquid. The filter can be turned out, but can not be removed, and the water poured out on their own.
  2. The alternative - the use of the drain hose ortube. Use this method does not succeed on all models of washing machines, but only those that are provided with a short drain pipe. She hid behind the same flap as the filter. If such adaptation is not, the back wall of the machine detaches the main hose and is located on the floor.
  3. Most emergency option - through the pipe. Resort to it is when the equipment indicates it is clogged. For this purpose, you must first get to the pipe itself, then take it away from the pump, cleaned and then drain the water. When the machine is available, fitting back into place.

Washing machine does not drain: what to do?

However, none of the above methods, except for the last one, will not eliminate the problem itself with drain and spin.

Why washing machine does not spin and does not drain?

The most likely reason for the problems with drainwater in a washing machine, a simple filter clogging, which are equipped with almost all modern devices. At the same time it is the most easily correctable problem that does not require a call wizard. What happens is, if you frequently wash exposed to things made of wool or synthetic materials, it is easy to lose its thread and lint. In addition, in the filter can become clogged and small pieces of paper, not taken out of the pockets, the husk of the seeds and nuts, etc. Medium-sized garbage.

After each time, of course, no one willclean the filter, but also to find out the desired frequency of this process is impossible. The general recommendation - to clean it once every 4 years. But usually the need to do it according to the state it was impossible to drain the water. On the screen, which are equipped with almost all modern machines, an error code is shown.

If cleaning the filter does not produce results or notmanaged to make it, we have to look for other premises to the problem. For example, the filter is not in the manual does not say anything about him. Therefore, a washing machine refers to a class of low-budget, and is not provided with this device. Draining is carried out without his participation, and clogging occurs in other areas:. Hose pump or nozzles. Such repairs a master.

However, this list of reasons for problemsdrain and spin is not completed. If there is no clogging of the hose washing machine makes a buzz, but the water does not go away it is likely that violations have affected the pump. In operation, it must be twisted in wear - will stand. However, such a check is relevant only for older models of washing machines. Those that are released in the past few years, have a kind of protection:. As soon as a fault occurs with any other part, the pump stops working. And it certainly does not get the signal for its replacement.

Washing machine does not drain: what to do?

The next likely option, also associated with thepump impeller touches it. To test it is necessary to perform the same actions that the filter purification and look into his nest. When you try to put it in motion, it should begin to rotate gently, occasionally making the jump. Such a move is due to its design and is not a violation. If it is slowed down, the rotation is tight, probably impeller something interferes: a long thread, fabric, or other obstacle. Consider it possible in good light, and release element will only active rotation in opposite directions.

The most difficult problem - violationsan electronic module that, again, the screen is fixed to the washing machine. Usually it is sufficient to hold his diagnosis or repair, but sometimes there is the need to be replaced. Key issues that give rise to its fault, 2: frequent power outages, to which the command center can not adapt, and there is no emergency stop in inexpensive models of washing machines. Those. unable to drain the water, but did not get the signal to stop, the technique will work up to full heat, which will cause a burn card.

How to solve a problem?

Indesit, Ariston, Bosch and several others. manufacturers of modern washing machines think about the consumer. In any of the situations, including problems with the water discharge, the primary task - to press the stop button, if the self-canceling all actions have not yet occurred, and remove the plug from the outlet. All the actions that will be performed with a washing machine, can be performed only after it will be de-energized.

If the problem is - the filter is clogged, clean itpreferably before the visit of the master, without which, however, possible to do. The procedure is quite simple, the algorithm typically signs the statement that is attached to home appliances. Location filter as each manufacturer is different, so it is impossible to deduce the general scheme.

For example, copies of the brand Indesit is thethe bottom of the front panel or next to the hose for dirty water. The filter is always protected by a removable cover that has several mounting versions. UBosh a simple shift to the side, and the screw at the Indesit - a latch on the top and bottom. Sam opens the door without any additional manipulation: it is enough to put pressure on his palm. In the most extreme cases, it is necessary to hook a flat screwdriver or a knife blade.

Before the following actions are stronglyrecommended to the washing machine on the floor and place a thick towel or rag extensive: after washing is stored inside a certain amount of water, which certainly will result when removing the filter. It is worth considering that in the absence of flowing liquid can talk about the pipe blockages. His cleaning will already be engaged in a visiting master.

Washing machine does not drain: what to do?

The filter is required to unscrew his hand gently, for whichit rotates counterclockwise. Action difficult because here in the form of high-quality sealing rubber gasket, and some models have even an additional screw which is necessary pre unscrew. However, no tools can not be used for removing the filter: there is a risk to break the mechanism. 2-3 revolutions often sufficient to carefully remove the filter element.

After that, his nest neatly scrubbed fromany existing debris and small thin stick is in the order of the housing Remove the filter. This is not to affect the parts made of soft white rubber. Mechanical cleaning, they will not survive, and in such a procedure is not needed. After cleaning of the filter is put in place, screwed and blocked a plastic flap.

It is likely that the filter is not initially removedsucceed. This is not an issue of who will be engaged in its liberation: hence blockage so severe that the thread was wounded. Independence of action in this situation it is better not to use, because the outcome of a 2: break out the filter housing and to purchase a new or replacement to expose the entire structure. And then, and others. Rests on the shoulders of the master.

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In all other situations, but the most elementarytroubleshooting, Troubleshooting to drain and spin advised to trust the professionals. This will save time and allow as accurate as possible to determine the source of violations and rescue appliances. Do not attempt to personally repair the washing machine, such a move can only worsen the situation!

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